Colt McCoy throws two picks, injures hand

Colt McCoy had a rocky start to his NFL career.

McCoy, the Browns’ rookie quarterback, threw two interceptions in the Browns’ preseason opener, both of them badly underthrown balls to well covered receivers.

On the second interception, McCoy’s hand hit the helmet of offensive lineman Casey Bender, and McCoy left the game and headed to the locker room to have his throwing hand examined.

The good news is that the hand injury is not believed to be serious. But McCoy, who went 5-of-10 for 25 yards, showed that he has a lot of work to do before he’ll be ready to play in a game that counts.

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  1. @steelers rule
    But this time most people wernt fooled which is why McCoy fell as far as he did in the draft.
    Im not hating on McCoy. I think he will be a solid back up QB some day.

  2. It’s just amazing to me sometimes how these QB’s can be absolute beasts in college, and then stink it up like a high school freshman in the pros.
    McCoy, Graham Harrell was almost unstoppable in college and looked totally clueless last night CLUE-LESS. Brian Brohm at Louisville, any many many more.
    Maybe no college QB should ever be drafted before the 3rd or 4th round !

  3. I saw the game from the stadium … Colt simply looked like a rookie playing in his first NFL game. The best thing for him would be to sit and learn for one or two years. He needs to get a bit stronger as well.
    Same goes for Graham Harrell … the Pack’s third string quarterback.
    I think both guys eventually will be okay … but it’s a process. Hope they’re both willing to work at it.

  4. Another great draft pick by “The Big Show”. Say what you want, but the man knows QB talent when he sees it. Just ask him. Holmgren stopped being a force in this game about the time his waistline got bigger than his ego.

  5. McCoy fell in draft because he played against weak competion! He got hit vs Bama and proved he is soft! Wait till he runs with 1st team against 1 st def! He will wish he was playing Wyoming again!

  6. seriously wtf is up with some of these comments?
    colt was a 3rd round pick coming from a spread offense in his first ever NFL game. get real. how did Sam Bradford do again? 1st pick in the draft and he showed he is going to have some growing pains too.
    colt will learn. all qb’s have growing pains and with all the spread we are seeing in college the transition to the pro game is going to be a little harder. give these kids some time damn.

  7. Remember who pushed Casey Bender all the way back into the QB.
    Good job FRANK ZOMBO!!

  8. The dude just doesnt have it. Another spread offense Big 12 QB with inflated stats. McCoy is another Ken Dorsey at best. Sorry, the dink and dunk short passing game might do wonders against Baylor or Iowa State but it isnt going to cut the mustard in the NFL. The scary thing is that his accuracy might be worse than Brady Quinn’s.

  9. Let’s see…one pre-season game with a rookie 3rd round pick with 5 weeks of training camp. Yes…let’s call the bust now. Average arm is the tangible we all knew going in. The intangibles, heart, will to win, leadership, W’s, selflessness, and work ethic are things that many players with far greater physical gifts lack. Give him the time learn that Big Mike has planned for him and then call him a bust….but not after 10 passes in his first pre-season game. Jeez.

  10. @ Huddy
    I’ ll grant you this. McCoy has good intangibles. He has a brain and is probably a decent person.
    Does he work hard ? Perhaps. That might be what made him a 3rd round pick instead of a sixth rounder. The bottom line is you need arm strength and accuracy to make it in the NFL. Pure, plan and simple.

  11. You can’t teach backbone, and Colt doesn’t have it. Period. Yeah, he whacked his hand and left the game but the injury wasn’t serious. Gee, what a shock. That’s the story of McCoy’s career. He gets a boo-boo, leaves the game, and the injury turns out to be … nothing. Two years or 20 won’t matter.

  12. All valid points but I still say ANY rookie QB with 3rd string reps in his first game is pressed. I watched the kid run and get hammered game after game for 4 years at UT with no help from the running game at all his entire career. I am not a “homer”…A kid that leads (or close to it) his team in rushing year after year from the QB position and still makes plays is not soft. He was pulled from the game as a precaution by people who sign his checks now. It was not a playoff game or even regular season game. I still say give a rookie QB time. Colt/Bradford/Tebow et al….Their story has not been written. Look at Matt Leinart…Heisman Trophy “can’t miss” and 4 years later…um, he is a starting QB by default.
    Kurt Warner…no one wanted..Rings and Super Bowls…Tom Brady 6th round pick and 3 Rings….Tony agent and now starting if not starring for the Cowgirls…The story gets written later at this postion. No offense to anyone but if you haven’t played the game at a high level or been a real student of the game these quotes are pretty far off base.

  13. BTW…I am not saying that ANY of these QBs will be even serviceable backups in the league. It is simply WAY too early to make a call on it either way.

  14. Hey leeeeerch, did Mccoy look like a rookie? playing in his 1st NFL game? Perhaps, perhaps you’re simply a MORON.

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