Jason Campbell struggles in Raiders debut

Four drives, four first downs, and 68 total yards of offense was not the opening performance Jason Campbell wanted with the Raiders.

Thankfully, it’s only the preseason.  Campbell struggled in his debut whether he was facing the Cowboys first-team defense or the backups.  Darrius Heyward-Bey dropped an easy pass, and Campbell was a little too fine when he targeted an open Louis Murphy deep down the field twice.

The first preseason game is not big deal, but Campbell averaged just over four yards-per-attempt on his 12 throws.  The scheme of the Raiders offense is not that different, though, than in the past.

“Not too much of it has changed,” running back
Michael Bush told the Oakland Tribune. “The only thing I can think of is maybe coach might
run the ball more or something like that. But as far as plays, not much
has changed.”

The Raider can only hope the production changes during the regular season, but we do have some stats should make Raider Nation feel better: Jamarcus Russell completed two-thirds of his passes last preseason, while averaging 7.3 yards-per-attempt for a 96 QB rating. 

Yeah, the preseason doesn’t tell you much.

64 responses to “Jason Campbell struggles in Raiders debut

  1. Usually, you would think when a team trades away a 1st round pick for an aging vet, they’re knocking on the door. The only door the Raiders can hope to be knocking on leads to the basement.

  2. Get used to it Oakland… He’s a good guy that just so happens not to be a good QB. Mediocrity here you come… a definite step up!

  3. it’s the FIRST PRESEASON GAME..
    you effeminate F###..
    Preach when the season starts…
    you got a job on an internet site.
    your not special…at ANY point at ANY time
    for ANY team….
    we all saw the same game dummy.
    you don’t know more than we do.
    No other sports. No other teams.

  4. DHB was in regular season form. He only got one chance and he screwed it up. Still, this was Dallas’ second game and their pass rush really took it to the Raiders. The OL looks as bad as they did last year but hey, they might get it together by the end of the preseason.

  5. What game where you watching Rosenthal, DHB had one pass thrown his way and Newman knocked it down.

  6. Yes, preseason doesn’t say much.
    I think the real story here, Gregg, is that the Cowboys haven’t gotten into the endzone in two games.
    Nnamdi Asomugha has talked on multiple occasions on how different the offense has been. Not to say Bush isn’t telling the truth, but how about showing both sides of the coin. Maybe the run game isn’t that different, that’s why Bush said what he did, and the passing game IS different, which is why Nnamdi has said what he has. It could be both. I know your point here is to say they’re the “same old Raiders” but for “journalistic” reasons, try to be a bit more objective.
    Oh, and the Raiders D was pretty solid.

  7. DHB drop an easy pass my a$$. Did you watch the game the corner jumped the route and hit the ball right before it made it to him. But why report what happened when it is easyier to bash them instead!

  8. I think Campbell will be fine. Practice speed isn’t game speed even in preseason and he’s learning his teammates and his bazilionth new offense. If Raiders fans want to feel better, watch McNabb tonight. If HE plays poorly, the whole rest of the team will get the blame, not him. I already hear media types whining about his lack of weapons. Nevermind the fact that last year, Campbell did some things better than McNabb with the same people while McNabb had some great weapons. For some reason, the media with McNabb is like the emperor with his new clothes.

  9. I’m glad we traded Jason Campbell into a situation where he would be the starter. He’s not as bad as this performance (but not a star by any means).
    However, he will be a HUGE upgrade over JaMarcus.
    In DC, we LOVED him when he made a big play on 3rd down, whether it was passing or running for a first down. However, his inaccuracy on the deep passes will get a little old as he misses the speedy guys (Murphy & DHB) time and time again as they get open deep.
    You know the saying, “you want your QB to throw the ball where either his receiver can get to it, or nobody gets to it.” Well…Jason Campbell gets half of that right on the deep balls…the latter half.
    The pass he missed to Zach Miller…blame that on the preseason. He’ll get that pass to Miller during the season.

