Josh Freeman, Mike Williams cash in on camp hype

The Bucs have told us all camp how great quarterback Josh Freeman and rookie wideout Mike Williams have looked. 

On Saturday night, for two soggy drives, we got to see it for ourselves.

Playing in a driving rain initially, Freeman completed 4-of-4 passes for 53 yards and a touchdown against the Dolphins.  The rain stopped for Freeman’s second drive, where he dropped in a beautiful 30-yard pass down the sideline to Williams.

The touchdown throw went for 13 yards to slot receiver Sammie Stroughter, and Freeman promptly left the game before the Bucs risked an injury to Freeman on a sloppy field.

Cadillac Williams ran very hard for 21 yards on four carries.

19 responses to “Josh Freeman, Mike Williams cash in on camp hype

  1. LMAO, the Dolphins are looking good right now! Miami Dolphins, 2010 Superbowl champs, hahahahahahaha.

  2. LMAO, the Dolphins are looking good right now! Miami Dolphins, 2010 Superbowl champs, hahahahahahaha.

  3. Typical jests fans base their opinons on the first pre-season game. Now, THAT’s funny.

    You’re probably way too young to remember when the Colts were in the AFC East, but I recall a year when they went 0-5 and the jests went 4-0 in the pre-season. And of course, typically, the jests were talking SuperBowl. That same year, the Colts won the Division with a 13-3 record and the jests had their typical 4-12 record. So much for how much the pre-season matters. You’re hilarious dude.

  5. yeah, and Cadillac Williams is probably out for the season with an injury to his mangina, again.

  6. Hahahah oh Koa, always good for a laugh.
    I don’t care if they win or lose, I was just watching the starters. Everybody looked bad or decent at best, except Ricky and Ronnie. Unless the starters were trying to lull the Bucs into a false sense of security, I’d have some concerns if I were you. But feel free to blame it on the rain, since the Dolphins are the only team to play in the rain, I know, I know. I also don’t care about ancient history, but I don’t blame you for caring, seeing as ancient history is the only time the Dolphins were relevant.

  7. ummmmm…..we forced 4 turnovers.
    And if not for a Monsoon, Marshall and Ronnie would have had 2 long TD scores

    Someone making a big deal out of the first preseason game and you say I’M good for a laugh? That’s what’s good for a laugh.
    And again, I recall the Colts going 0-5 and still ending up with a better pre-season record than the jests who went 4-0 so I’m not sure of your point. I’ve watched a couple of pre-season games so far and, unlike a jests fan, don’t determine their season by a few minutes of play. But go ahead and chuckle now because come the regular season you know the Fins are still going to sweep the jests. And let’s not forget the jests have an even longer ancient history since they were relevent. Remember 41 years compared to 37?

  9. DonTerrelli says:
    August 14, 2010 10:48 PM
    yeah, and Cadillac Williams is probably out for the season with an injury to his mangina, again.
    This guy has one of the greatest football hearts ever !! For you to say that only shows your intellect ! Now go back to your room, the adults are talking !!

  10. Caddy..mangina? Two major knee surgeries dude. Not a twisted ankle. Get a clue don terelli.

  11. Haha Koa, I’d say you’re pretty good for a laugh.
    Once again, I don’t care about the wins or losses, I was just watching the performance of the starters, and color me unimpressed. I can chuckle now, and later because Dolphins jokes just write themselves.

    Obviously you do care about the wins or losses or you wouldn’t have made the silly comment. But I realize that after being the OTA Champs, the jests have a much higher bar set, so when they trounce the Giants tomorrow night, I’m sure you’ll be so proud. I just hope your coach is as smart as you jests fans and decides not to double cover BMarsh.

  13. No, I don’t care about preseason wins or losses. I’ve stated that already, and the only reason I even watched was to see what the starters looked like. Your reading comprehension skills need a little work, my friend. The only reason I care about tomorrows game is so I can see what OUR starters look like, and so I don’t have to hear “red headed step children” for at least another year. Luckily, we don’t have to cover Marshall though because he seems to do all the pass deflecting himself. But do keep making silly posts, it’ll make it even funnier when you disappear around late october.

  14. Wow. You really watch the first pre-season game to see the starters play for a couple series? I like to watch the first game to see how the new guys are doing. As for hearing the “red headed step children”, I think you’ll be hearing that whether they win a meaningless pre-season game or not. And if they lose, it’ll be even more brutal with all the smack talk the jests and their fans do. As for Marshall, yeah. Petition your coaches to cover him one-on-one because he’s no good with all his self-inflicted pass deflecting. I hate to tell you, I’ve already mentioned on here that I have to leave all my wonderful jests buddies when the season starts because of my FFL that I have to spend so much time on. Don’t fret though, I’ll be here week #3 and #13.

  15. Yes, I like to see how rival teams starting players perform, is that so foreign to you? The plus side is your backups look good. Thigpen performed well, like I said he would. I’m not going to judge the entire season on 10 minutes in the rain no matter what I say but the Dolphins and their fans are always good for a laugh, especially you! I don’t remember if it was you, it might have been SomeFans but I remember one of you saying “Marshall and Henne are putting up a clinic in training camp” and oh boy was I laughing when Marshall had his second drop! But, I’m really gonna miss you buddy! Don’t worry though, I’ll remember this discussion. You better be around after WK3/WK13.

  16. I can fully understand wanting to see the rival teams’ starters perform, I just don’t understand why you would say: “the only reason I even watched was to see what the starters looked like.” That’s why I made the comment because you said THE ONLY REASON. Especially since your previous post said: “Your reading comprehension skills need a little work,”. Did you mean my psychic skills need a little work? Was I supposed to know when you say the only reason is to see what the starters look like actually means you also want to see the how the backups look?
    As for funny comments by fans, you jests fans take the cake dude. Talking like the jests have no weaknesses and will go undefeated. Saying Revis isn’t all that important, though before his holdout he was walking on water, etc.
    And actually, Henne and Marshall were connecting on almost everything in camp. But most people understand camp with no pass rush is a little different than live action. Plus, Henne connected on the money with those two passes (not to mention the one right in Hartline’s gut) and I kind of doubt Marshall will catch more of those than not. But you can bet I’ll be here after the two matchups. Just make sure you’re here as well.

  17. I’m a Jets fan who’s forced to side with the Dolphins fan in this one (against my will, but my fellow Jet fan is acting like the type of fan that I hate).
    If you really think Brandon Marshall forgot how to catch the ball in the offseason, you’re ignorant. He’s one of the three best wide receivers in the NFL. I know last season on Denver he probably CARRIED your fantasy team, and now that he’s a Dolphin you’re disrespecting him. Marshall’s good. If you want to say that Chad Henne looked like he’s not going to make a progression from last season, or that Vontae Davis is going to get picked on all season, so be it. But the preseason makes no difference for a proven star in the prime of his career.
    If Revis were playing (hopefully he is soon), and he were to get beat on two long touchdown passes by the Giants tonight, would I be worried about him? Not one bit. So a) get your facts straight and b) represent our team better. I think we’re a Super Bowl-caliber team, but I won’t declare us the champs until it happens.

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