Fitzgerald has sprained MCL

We continue to learn more about Larry Fitzgerald’s knee injury that isn’t exactly “good news” but at least qualifies as “not bad news.”

Fitzgerald suffered a sprained MCL in Saturday night’s game, according to Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ official team website.  Larry Fitzgerald said earlier Sunday that he would be “conservative” with his injury and miss a few weeks of work.

Fitzgerald is expected to be ready for the season opener in St. Louis, which must come as a relief.  Especially if you look at this picture.

13 responses to “Fitzgerald has sprained MCL

  1. Love hits like that; the video is even better – end over end! Good on Larry that he can walk away – kinda.

  2. Didn’t Anthony Gonzalez (WR, INDY) go down with a “sprained MCL” in the first game last year and never make it back? No doubt that a sprain is better than a tear, but to say he’ll be ready for week 1 sounds to be really optimistic…

  3. It’s not the “Madden curse” if it doesn’t happen in the same year the player was on the cover.
    On another note, another top NFL player with a significant injury in a insignificant game. NFL needs to start right out the gate like college football. The game is too brutal to have 4-5 meaningless games. Coaches need to be able to form their rosters from camp and scrimmages. One preseason game is enough.

    Come back by the regular season Larry, I just drafted you on my fantasy squad lastweek.

  5. Yep. Fitz is an animal, but so is Troy. This is going to severly curtail Fitz’s season like it did last yr to Polamalu. Definitely not hating on him or the Cards, but sprained MCL’s will have that effect on even the best of the best.

  6. “It’s not the “Madden curse” if it doesn’t happen in the same year the player was on the cover. ”
    We don’t know the rules of the curse as it applies to TWO people on the cover. Maybe the curse applies to those guys for TWO years.
    Madden’s not done with you yet, Troy!

  7. No we do know the “rules” of the madden curse. Even though it’s silly the injury has to occur in subsequent year of them being on the cover. It doesn’t change because it’s 2 people. Anyway the whole madden curse, SI cover things are all stupid. The thing more stupid than those silly superstitions is playing 4 irrelevant preseason games.

  8. If I’m an agent I don’t give a crap what my client’s getting paid he’s not on a Madden cover period. Brees better keep his head on a swivel this year.

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