Dolphins' Dansby considers himself "the best in the game by far"

Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby was asked by reporters to rank himself among the top playmaking linebackers in the NFL.

Suffice to say, Dansby has a high opinion of himself.

“The best,” Dansby said. “The best in the game, by far, man. By far, the best in the game.”

The Dolphins have made a big investment in Dansby’s stature: Dansby, a starter for the Cardinals the last six years, signed a five-year, $43 million contract with the Dolphins this offseason, with $22 million guaranteed.

That contract and Dansby’s own claims will put pressure on him to play like the best.

86 responses to “Dolphins' Dansby considers himself "the best in the game by far"

  1. Hmmmm, if that were a Jet saying that I’m sure you would have written 2 paragraphs loaded with sophomoric hackery.

  2. Um, how much crack is this guy smoking? He is not better than P. Willis. Willis is the best in the NFL right now and he is only getting better. Dansby is over paid and it will show this year with the Dolphins.

  3. 1. James Harrison
    2. Patrick Willis
    3. Demarcus Ware
    4. Lamar Woodly
    5. Ray Lewis
    6. Brian Urlancher
    7 .Shawne Merrimen
    8. John Beason
    9. James Farrior
    Not at the table Karlos…

  4. Patrick Willis
    Demarcus Ware
    Ray Lewis
    London Fletcher
    Jon Beason
    James Harrison
    are all better than Dansby.

  5. He’s not a real dolphin….dolphins never talk, they let all actions speak for themselves. Whether they’re beating pregnant women or getting D.U.I’s….they don’t talk about it, the do!!!

  6. The guy is a good player, but it’s not like he’s the 2nd coming of Pat Swilling or anything.

  7. Hmm- I’m a Dolphins fan and I’m a bit dubious about this one. I’d love to think it’s true but I’d rather have DeMarcus Ware or James Harrison or even a few others. I’d rather leave the bragging to our New Jersey rivals.

  8. someone asked him a question and he answered it. would you want an nfl player on your team thinking he is not the best? it would only be a story if he thought otherwise.

  9. I agree he is definitely the best and the Dolphins with Dansby should go at leat 6-10!

  10. Best in ‘the game?’
    Karlos Dansby is playing checkers while DeMarcus Ware, DeMeco Ryans, Ray Lewis, Patrick Willis, Bart Scott, Jon Beason, and Brian Urlacher are playing chess.

  11. He is good and i am glad he is with the dolphins but he is not the best LB in the game…by far

  12. Dude shut the F up , this isnt the jets let ur play do the talking my friend dont lower yourself to the jets trash and talk….

  13. ohhhh but if a jet says it, or rex ryan, it’s crazy talk! I never even heard of this dude. he can kiss the baby.

  14. I would rather he said something like he believes in his abilities but there is more work to be done and there is always room for improvement. That statement seems to indicate he is content and there is no reason to work hard…He could learn something from Drew Brees’ “You have never arrived” attitude. I dont understand why some of these guys think that cockiness to the point of lunacy somehow makes them look cool, intimidating or whatever. It only makes them look moronic or selfish

  15. Why are you guys listing 3-4 OLBs as people that are better than him at the position? It’s a totally different position. He’s probably not the best ILB, but he sure is up there. What is he supposed to say when asked that?

  16. why are you idiots listing outside linebackers like woodley and ware when dansby plays in the middle?
    anyways, dansby isnt even the best middle linebacker in the afc east let alone the nfl. david harris, bart scott and jerod mayo are all better than dansby.

  17. first of all, he was talking about middle linebackers, not ALL lb’s.
    patrick willis is the clear cut best in the game, but i think it’s a toss up between dansby, demeco and david harris. beason moved to OLB so he doesn’t count anymore.
    and Stillerz, urlacher is by FAR the most overrated linebacker, probably in NFL history. and you’re a complete douche to think merriman is the 7th best lb in the league.

  18. I’m a die hard dolphin fan and for those of you who don’t already know. There is no linebacker in the sane conversation as Willis.

  19. @CleanSlaton…
    I think Dansby is smoking something quite good just as much as you do….BUT…to include Bart Scott on that list is ridiculous!!!
    There’s your top 5 right there…Killer Ray is losing steps, but still has a nose for the big play. Noone has played bigger in the playoffs for the Steelers than Lamaar Woodley. If the refs called 1/3 of the holds on James Harrison the opposing offense wouldn’t get past the 50yd line. Willis is the best in the game right now and only getting better.
    Steeler fan here.