  10. Rosenthall isn’t a reporter. He is Florio’s lackey. He tries to imitate Florio’s style of deriding certain players , but he lacks knowledge of the game. He would be better covering badmitten.

  11. I find it interesting that you didn’t mention Romo’s numbers (4/7 for 52 yards) or his three sacks at the hands of Lamarr Houston and Trevor Scott. All in the first 7 plays no less….

  12. # Raider51 says: August 13, 2010 12:21 PM
    What game where you watching Rosenthal, DHB had one pass thrown his way and Newman knocked it down.
    Exactly. DHB didn’t drop the pass, it was knocked away. The only mistake he made, is that he should have come back for ball, instead of waiting for it.
    It’s obvious that Rosenthal didn’t watch the game, or just wants to stir up trouble.

  13. I can’t wait for the preseasont to be over.
    NEWSFLASH: It’s preseason!!!!
    I’m a Ravens fan. This isn’t coming from a guy who needs to defend Jason Campbell, but if you don’t think Campbell will be an upgrade over Russell, you’re seriously tarded.
    Also, if you don’t realize that NFL defenses are almost always light-years ahead of ofenses at this point in the season, then I don’t know what to tell you

  14. VERY poor reporting … DHB DID NOT drop a pass!
    I know it’s only pre-season and I know Campbell is not the answer but he’s the reason why Al Davis dropped JaMarcus and that’s a 110% improvement.
    The BIG story of this game … Tony Romo SACKED three times and please don’t tell me it’s pre-season because no coach wants his starting QB sacked.

  15. I never seen a dropped pass by DHB. I would give it a little bit time before you start slamming Campbell. Why dont you talk about how the Raiders defense shut down the run game or how rookie Houston had two sacks against the Dallas starters. You should watch the game over and then tell yourself that DHB did not drop any pass. But, I understand how you work for the most LIBERALIZED station in America NBC so your one side reporting is all you know.

  16. The articles on PFT have just about become unreadable. “DHB dropped an easy pass”??? The ball was tipped by the defense, DHB didnt drop anything. How do you write an article with such blatently false information??

  17. Hey Kush, don’t get too attached to that draft pick. The pats might have to forfeit that when they get caught cheating AGAIN this year! LOL

  18. DHB had actually had two passes thrown his way. The first was the first raiders pass of the game, in which the corner jumped the ball. It also looked like cambell forced the pass a little too. But then again, this is the first time the offense has been on the field together in an actual game scenario. But hey Gregg keep your hack talent at PFT. Oh and the second pass was thrown i believe into triple coverage on the top of the feild no one made a play on it. Just sayin…
    Houston=Beast get used to hearing that name a lot.
    Nation 4 Life

  19. Let the haters hate.
    Yeah, Campbell struggled. But I’ll give him a pass. It’s his first game as a Raider and it was the first pre-season game.
    Look at Romo and the Cowgirls. Supposedly a high octane offense. A team that is considered definitely higher up in the league. Studs up and down the roster. It’s their second pre-season game and they can only manage 3 FGs. No TDs in the last 8 quarters. Handled by supposedly the worse D in the NFL. And to top it off, they lost to the lowly Raiders.
    So how much stock do you put in pre-season games now?
    But go on, keep hating. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

  20. this is what i got out of that blah blah blah the raiders still suck.
    wow! has journalism gone to hell in this country.

  21. Campbell is average at best. He’s not going to score you a lot of points, if your D can consistently hold it’s opponents to 10 pts or less, he will give you a chance to win, if they score much more than that you’re in trouble.

  22. Damn ! I find myself agreeing with Aldavisisarealjerk ! Kush, don’t spend that pick. DHB is a bust. Should go play in the UFL and team up with JaJunk as soon as they both realize that is where they belong !

  23. DHB dropped a pass…………that’s crazy reporting. just plain bad. Newman knew the out was coming and jumped it….should have been a pick six…..Newman dropped the pass……..

