Vikings send five-day letter to Percy Harvin

NFL_harvin1_250.jpgWe’ve mentioned a time or two over the past few days the concept of the “five-day letter,” specifically in reference to 49ers defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer.  It’s a tool used by a team when dealing with a player who has left the club.

While it’s unclear whether the 49ers have sent a “five-day letter” to Balmer, a league source tells us that the Vikings have sent one to receiver Percy Harvin.

That said, it’s highly, highly unlikely that the Vikings will shut Harvin down for the year if he doesn’t show up before the expiration of the five-day period.  It was done, we’re told, to obtain a roster exemption.

(The fact that the Niners also have obtained a roster exemption for Balmer suggests that they have sent a five-day letter, too.)

Meanwhile, signs are pointing to an strong improvement in Harvin’s migraines.  He currently is expected to re-join the team in the near future. 

But if he doesn’t show up within five days after getting his five-day letter, don’t count on the Vikings putting him on ice for 2010.  They need him too badly — and Harvin knows that they need him.

37 responses to “Vikings send five-day letter to Percy Harvin

  1. Convenient his migraines are too rough for training camp, but they’re improving in time for the season.
    I thought he was too young to pull a Favre and skip camp, but maybe not…

  2. I posted this previously, but I wonder if he’s Favring it and using the migraines as an excuse to ditch camp? If the migraines are improving, as you say they are, why isn’t he in camp?

  3. He is in drug treatment program for his “migraines”
    Come on people think about it. He is taking “the cure” Vikings and NFL know about they just cant say anything about.

  4. Well… when you have dip-sh!t Favre setting the example for the young players, and a spineless organization that allows it to happen, why would anyone guaranteed to be on the team show up for camp? It’s clear the Vikings don’t really seem to care.

  5. This is such a double standard. Brett Favre’s pretty boy behind hasn’t gotten a 5 day letter, but Percy Harvin has. This is why most teams wouldn’t touch Favre after his bi-polar indecisiveness. I feel for Vikings’ fans though because this is toying with their emotions. Screw Favre…let Percy show up whenever unless you demand Brett to report as well.

  6. smoke some more weed Percy, see why every other team had him off their draft board. He’s soft, a thug and a dope smoker…maybe pole too?
    Schism, 40% of the offense is pulling a favrvrvre…

  7. I wouldn’t go to practice either if I was a viking player. Not only will they allow it but they’ll try to pay you more to convince you to come back. They’ve allowed one star to run the show and the other stars have to be looking at that and saying “I know the offense, I know I’m on the team…what reason can I give to not be there at all?”

  8. Never had a migraine, but I’ve seen what they do to people. They don’t just debilitate you for the day or two that you have them. The effects last for a few days and are often followed by rebound headaches or another migraine.
    Harvin suffered through these at Florida. No doubt Percy would rather do 4-a-days than endure another migraine. The idea he’s “Favreing” it is just flat out incorrect.

  9. How do the vikings expect to win with NO starters in camp or feeling like they even need camp. Didnt yall lose to MY saints in the NFCCG

  10. Come on now, this is not something new. The guy has a serious health problem, recurring migraines aren’t something to joke about. Football or not I hope for his sake some doctor somewhere can help him.

  11. Just Brad Childress reaping what he sowed. You let one guy walk all over you, and sooner or later more will follow suit.
    The Vikings continue to cultivate an environment where the rules don’t apply equally to everyone, and they’re going to start paying for it.

  12. Look, I’m sure training camp sucks and all that but when you are making so much more money than you have any right to under normal circumstances, just show up and take it. Pro football is a rough game, maybe his heart isn’t in it. That happens sometimes.

  13. harvin these damn migraines excuses you are using so you can WAK AND BAKE are getting old…LOL

  14. Looks like the Viking defense is going to be on the field a lot this season … the Williams boys better start poppin’ a few more ‘Caps … They’re legal in Minnesota, you know.

  15. Migraines are no joke, Harvin has had them since HS when he was in Va Beach, and it continued in college, and still continues to follow him. Anyone who accuses Harvin of skipping practice is a fool and:
    a) doesn’t understand migraines
    b) never had a migraine
    c) dont understand that this will be a life long condition for him, and activities such as football (head bashing) help to bring about migraines.
    What I find messed up, is that Harvin gets a 5 day letter for a legitimate medical concern, and Favre gets nothing for his antics. i wonder if the players union will do anything about this

  16. Just imagine the conversation that’s going on in that locker room.
    The team cohesiveness continues its downward spiral…

  17. Hi I’m Brett Favre, all I do these days is throw gut wrenching INT’s in big games and divide lockerrooms. LMFAO!!

  18. How long does it take THC to leave your system?
    The answer should give you a good indication of when he will return to the Vikings.

  19. Vikings look like a near dead last mini-camp and preseason finish for the second season in a row. Fortunately the records go back to 0-0 for the regular season.
    I predict another preseason superbowl for the Packers too. Add that to their 50 championships.

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