Ted Ginn hears the criticism

49ers receiver Ted Ginn has been subjected to a lot of criticism in print and on the internet.  And unlike many players, he admits to reading it.

Ginn told ESPN’s Mike Sando sometimes Ginn will just google his name to see what’s out there.

“You never know what you are going to find,” Ginn said. “You got the guys who love their team.
You can’t get mad at a fan who loves Miami that has been down there
for 40 years and understands the tradition, just like you can’t get mad
at a fan who knows San Francisco. They want something out of you that
they expect that you should do. It means I have to go out and give it
to them.”

It’s a mature attitude for a player that wants to mature on the field despite his struggles.  Ginn has been taken to task for his drops and his toughness, but no one has ever criticized Ginn’s approach. In fact, you get the sense he may care too much.

“There are a lot of things on there when you type Ted Ginn Jr . . . And you see what some people think
about you and what some people don’t think about it,” Ginn said.  “‘Inconsistent’
is one of the words that is out here about me and I don’t like that.
So I just try to go out every day and just try to get better.”

Ted: If you read this, you’ve just gained one person rooting for you to improve in San Francisco.  (We can’t promise our commenters will feel the same.)

25 responses to “Ted Ginn hears the criticism

  1. Ginn has been working very hard since he came to SF.
    Yes he has had troubles hanging onto the football in the past, but so did Vernon Davis. Davis spent time after every practice catching balls on the jugs machine, and now we’re all beginning to see the fruits of his labor. Ginn is absolutely capable of doing the same thing. I’m excited about his future, and even more excited at how little the Niners had to give up for him.

  2. I once heard a famous coach say the following, “If you listen to what the people in the stands say too much you’ll soon be sitting there with them.”
    While his attitude is fine, the best thing Ted Ginn, Jr. can do is stop worrying about what fans and the dreadful media parasites say, and focus on playing football and being the best at what he does.
    The only criticism he should take to heart are his coaches and fellow players who should be genuine in their critique. The media and fans opinions are 100% worthless.

  3. In addition to my love for the eagles. I’m a big niners fan and think they did what theyneeded to this off-season. Ginns addition was a steal. He works hard and that will pay off. But his biggest contribution will be opening the field up for everyone else on the offense. The safeties have to account for him deep which should force the linebackers off the line for gore and open gaps for Davis and Crabtree.

  4. Fins essentially traded a second and Ted ginn for Brandon Marshall and Nolan Carroll ( since they recouped the other second round pick ) . I can’t believe Ted ginn was a number one receiver at one point in time . Glad we have a different number 19 now

  5. If Ted Ginn had soent less time googling himself and more time practicing maybe he would have found more positive comments about himself.

  6. That is a first, i did not believe that pro players had time to google their names and find out what was out on the web about them. Ted Ginn Jr. I know is a hell of an athlete. i think he should stop worrying about what is said about him and focus on the work at hand. he did a phenomenal job returning kicks and punts last year, that i feel he will always have a job. He can have the kind of career that Desmond Howard had. Although Howard was not a solid receiver, he was a hell of a Kick returner. he even was named superbowl MVP.

  7. Oh, how nice.
    I kept thinking Ginn was going to break out and he just never did. Hopefully for him he does it in San Fran.

  8. “If Ted Ginn had soent less time googling himself and more time practicing maybe he would have found more positive comments about himself.”
    Really, has his missed a lot of practice? Missed a ton of games? It’s not his fault he was a terrible choice in the first round, he’s just a fantastic athlete, but very-inconsistent football player who if drafted in the 4th-5th round would be considered a good pickup.

  9. Ginn’s got all the tools…I wish Miami woulda kept him with Brandon Marshall…I think that would have been a lethal duo…Ginn is a solid #2-3 WR but def not a one…he’s no Santana Moss but he can stretch the field vs. a lesser DB…remember the man beat Revis deep, not easy to do.

  10. I am a huge dolphins fan! I dont think the phins made the wrong decision taking him in the draft but Miami just wasnt the right team for him, no good WRs for him to learn from. I believe Ted Ginn is capable of being an elite WR in the NFL, watch his highlights from the 2008 season… he played fantastic! I hope you can get back to that form and better Ted. Good Luck to you in a new town where you may be appreciated!

  11. Who cares is he “hears” the criticism, he should do something about it….like catch the ball instead of dropping it….

  12. @TheSleepness
    If he beat Revis deep (I think Revis was expecting help over the top, but I’m not sure.) it’s because Ginn is incredibly fast. Not a lot of people could keep up with him.
    Can’t say I want him to succeed, he single handedly beat the Jets, but that dude can boogie and should put up some results in SanFran.

  13. @Denisceo
    A “phenominal job” returning punts last season? Really? Less than 6 yards a return and no TDs is “phenominal”?
    So “he played fantastic” in 2008, huh. He had less than 800 yards receiving and 2 TDs. That doesn’t even border on “fantastic” for a #1 WR. More like mediocre. 3 years in the league and only 5 TD receptions. It’s not like he had some hot shot on the other side of the field getting all the chances.
    Ginn was a big time mistake where he was taken. A classic example of a team drafting position instead of talent.

  14. I hear by nickname thee Ted “Dropsy” Ginn…Can you hear me Ted? Can you hear me now?

  15. What everyone needs to know is that every criticism (and boo) Ginn heard was actually directed at Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller. Unfortunately for Ginn, but fortunately for Dolphins fans, they were gone after ’07. So Ginn had to hear/read it.

  16. Does the word “Bust” automatically show up next to his name…kinda like Jamarcus Russell?
    Soon, I guess…

  17. Ginn single handedly got Miami that second “W” against the Jets last year, not to mention that 50+ yard TD bomb he caught against them on Monday Night Football as well. So, he’ll forever have my respect. Good luck in San Fran Teddy!!

  18. I’m another dolfan who’d like to wish him the best. Sometimes things just don’t work out. I think it was best for both sides to part company when they did.

  19. Now that he’s gone and no longer a cause of headaches not only to me, but all Dolphin fans…i present to you Ted Ginn’s first ever music video:

    Seriously though, I wish him the best in San Fran…good luck Teddy, I hope you dont let all the people out on the west coast down too

  20. Teddy, you were great for my Buckeyes, but now you and Kyle Williams are our only returners since they let Leroy Vann go.
    I pray that you’ll be the star that we thought you were going to be when you left OSU.

  21. It’s difficult to hate a guy like that. He has the ability to KILL you on any given play. He just has to keep working hard. If he ever kills the Raiders, THEN I’ll hate him.

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