  24. Those are the numbers to expect from Campbell – preseason, regular season or by-golly the post-season. Get used to it, Raider Nation. You got yourselves a medium quarterback.

  25. Doesn’t matter. It was the first preseason game. On his last series he started to get into a rhythm, and looked pretty decent.
    To me, the bigger story was the play of our defense. The line-backing looked stout, and our young D Line looked absolutely phenomenal.
    I really liked seeing Veldheer and Bruce Campbell out there together, they are two incredibly powerful linemen.
    There were a lot of positives to take out of the game.

  26. You’re talking about Jason Campbell?! What about that LOUSY Cowgirl offensive line that gave up THREE sacks?! It’s not the Raiders that are expected to go to the Superbowl, it’s the Cowgirls and they are still having problems scoring in the redzone. I think that’s the important issue here.

  27. I think the story of the night was the Raiders D holding the Cowboys to 88 total yards in the first half and dominating in the trenches.
    Sacking Romo 3 times and Kitna 2 times in the 1st half and getting pressure with just the 4 down line was nice. And holding the Cowboys to 21 yards rushing on 10 carries looked good. The Raiders D dominated from start to finish and held the Cowboys to under 200 yards total offence.
    As for Campbell his total yards were right at Tom Brady’s, Drew Brees, Tony Romo and many other OB’s in their 1st game. Dallas looked soft and really should have dominated already having the benifit of already playing a game and getting the rust knocked off.

  28. leave it to Rosenthal to only take this away from a game that has any raider fan to have hope. He does not mention the avg starting postion for the raiders was the 13 yard line in the first half, that Jason Cambell was 7 for 13, and three of the incompletes were on passes of 25 yards or greater. What a douche..
    The greatest fact is when the raiders had a 4th and one in the red zone, and the cowboys brought in their 1st string defense to hold off the raiders. Prior to that when the raiders were on D they weare already playing 3rd string players.
    Tell Wade and his players that pre-season dosn’t mean anything…Actions speak a lot louder then words.

  29. Wow, people are just plain ignorant. The first pass of the game went to DHB on a comeback route and the second Campbell threw it I gasped before I even knew who it was intended for because it was WAYYY late and Newman jumepd the route and nearly picked it. DHB nor any other receiver in the NFL would have had no shot at catching that pass. So to report he dropped it when he barely was near it or got his hands on it? wow, just wow.
    ANd I guess that makes DHB a bust and Campbell a terrible quarterback. You haters should be blocked for your level of stupidity. Watch the game and make an assessment. Dont read a PFT article and think you know something. It was their first play of live action together as a team versus a good team that has been together for a long time, and already had a live game 4 days before. It takes time. Campbell was late on that pass, plain and simple. His level of play picked up as the quarter qent on, and YES Dallas’ starters were still playing.
    Again, watch the game people! Ignorance is bliss for you all I guess, but do us all a favor and dont comment if you dont know of what you speak.

  30. Every QB will struggle against the Dallas defense this yr…….Carson Palmer looked just as bad last week . Neither team was able to cross the 50 against the 1st team D .

  31. Getting rid of Campbell was a good move for the Skins.
    The Raider Nation will soon know why after watching him play more games.
    Although he’s an improvement over J R, he’s nothing spectacular. I wouldn’t have too high of hopes for the guy; mediocre is what he is. Davis is being a bit too optimistic thinking he’ll lead them to the promised land.
    He always looks good in practice, but come game time he’s a different animal.

  32. Jemarcus Russel must have been just terrible if Raider fans like Jason Campbell….Just Terrible

  33. ” John El Way says: August 13, 2010 12:57 PM
    hahahaha, losers!”
    Actually, HA HA winners! Oakland won last night John, or were you too busy feeding that huge beer gut you sport now?
    Yes, interesting that Greg chooses to focus on Campbell struggling in his FIRST game with a new team, yet neglects to mention ROMO (in his SECOND preseason game) with his old team struggling to score on the “dismal” Raider defense. Nice try Greg.
    I also find it interesting that PFT posts NO story on the Raiders win, and instead, this is what we get.
    Yellow Journalism.

