Shawne Merriman has arrived in Chargers camp

The most nonsensical absence of the summer — sorry Russell Okung — has ended.

Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman signed his restricted free agent tender on Friday, as first reported by Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.  Merriman quickly confirmed the news via Twitter.

“Just signed my tender and glad to be back with my teammates thanks to everyone,” Merriman said.

Merriman didn’t get anything out of skipping work other than missing the worst part of training camp, which may have been the idea all along. The Chargers didn’t promise not to trade him, although the possibility of a move never seemed realistic.

Set to make $3.269 million this year, Merriman has reached a crossroads in his career.  He has to play a lot better than he did in 2009 to get the free agent contract in 2011 that he so desires.

33 responses to “Shawne Merriman has arrived in Chargers camp

    Too bad it’s actually “LIGHT’S OUT” for Chargers fans without V Jack, LT, and a struggling D.

  2. No different than what Bruce Smith did every year…only difference is…the coaching staff in Buffalo and Washington during his time with those teams worked out a mutual reason for him to miss the tough parts of training camp.
    Don’t get me wrong. Not putting Merriman on Smith’s level. But, judging by the fact that Merriman has had injuries, and may be a little frail…having him miss out on the early part of camp isn’t a bad idea.

  3. Looks like this guy isn’t much when he’s not on the juice. Hell of a dancer, though.

  4. There seems to be a long history of delusional players (and fans) in San Diego. Is it in the water?

  5. What a lame excuse for not wanting to practice.
    Shawne played basketball in a league I was in this offseason and looked out of shape and slow. Not to mention, he was a ball hog. You would think he would practice more to get in shape.

  6. DEMOLITION says:
    August 13, 2010 1:23 PM
    He was working on a newer stupider dance
    I’ve heard the new one involves a cowboy hat, sparklers and roller skates.

  7. i’d rather have mcneill get in to camp….but this is better than nothing
    hope he’s using something undetectable, we need him to play better this season

  8. WOW, gotta love the Steroid jokes. He was only convicted for the ONE time he was using steroids and that was his rookie year. They tested him constantly afterwards and he was clean, oh and year, Merriman still racked up a load of sacks even after staying clean. You can cut out da Steroid Jokes c ause da man has stayed clean.
    He’ll be wreaking havoc agains QB’s this year and we’ll be seeing a lot of the LIGHTSOUT Dance.
    Merriman makes our defense a whole lot better. Great to finally have you back. Lets get after it now.

  9. Getting rid of Cromartie and Rivera getting better calling the D were more important to SD’s defense than Merriman is.

  10. “The Chargers didn’t promise not to trade him”
    And you know this how? I highly doubt that you were in meetings between the 2 sides or they called you to let you know that they made no such promise.
    Come on now.

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