Report: No decision yet from Brian Westbrook

For the second time in less than a week, NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora is throwing a bucket of tepid water on a report from ESPN.

First, La Canfora disputed Adam Schefter’s report that Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman definitely would sign his restricted free agency tender by the end of the weekend.  La Canfora said no decision had been made, Merriman himself confirmed that . . . and then Merriman signed his tender by the start of the weekend.

Now, La Canfora takes issue with John Clayton’s report that free-agent running back Brian Westbrook likely will sign with the Rams. 

“Brian Westbrook hasn’t made any decision yet and hasn’t told any teams he has made up his mind according to several sources,” La Canfora writes via Twitter.

So, if form holds, it’s true that Westbrook hasn’t made a decision — and when he does he’ll pick the Rams.

Either way, we’ll be surprised if Westbrook, given his knee and his noggin, is on an opening-day roster.  He may have a job by Week 2, when his salary won’t be essentially guaranteed, but we still don’t believe he’ll have a job as of Week 1.

5 responses to “Report: No decision yet from Brian Westbrook

  1. I’ve never been a fan of Jason La Canfora’s reporting. It seems like he’s always either piggy backing on another reporter or just giving his opinion. And, he either looks really uncomfortable in front of the camera, or cocky like he thinks he knows everything. I miss the old days of Adam Schefter on NFL Network.

  2. Sounds like La Canfora is a shill for his agent sources. Say the players haven’t made up their minds so they still have a little bit of leverage to influence management. I’m sure the conflicting information is due to the agents and/or players telling the teams when they will sign and management leaking that information to their own sources which in turn seem to contradict La Canfora.

  3. The Niners new opening making him rethink his Rams choice?
    Good reporters would check into that rather than speculating

  4. Westbrook said he’d announce his decision Monday. Since this is Saturday I think we can understand why there’s no decision yet.

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