  34. Everything else I have read today talked about how the Raider D-line dominated. Yet Rosenthal being the hack reporter wanna be that he is trashes Campbell then prints a blatant lie about DHB.. Time to send your resume to yahoo sports you piece of crap..!

  35. ” karmathaitch says: August 13, 2010 3:10 PM
    Raiders suck.
    Most of there fans suck..”
    I just love it when the ignorant uneducated people try to be critical. Don’t you mean “THEIR”, not “there”.
    Now maybe you can pass through second grade on a scholarship.

  36. He just needs another chance. He’s still maturing as a QB. I mean he’s been in so many different systems.
    Oh wait I’ve heard that one before. Haha. He’s been in all of those offenses and wasn’t good at any one. This guy is a cockroach that keeps coming back. He’s a bust. I called it about 5 years ago. You know, 5 years too early for any delusional Redskins fan.

  37. I took my daughter to Tai Kwan Do and missed the game, (she’s way more important than football) hope to catch a replay on the NFL channel.
    @midwest67, So DHB is a Republican and that’s why NBC’s Rosenthal slammed him? LOL
    Go Raiders

  38. hey DcninerFan had your coffey this morning? Try worrying about your own team. Pretty bad when your running back would rather retire than play for Singletary.

  39. for those of you who didn’t watch the gamer, from someone who has, DHB did not “drop” his one attempted pass. It was defended very well, infact the ball should not have been thrown, and it was batted away by the defender who stood between the WR and the QB.
    Forio, you are just about dead to me.

  40. I do find it funny that this is all that has been reported on this site about the game. What makes it even worse, is that the information in the article, is inaccurate. Damn Gregg, this was even lower than something Florio would do.
    After watching the replay, it is obvious that DHB did not drop a pass. I agree with a few others. The real story of last night, was the Raider defense and the sputtering Cowboy offense.
    – Three sacks on Romo. Five sacks in the first half, and six total for the game against the Cowboys. The Raiders only gave up one sack.
    – Both teams had a terrible third down conversion % Oak(2-12) & Dallas(3-16)
    – Eight quarters and no TD’s for Dallas?
    I could go on here, but all Gregg ” I’m a Hack” Rosenthal can come up with, is that Campbell didn’t set the world on fire, and then make up a lie about DHB in order to make a snarky comment about him. My 15 year old could do a better job.

  41. @Ray Guy
    I didn’t say you lost. I called them what they are. Just like their fans.
    Go back to cutting lawns you clown.

  42. Not a Raiders fan, but seriously, it’s only preseason, so give the guy a chance in his first game of with the team. I didn’t think very much of the DHB, but will give the WR a chance before passing any judgement as to whether the pick was justified. Anyone will look bad when their QB is JaMarcus.

  43. hey DumbA** it would be nice if you actually went back and watched the game it was the first preseason game for campbell he will only improve and DHB did NOT drop the pass if you could have made a play on that ball you would be in the nfl but you probably couldnt catch a ball if you were wide open and it was handed to you. On top of that your terrible at your job you sit behind your computer and play with yourself and have terrible articles. I officially lable you a BUST quit your job you low life

  44. Newman made the play on the ball dumb ass, however the pass appeared to be late from Campbell, just a timming issue. Not ready to jump on Campbell yet, but sure would like to see Bruce Almighty hit the field. This just might be his gig( throw all the physical shit out the window the guy is just a winner ie. Gannon, Montana, even Garcia).

  45. I really hope the raiders keep the same offensive cordinaters next year regardless of what happens this year… i`m not making excuses for mr cambell but, it would be good to see what he could do if he had the offensive coaches for more than a year….everyear a new system has to hard for a person!! let alone a QB

  46. I like how he doesnt have the balls the reply to any of the comments cuz he knows he was proved wrong haha this guy is a joke

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