Fred Jackson out for rest of the preseason, possibly longer

The Bills haven’t done many things right lately.  But they ended up making a wise move by keeping running back Marshawn Lynch around after picking running back C.J. Spiller with the ninth overall selection in the 2010 draft.

Running back Fred Jackson, expected to be the primary runner in Buffalo this year, suffered a hand injury during Friday night’s preseason opener against the Redskins.  Coach Chan Gailey said Jackson will miss the rest of the preseason.

It sounds like Jackson could miss more than that.

“Fred hurt his hand and we hope to be able to get him back for the first game,” Gailey said, per Chris Brown of  “We’re not sure.”

Complicating matters is that Lynch suffered an ankle injury, too.  Gailey didn’t know the severity of it.

23 responses to “Fred Jackson out for rest of the preseason, possibly longer

  1. So Jackson is CJ’s back-up? LOL. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Jackson is a beast, and he deserves the #1 slot. CJ will have to earn it.

  2. This season has every indication of being a train wreck, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the Bills. As long as Spillar and the other key players for the future make it through without any long term injuries, 1-15 or 2-14 wouldn’t be bad if it meant getting a high pick which could be turned into someone like Locker. A terrible season is better than another mediocre one.

  3. Geez, and I thought my team (Chicago)was bad. No fan deserves this. It looks like the Bills will not only miss the playoffs for like the 12th consecutive season, but they probably won’t even sniff 6 wins, tough break.

  4. I am a skins fan and watched every snap. Bills fan, I know the score looked bad but I dont think it was as bad as it seems. First, the PRTD should have been called back for block in the back, not sure how ref missed it. 2nd, D Hall on his Int he was all turned around and could have been a td just as easy as a pick if ball came out earlier. Last the td to Fred Davis should have been picked and would have gone 99 yards. It is only preseason, I feel like you did last year with Jimmie Crack Corn as skins HC.

  5. The Bills are a gritty team. They are not the class of the division but they still have a shot at 7 wins. This is not the 2008 Lions. Forget Locker next year and go get Mallett

  6. Why can’t this team stay healthy? Every day it seems someone else goes down with an injury. The past 2 seasons have been awful for guys getting hurt. Maybe they need to stop drafting daisies and get some real football players.

  7. FinFan68 says:
    August 14, 2010 9:34 AM
    The Bills are a gritty team. They are not the class of the division but they still have a shot at 7 wins. This is not the 2008 Lions. Forget Locker next year and go get Mallett
    Thanks for the respect………nice class coming from a Miami fan. Hopefully the Bills are headed in the right direction. The score of the game last night was a little misleading.

  8. Figures, the only two smart ass comments on here are both from the Patriots. Nice names to, Nate is Gay for Brady (I believe it, why don’t you tune his meat whistle) and the Belidick is GOD. Never new GOD cheated. You two are clowns.

  9. Uurrrrgggghhhh!!!!! This happens to us every year!! Every single freaking year we lose players to injury. Not just a couple but half the team. Any player that rides Buffalo’s practice squad… Get ready to play, hell get ready to start! Our strength and conditioning is not weak or any different than any other NFL team. Its gotta be a curse. Anybody have an idea who could of put this curse on us????

  10. CJ Spiller’s value just went way up! Lynch’s too.
    And @ CJ Spiller
    I am a Pats fan too. I try not to be too over the top, but the 2 previous comments were funny. However, I will not disparage your team. I will not kick you while you are down because I am POSITIVE that when the Bills were awesome (even though they never did win it all) in the early 90s, you never took little pot shots at NE when they were bad. EVER. So, I will refrain.
    And just so I can be in the good graces of a Buffalo fan, I will say that I love Fred Jackson. He is way better than Lynch. I feel bad for him. If Jackson is out into the regular season, I could see a Spiller/Lynch combo be similar to what the Titans had with Johnson/White in 2008. But in the end, you still need a QB. Trent Edwards just doesn’t cut it.

  11. Sucks he got hurt . Bills always give Miami fins but I hope fins will take care of business week one

  12. Bills become 2nd team to go 0-16, and you thought you could unseat my Lions for that record, well you are two years late to this party…

  13. This is for CJ Spiller, the Bills fan here not the real player, from a Pats fan!
    @ 81megatron81
    Unlike that Lions team 2 years ago, the Bills have some talent sprinkled around the field although the loss of Schobel hurts on defense. They have enough to win at least 6 games. They will beat the Dolphins and Jets at least once. They are due to finally beat the Pats. Could happen this year.

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