  20. Ware, Vilma, Willis, Lewis, and Harrison (in no particular order) to name a few are ahead of him.Dansby is good but not the best.

  21. jets are stacked says:
    August 13, 2010 1:12 PM
    why are you idiots listing outside linebackers like woodley and ware when dansby plays in the middle?
    anyways, dansby isnt even the best middle linebacker in the afc east let alone the nfl. david harris, bart scott and jerod mayo are all better than dansby.
    Because genius, he said linebacker, in general. Had he said he’s the best ILB, I wouldn’t have said Demarcus Ware.

  22. They ALL think they’re the best. The guy who the Jets cut on Hard Knocks with the bad knee thinks he’s the best. This is not newsworthy.

  23. He’s an inside Lb in a 3-4 D for starters , and that being said he’s not even the 3rd best Lb in his division …….Harris ,Mayo ,Scott , maybe even Pausluzni are better,he scores on one Fumble recovery in a playoff game and all of sudden he thinks he relevant cause Miami over paid,

  24. @Stillerz…
    Were you raping someone while doing that list…
    Cut Merriman and Urlacher out… Ware and Willis are clearly better than Harrison in my opinion and pretty much everyone elses… That whole list needs to be rearranged…

  25. “jets are stacked”&”jcjets” – of course the jets have better players then the dolphins and every other team how stupid!! The entire NFL agrees and the Lombardi trophy is on its way as we speak, no reason to even play the season out, Jets …… will be the champs, hands down!!!!!

  26. DallasRavens :::::
    That’s what makes it even worse the fact he said all LB’s ,He wouldnt make a top 15 list

  27. James Harrison, Lamarr Woodley, James Farrior and Lawrence Timmons are all better than Karlos Dansby.. He is a middle Tier linebacker at best.

  28. jcjerk- If you havent head of him that is telling about your football IQ… or general IQ for that matter…. (answer is low)
    Karlos is a playmaker and good LB but his remark is stupid. Top 10 but not the “best by far.” Hope I’m wrong but as said before…leave the blowhard boasting to the noo jersey team. That’s one thing they’re good at.

  29. @jettroll: david harris, bart scott and jerod mayo are all better than dansby…
    Please… just a blind homer. But enjoy stupidity.

  30. @ vox’s mommy:
    You’re delusional.
    The Steelers’ linebackers benefit from a great interior D-line that plugs & helps keep releasing guards from ear-holing them. Woodley and Harrison are good, but so is Bart Scott. He’s been an All-Pro and significant contributor to a really good defense, although, I’ll concede that David Harris might be the better of the two.
    Also, to everyone else discriminating against others’ selections based on the specificity of the linebacking position–read the damn quote. The term ‘linebacker’ refers to any of the 3 linebacking orientations….oh, and defenses ROTATE and SWITCH, further obfuscating the importance of where a linebacker lines up most often. Take some of the credit you Steeler people give to Woodley and Harrison and give it to Dick LeBeau–he tells those tier 2 linebackers where to line up and what to do. They’re just puppets and interchangeable with other talented, yet common, linebackers.
    I understand why some of you will keep Cushing off this list, but don’t forget about DeMeco Ryans. He doesn’t get many accolades for playing for a historically bad defense, but he’s one of the best. Cushing, hopefully, will show even though he juiced, that he is still damn good. And maybe take some time to rest so as to not get ‘O.A.S.’ again 🙂

  31. I like Dansby alot… he’s always been a solid IDP in fantasy football, though not the best. Up until this point, Dansby was one of those players that let his work on the field do the talking and not his big mouth (unlike alot of others). My how the times have changed.
    Let’s see what he has to say when the season starts heading to an end and the ‘Fins Fade once again rears its head.
    One last thing… perhaps he took a big hit during practice and incurred a brain-injury. “The best,” Dansby said. “The best in the game, by far, man. By far, the best in the game.”

  32. You can’t fault him for being confident.
    However, you can fault him for missed reads, blown coverages, and poor tackling.

  33. I’m gonna go ahead and say Rolando McClain has a better year than Dansby this year. And I saw him play for a half. Dansby is due for a big drop off.

