Merriman admits holdout accomplished nothing, ready to move forward

Linebacker Shawne Merriman returned to Chargers camp Friday, ready to work, saying all the right things.  In a rare move, he even admitted his holdout didn’t help him.

“I didn’t accomplish anything at all,” Merriman said. “I always
knew that I was wanted here, which was one of the biggest reasons
for getting things sorted out. You hate to deal with the whole
business part of it, but I’m so glad it’s behind me and I can go
out and play.”

Merriman spoke during the holdout with Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith, and just wants to focus on this season.  Teammate Stephen Cooper welcomed Merriman back my mimicking his “Lights Out” dance.

“It was time for him to come in,” Cooper said.  “Everybody wants to
get paid and everyone wants a big contract, but you can’t get one
sitting at home. You have to be out there performing and be on film
in order to get paid.”

A.J. Smith is loving Stephen Cooper right about now.

14 responses to “Merriman admits holdout accomplished nothing, ready to move forward

  1. Who said it was ever about accomplishing anything?
    Sometimes you just have to make a statement. He paid no price.

  2. “Everybody wants to get paid and everyone wants a big contract, but you can’t get one sitting at home. You have to be out there performing and be on film in order to get paid.”
    Exactly, i wish i could sit at home and cry about the money i’m making or lack of not making enough. in this world, we find new jobs for better pay or work longer to achieve more OT. I find it interesting that the same athletes that hold out are the one’s that get injured or go broke later on in life.

  3. Hey I would love to get a raise at my job to but I can’t sit at stay at home cause I want them to pay me more.. I gotta work my ass off and put my time in to get considered for a raise.. that’s how most Americans work, these NFL players think they are entitled.. try seeing one of our pay checks and you would never complain again about how much you make Merriman

  4. Cooooooooooooooooooooop!
    Marcus just seems like this “sweet boy” who will actually feel it in his gut if he reads those words.
    Come on Marcus, we got a chance.
    Vincent/ man-boy who got handcuffed and had to have his teams quarterback come to his aid on the morning of a playoff game/Jackson – two 2nd rounders, two 2nd rounders, two 2nd rounders, come on, come on, two 2nd rounders…

  5. One could say that, Merriroid is about as smart as a sack of cement…
    But, then you would just be insulting a sack of cement…

  6. This is what I would say to McNeil and Jackson at this point: “You’re not getting deals until middle of the season at the earliest. You have two choices: 1) come in and start practicing/playing or 2) sit out the entire season, get no new contracts, and we still retain rights to you. Then since you missed a year of competition, you are now valued less.

  7. He achieved his goal. Training camp is too long – he has battled foot issues the last few years – no need for him to be there the last 2 weeks…..good job Shawne.

  8. Merriroid is just being made to say what A.J. WANTS him to say. We ALL know who runs things down there. It’s A.J.’s way or the highway. Just ask Marty Schottenheimer, Drew Brees, L.T., or anyone else that stands up to the jerk.
    Smith doesn’t want men, he wants robots that do his bidding.

  9. # TheSleepness says: August 14, 2010 5:42 PM
    @ CINCINNATI pastuh
    most americans are morons
    Indeed. Just sit on your a$$ and let Uncle Obama take care of you.

  10. Nice quote by Coop. Keepin it real. I think McNeill will get signed at some point, as for Jackson…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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