Broken ankle expected to cost Ben Tate his rookie season

Texans coach Gary Kubiak won’t get to ride rookie running back Ben Tate in practice any longer.  The “lower leg” injury Tate suffered Saturday night appears to be a broken right ankle that will knock Tate out for the season, according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

The Texans took Tate late in the second round of April’s draft, and the Auburn back was struggling to adjust to the NFL.  Kubiak barked at Tate plenty in practice and through the media, saying Tate had an “up and down” camp and had a “long way to go.”

“I’ve been hard on Ben because he’s going to be a big part of what we do,” Kubiak said this week.

Expected to eventually start, Tate was still running with the third team behind Arian Foster and Steve Slaton.  Houston’s improved depth at running back looks less improved now.

15 responses to “Broken ankle expected to cost Ben Tate his rookie season

  1. I know some people hate preseason because of the injuries but it’s a necessary evil to evaluate your players and to get rookies ready for the season. Years ago you could probably get away with it but the offensive and defensive schemes are so complex these days that it’s mandatory.

  2. I know the players dont want it..but an 18 game season with 2 pre season games is just a better idea. Players suffering season ending injuries in pre season seems so pointless. Yes, with 18 games more significant players will be injured, but the NFL will make more money. Ticket sales are no differant pre season that regular season. Its close anyways.

  3. I still don’t see how an 18 game season is a better idea, Batman. It would also be pointless to suffer a season-ending injury in the first regular season game, wouldn’t it?
    Without preseason games, even more players would be getting injured.

  4. I hope Ben recovers quickly! He seemed like a great new player and it is a real shame to see this happen! He got very involved with growing his Texan fan base early! He was active on Facebook and Twitter giving away signed jerseys, photos, having contests for fans, etc. He even lead the way for other Texans vets to follow. Brian Cushing started following Tate’s lead with interacting with the fan base! What a great change of face he has been!
    Even with a rookie season ending injury, I hope he comes back strong! Yes, I had followed the news through camp and heard he was having a rough time learning the NFL… But, I’m sure he would have survived and eventually thrived. Going from being one of the best in college to being one of “everyone was the best in college” has got to be difficult! I don’t think these rookies have a real grasp on that! They spent their whole lives, being the best among those they played against…
    Adjust, heal and grow Ben… let’s do this again next year!

  5. Poor guy. Preseason injuries suck, but they still shouldn’t shorten it. Guys like Tom Brady, Tony Romo, and all the late-round steals would never have a chance if there were only 2 preseason games. Steve Slaton will probably see a lot more carries now.

  6. That sucks, I’m a die hard Lions fan but my AFC team I always root for is the Texans. They always bust their ass and just fall short of the playoffs, I wish the Lions could give me hope like that one day.

  7. WhodeyTN…When a player goes down in a meaningless game. Its meaningless. Say that player helped win a regular season game..then got hurt. At least its a game that counts. I dont know. Maybe being a fan Id rather see more meaningfull games. Pre season injuries just suck. these players will be doing this for 20 games regardless …why not make 2 more count?
    Soberjoe..I think your hopes will be coming to fruition soon. I like the Lions moves lately. Stafford Best Johnson…Suh..they look to at least be moving in the right direction.

  8. even if they don’t expand the season to 18 games, make the pre season 2 games, its dry and shit football anyway! This is why players want guarenteed money!

  9. Pete,
    you wouldn’t believe how big of a football town Detroit is. Nobody would care if Detroit stayed in shambles for decades to come (which is likely to be the case), they just want a winning football team!

  10. I loved watching Ben Tate at Auburn, this is sad news.
    It’s part of the game, the injuries and you just have to work around them.
    I feel bad for the Texans, because improving that running game is a must for them to advance this year. They had #1 passing attack but the 30th ranked rushing attack. They were passing so much because they could hardly run the ball.
    Even with an offensive attack so out of balance, they managed a 9-7 record, something I’m hoping they can improve this year. They lost most of their games last year by 7 points or less.
    I’m picking them to be the surprise team of the AFC this year, and this definitely does NOT help.

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