  34. That’s why you’ve been to so many Pro-Bowls right Karlos?
    Let’s see how you perform when you’re NOT in a contract year. Why do you think AZ kept giving you the franchise tag for 1 year instead of paying you like Fitzgerald or Wilson (add Dockett to that list before the season ends) in a multi-year deal.
    You’re a good player Karlos, but you’ve yet to prove you’re great. Miami will find that out soon enough. But at least they got a good player unlike the Giants who gave the bank for an average safety at best in Antrel Rolle.

  35. last time i checked Ware was an OLB…
    ILB ranking
    1) Willis
    plays just in a different league
    and then
    2) Dansby, Ryans, Harris, (Lewis), Beason
    3) Farrior, Fletcher, Lofton
    Urlacher?? did he play ball the last 3 years?

  36. and PS: to Dansbys point….
    he played on a low market team behind a shabby DLine, he clearly is one of the best. Watch him flying around this year…
    but i agree that Willis is something diffrent
    and even if i cant stand Ray Lewis and think he is a dbag…. not there yet Karlos
    Bart Scott??? child please… the last thing he did was singing that contract… David Harris is 2x the LB then Maggie Scott

  37. Dansby might be the best LB on his team but that’s about it. he is not a top 10 and may not even be a top 15 LB in the league. even considering specifically MLBs, he’s still not a top 10. so you can run and tell that, homeboy!

  38. @CleanSlaton…
    He’s been in the league since 2002 and has only made one Pro-Bowl (2006). I’m not saying he’s not good, but you can find 10 LB’s better than him IMO. And you say give Lebeau some credit for the success of Woodley and Harrison. I have no problem doing that. Lebeau is the man and his schemes have lent great success to the Steelers OLB’s over the years. But to call Woodley and Harrison tier 2 LB’s is laughable at best.
    Scott is one of your tier 2 linebackers. He’s not even the best LB on the Jets! Listen, I will credit a portion of Woodley and Harrison’s success to Lebeau if you credit Scott’s “success” to him playing on a TOP TIER Ravens’ defense with an excellent supporting cast. The Ravens defense depends heavily on their D line just like the Steelers defense. Scott is good…not top 5…and lucky to be top 10.

  39. Ray Lewis, Urlacher and Merriman are NOT in the convo anymore… and Dansby is a fringe conversation point at best.

  40. I love how obsessed the Phins fans are with the Jets. Even in an article about one of the many dumb asses on their team, they still talk about the Jets.

  41. @CleanSlaton…
    In no order, better than Bart Scott
    James Farrior
    Ray Lewis
    Patrick Willis
    James Harrison
    Lamaar Woodley
    Jon Beason
    Karlos Dansby
    Demeco Ryans
    London Fletcher
    David Harris
    Demarcus Ware
    Elvis Dumervil
    Jerod Mayo
    Keith Rivers
    Clay Matthews
    You could even argue that Paul Posluszny would be on that list if he could go a season w/o breaking something.
    Rolando Mcclain will have a better year. And after this year Lawrence Timmons will be easily considered much better than Scott. Heck, the Steelers have Larry Foote as a backup LOL and he is better than Scott!

  42. “cunninglinguist says:
    August 13, 2010 12:42 PM
    He’s not a real dolphin….dolphins never talk, they let all actions speak for themselves. Whether they’re beating pregnant women or getting D.U.I’s….they don’t talk about it, the do!!!”
    Sure, Dolphins never talk unless they are named Joey Porter, Channing Crowder, Brandon Marshall…. Former, current, and future Dolphins, all incredible dolts who never shut up.

  43. KARLOS DANSBY IS A DRAGON. sure hes no patrick willis but just because he hasnt been to a pro bowl or won defensive player of the year dosnt mean he not a beast. It took three years and rex ryans big mouth for people to hop on revis jock. you never know he could get 100+ tackles this year or get double digit sacks.

  44. I’m not so sure about Woodley. An analyst, i think it was mort, was asked if Miami would go after Woodley (this was before they got Dansby) and his comment was, “miami has enough LB’s who can’t run (refferring to at the time Porter and Adeyole). Woodely isnt that special.

  45. Of course he thinks he is the best, that is the metality you want every player to have. If you don’t think your the best then you shouldn’t be in the game.

