Rough start for Flozell Adams

So I’ve got the KDKA feed with Lions-Steelers next to the Preseason Live window, and for a second I thought that KDKA had preempted football for bullfighting.

As it turns out, it was merely Steelers tackle Flozell Adams, playing the role of Eduardo Carrochio.  And Lions defensive end Cliff Avril was playing the role of the bull.

Flozell managed to get a couple of hands on Avril, but the veteran had no chance at stopping Avril, who blew past Adams and sacked quarterback Byron Leftwich.  Whether Flozell merely is adjusting to the flip from left to right or has simply lost it, the Steelers need him to step up, or he’ll be cut before his $2.5 million base salary in 2010 becomes guaranteed as of Week 1.

Given that Adams received no signing bonus, the Steelers surely wouldn’t hesitate to cut him loose.

The good news for Adams is that he recovered a fumble from tailback Rashard Mendenhall.  The bad news for Adams is that he wasn’t signed to recover fumbles — he was signed to keep the quarterback from getting blown up.

22 responses to “Rough start for Flozell Adams

  1. I’m still really surprised that the Steelers got him. It doesn’t seem like their type of signing. Yes, he’s a vet, but there were a lot of signs last year pointing to him being done as a decent starter in the league.

  2. Maybe he should have just tripped him or used one of his other array of cheapshot moves. Adams sucks.

  3. About that fumble recovery. Adams freaking mauled in run-blocking and Timshard Mendenworley blew it. But yeah, he looked bad with footwork on pass plays and VERY good in the run game, which is pretty much par for Flozell lately.

  4. @HandsofSweed
    Well played, Sir.
    The Steelers are a great franchise, but Flozell sucks. Of course, it’s hard to focus on blocking with both hands protecting your nether-regions.

  5. BigBear123 axes:
    Do the Steelers really have any better options?
    No. Ben will be assaulted. It’s karma…and it’s a bitch.

  6. Don’t worry Steelers fans Flozell is rusty. Soon he won’t allow a sack because he will trip everyone who beats him.

  7. Did Suh play in this game? I don’t see him with even 1/2 a tackle, and they’re into the 4th quarter.

  8. Macadamia says:
    August 14, 2010 11:36 PM
    T-Sizzle is licking his chops. Pleasant dreams Stillerz fanz.
    T-Sizzle is too busy putting on fake casts and giving drama queen press conferences to be licking anything.
    Except maybe…

  9. The Bengals will have at least 5 sacks in both games against heard it here first

  10. Flozell has been a liability in the run game for a couple of seasons now. When combined with Leftwich’s “Juan Marichal” like delivery, it could be a long first 6 games of the season.

  11. Not sure what other options there are for RT now…but someone must be found soon…or someone needs to step up. If we have to put a tight end on that side every play…Rashard Spin-and-Fumble will have no place to spin and avoid contact! Dennis Dixon may have to start in be in the shotgun every play and if nothing is there just take off. The only reason Flozell recovered the fumble is he thought it looked like a pot roast laying on the ground

  12. CINCINNATI pastuh says:
    August 15, 2010 2:36 AM
    The Bengals will have at least 5 sacks in both games against heard it here first
    I have been hearing that bullshit for 20 years a damn playoff game, will ya?

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