Green Day will invade Meadowlands Stadium for MNF opener

Though the Jets and the Giants will christen the new stadium they share with a preseason game on Monday night, the new venue officially opens in Week 1 of the regular season.

On Sunday afternoon, the Giants will host the Panthers.  On Monday night, the Jets will host the Ravens.

And Gang Green will commemorate the event with a halftime performance on the 50-yard line from Green Day, the three man punk-turned-pop (sort of) band that Florio Jr. no longer thinks is all that cool.  (His old man disagrees.)

Green Day last appeared on Monday Night Football four years ago, along with U2 at the re-opening of the Superdome.

They’ll play Last of the American Girls, along with the cast of the ultimate sign that the boys from the Bay Area have sold out — their Broadway show called American Idiot.  (Says the guy who sold out as of July 1, 2009.) 

Unfortunately, we doubt that ESPN’s Chris Berman will stand down from his “fastest three minutes of face time” to allow the one-song concert to be televised.  Maybe ESPN will be able to get him to change his mind, if they promise to get him an Oscar.  If not, hopefully someone will bootleg the thing and upload it to YouTube.

38 responses to “Green Day will invade Meadowlands Stadium for MNF opener

  1. Why not try and get viewers and fans with good football
    Now they are hiring Rock Bands I thought that kind of thing was for SB games not game one of 16

  2. They didn’t “sell out”. American Idiot was written as a rock opera from the get-go, originally meant for the big screen.

  3. How timely – again, the NFL gets these groups at the peak of their popularity. Not quite as timely as having The Who for the Super Bowl.

  4. This will be the third time that I can think of that Green Day will play at an NFL game. They also opened up a Patriots home game several years ago.

  5. Usually the hoopla involving prime time entertainment occurs the first game of the NFL season featuring the Super Bowl Champions.
    But since the Newark Jets are the Paper Champions, they wanted to start the season like the real Super Bowl Champions do.
    Rex said, F–k the Saints, we are the real champs, just read the papers which our trophy is printed on.
    How many Septembers have the Jets been champs now? This year,last year and 08.
    Thats three seasons in a row, three peat !!!
    Guess thats what Rex meant when he said it was in their DNA.
    41 and counting !

  6. Are they going to burn the American flag, or just say how much we suck?
    When is Cannibal Corpse going to play the Superbowl?
    Nothing says family entertainment like Hammer smashed face.

  7. AMpats is an idiot. The JETS or Giants play in East Rutherford, which is NOT Newark.
    Your Newark Jets comment makes no sense.

  8. u guys are crazy green day is this generations beatles.Name another band thats been out since 93 still making hit records. NOBODY. No band has been as successful as greenday…. And they still FN rule to see live… GReen Day are better than the beatles

  9. I’d rather kiss Berman than listen to those idiots. Hopefully espn keeps his three minutes. Halftime entertainment is for the women while guys hit the bathroom.

  10. “And Gang Green will commemorate the event with a halftime performance on the 50-yard line from Green Day”
    Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department!! (Sorry Florio.. had to!!) 😉

  11. I’ll be at the game so I should be able to record it.
    Unless I’m drunk, which is likely, then I’ll probably forget.

  12. They can’t choose another song? Really? That one? At a football game?
    Either way, I can’t wait to see Rex, Bart, Leonard, and the rest of the Jets completely dominate the Ravens. The Ravens have this ridiculous reputation of being a “class” organization. Yet the first time they made it to the playoffs in consecutive years was last year. They have been trading or cutting fan-favorites and very good players and then wasting money and draft picks on equal or lesser talent. Can’t wait to see them make the stupid move of trading McGahee. The fall-off for this team is going to be incredible during and after this season.

  13. Really raidersteve really??????? I like to side with a fellow raider fan when I can, but saying that Green Day is better then the Beatles is quite possibly the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. I could fart more talented tunes than those poo-pushers put out. Green Day should have stopped at Dookie.

  14. When I first read the headline, I thought they were talking about all the fans puking up green when the Ravens are up by 28 points at the halftime.

  15. Green Day is just now selling out? Good thing you stick to football and not music. Green Day sold out a long time ago, but can’t say I blame them. Some songs are OK, most of it is mediocore filler. Green Day is to punk what Justin Bieber would be to whatever the hell he sings (I don’t know, and I don’t want to know).
    I’ll give them credit – they were as good as dead in 2000 but thanks to “American Idiot” came back from the dead. Although getting political messages on a concept album who once wrote “Dookie” and a song about masturbation losing it’s fun…. now that I think of it, maybe they do fit in with this NFL….

  16. No, Green Day has always sucked donkey.
    They are a watered down punk band with NO new ideas….they railed against the “trendy”, all the while, they were the trend…

  17. On a related note
    Jenny from the block will play everytime the Dolphins score a TD this season….thankfully the song will only be played about 4 times.

  18. Hey cunninglinguist,
    Guess all four of those times will be against the jests, meanwhile the jests only scoring twice? If at all?
    Did you join the no-life brigade? Wasn’t it in an earlier post you were telling me how I must not have a life because I post on here frequently? How many posts do you have these posts today?

  19. The phrase ” Green Day at the Meadowlands” puts you in mind of blue skies, a gentle breeze, birds singing, the smell of blooming flowers……NOT..and NOT….and NOT!

  20. The Real Shuxion says: August 13, 2010 10:34 AM
    Are they going to burn the American flag, or just say how much we suck?
    My thoughts exactly loyal listener Suxion! We need to get some REAL Americans like Toby Keith up on that stage! Better to start laying the groundwork for the upcoming Iran conflict. Don’t forget – war is the ultimate jobs program!

  21. Don’t forget – war is the ultimate jobs program!
    and here I thought it was “green energy”
    kumbaya dumbass

  22. Green Day has sold out multiple times. From their indie punk roots, to American Idiot, to doing a full fledged musical, to now doing a football game. Despite being a band that wears their ideologies on their sleeves, they seemingly will do whatever it takes to warp them in order to make a buck. Not to mention their music is incredibly simple, 13 year olds can play their songs. Their in the same boat as pop rockers like Nickelback, do anything and everything to make a buck, good music be damned. Not suprising that a softy liberal lawyer like Florio would like them, I bet they make him feel “young” never mind they’re getting up there in years themselves.

  23. Florio is an idiot, number one. Clearly, there are plenty of people who don’t even understand the term “sell-out”. An incredible band wants to take their progress to the next level, wow, what sell-outs.

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