  46. Foote is not a speedster out there or all over the field like the Ray Lewis or the James Farrior of 3 years ago. But he is an absolute beast against the run and there was a dropoff in play last year w/ Timmons in there b/c he hadn’t fully grasped the system yet. This year Timmons is having an amazing camp and a lot of people think this is going to be a breakout year for Timmons. But the Steelers brough Foote back anyway for more money than what they didn’t want to pay him last year lol. Foote is not fast, or brutishly strong, but a VERY consistent LB. And no…Foote is THAT special, but I was comparing him to Bart Scott. And Bart Scott sure as SH@T isn’t special. People like his mouth and let sway their opinion of whether he is actually good or not.

  47. dieharddolfan6493 says:
    August 13, 2010 3:01 PM
    “Alright guys, I’m not gonna lie to you. This is gonna get kinda weird……two dragons”

  48. The reason the fish talk about the New Jersey jets is because they stink and the smell travels south to Miami. Bill

  49. When asked he should have said, “I just really suck.”
    Maybe that would make him “endearing” to people.
    Or maybe its doesnt matter what he says. People are gonna be pissed at him anyway.

  50. even i don’t think he’s the best in the league, but come on… that’s a loaded question.
    you tell me if you didn’t ask any of the top LB’s in the league that question, that they wouldn’t all say themselves??

  51. Gotta say I’d rather have a player thinking he’s the best than to have a CB say “just give the job to a rookie” like the jests have.

  52. DanRooney says:
    August 13, 2010 1:15 PM
    All four of the Steelers starting LBers are better than this guy.
    What kind of defense has FOUR inside LB’s?

  53. mrzazz41387 says:
    August 13, 2010 2:26 PM
    I love how obsessed the Phins fans are with the Jets. Even in an article about one of the many dumb asses on their team, they still talk about the Jets.
    I love the way all the jests fans whine about the Fins fans on their posts, but then on here I see all the same names that were just whining.

  54. Karlos Two Dragon’s Dansby (lol) is a top 5 linebacker. To the people that list James Farrior or Bart Scott for that matter above the Dragon…your on crack. All this dude does is make plays and when sh*t really hits the fan I don’t think there is any other person I would rather have than Dansby (execpt Ware). I’m saying this as a fan of the game not as a fan of my team. I liked when he was in AZ.

  55. look how many people brought up pass rushing linebackers who would be DE’s in a 4-3……
    they said playmaking LB, and yeah is Willis better, but he’s in a different conference now.

  56. Of all the list here I dont see joey porter or jason tayor, so it would seam everyone would agree he is an upgrade.

  57. C’mon ‘Los…I think you’ve been spending too much time with Crowder. I can’t think of another reason he would be spouting off at the mouth about being the best LB in the league. Maybe he was just tired of hearing about the jets drama and decided to turn some attention toward Miami? Just let your play on the field do the talking. Before he said anything I’m sure most people would have put him in the top 10 ILBs, now you guys got your own “lists” with overrated players like Urlacher, Merriman and Scott…HA!

  58. gazretired says:
    August 13, 2010 2:19 PM
    Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer.
    Well said.
    “The best in the game, by far, man. By far, the best in the game.”
    At least Karlos backed up his first statement by rearranging the words to form his second statement.

  59. @ Stllerz,
    Take off your delusional Steelers glasses. The fact that you listed 3 starting LB the Steelers have in your top 9 is absolutely laughable and borderline retarded. Are you really that stupid, to think Farrior and Woodley are top 10 LBer’s?
    Also I can’t stand the 49ers, but Patrick Willis is hands down the best LB in the league. I don’t see how anybody can argue that unless you are a blind homer with a boner for every player on your teams overrated defense like Stillerz.

  60. Joe Schoeme says:
    Ray Lewis not in the discussion anymore?
    Seriously, he doesn’t make ALL the plays as he’s done before but if you think there are 5 better MLB’s playing now in the NFL better than GOAT at year 14 you are mistaken. Dansby ain’t in the conversation.

  61. That’s interesting, because last year he ranked 25th in tackles w/ zero sacks. He must of got really good in the off-season…

  62. JoeSchmoe says:
    August 13, 2010 2:26 PM
    Ray Lewis, Urlacher and Merriman are NOT in the convo anymore… and Dansby is a fringe conversation point at best.
    Job well done.
    Karma will kick this guy in the seeds this year.
    Urlacher hasn’t been in that group in over 2+ years…

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