Kentwan Balmer's five-day letter expires Monday

When it was explained to us that the Vikings sent receiver Percy Harvin a five-day letter in order to secure a roster exemption and when we paired that up with the report that the 49ers have secured a roster exemption following the decision of defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer to go AWOL from San Fran’s camp, we surmised that the Niners had sent the five-day letter to Balmer, too.

David White of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the letter was sent Wednesday, the day on which Balmer failed to return after a two-day excused absence.  The move means that Balmer has until Monday to show up.

If Balmer fails to return, the Niners aren’t required to put him on the reserve/left squad list, which would shut him down for all of the 2010 season.

132 responses to “Kentwan Balmer's five-day letter expires Monday

  1. This is all because Ricky Jean Francois has throughly outplayed him in camp so far, and Balmers response to that has been “its not fair”.

  2. Was there to be more to the last sentence? Like for instance, what other option or options they have other than putting him on the reserve/left squad list?

  3. Why don’t we just use te blog & be done with it.
    Yeah, u guys go drown that Vikes fan & see ifd it helps. LOL
    JK, It’s only week 2, lots of football left.

  4. rulz, I left a message at your place a while ago and was told it posted. Then it disappeared. So I posted a new one. If you erased it, tell me so I don’t post it again. Perv and GBIS need to read it.

  5. No Deb, I’m not erasing anything. Sorry, had to take Pop out to eat–GBIS said he had one that didnt post. Don;t know what’s up with that. I’ll see if I can find out tho.

  6. Perv & GBIS …
    I’m over my hissy fit. Left a message at rulz’s place you should read. Want to tell you about the 1989 Steelers.
    We started 0-2. But not like you guys. We didn’t barely lose to a non-divisional defending Super Bowl champ, then drop an irrelevant non-conference game. We lost two division games … to the Browns and Bengals … by a combined score of 92-10. You think you’re misterable?
    But guess what? We finished 9-7, placed third in our division, and went to the playoffs as a wildcard. And we won the wildcard game, beating our division rivals, the Oilers, 26-23 in OT.
    In the locker room, the network guy stuck a mic in Bubby Brister’s face (yes, Bubby Brister–you guys have Brett freakin’ Favre!!) and asked how he was feeling. He said, “I’m just as happy as shit!” right on network TV! My brother and I were rolling on the floor laughing.
    We lost in the next round, but that was a great moment after the second worst start to a season I’ve had as a Steelers fan. The worst start to a season was 1995 when Rod Woodson tore his ACL on opening day. We finished that season in the Super Bowl.
    It ain’t over yet, boys 😉

  7. Posted this a while ago Perv by it didn’t go up. Just about the time you were being nasty to my team I was trying to be sweet and comforting to you. Typical, typical.
    Perv & GBIS …
    I’m over my hissy fit. Left a message at rulz’s place you should read. Want to tell you about the 1989 Steelers.
    We started 0-2. But not like you guys. We didn’t barely lose to a non-divisional defending Super Bowl champ, then drop an irrelevant non-conference game. We lost two division games … to the Browns and Bengals … by a combined score of 92-10. You think you’re misterable?
    But guess what? We finished 9-7, placed third in our division, and went to the playoffs as a wildcard. And we won the wildcard game, beating our division rivals, the Oilers, 26-23 in OT.
    In the locker room, the network guy stuck a mic in Bubby Brister’s face (yes, Bubby Brister–you guys have Brett freakin’ Favre!!) and asked how he was feeling. He said, “I’m just as happy as shit!” right on network TV! My brother and I were rolling on the floor laughing.
    We lost in the next round, but that was a great moment after the second worst start to a season I’ve had as a Steelers fan. The worst start to a season was 1995 when Rod Woodson tore his ACL on opening day. We finished that season in the Super Bowl.
    It ain’t over yet, boys 😉

  8. Oh Deb, soooo sorry, but it is over. In those days you did not have a diva QB who thought he was the reason the NFL existed. Granted Favre gets TV ratings, which seems to be all teh NFL worries about these days but so do Peyton, Brady, Brees & many other up & comers. Heck, even Rodgers is getting some press. Long season guys, but I’m afraid the Vikes will not be part of it. Steelers however, with a 3 or 4 QB && being 2-0, when BB gets back they better take off. Only 2 weeks, lots of football so far,
    but I think Brett’s toast.
    Sorry buds, it is what it is.
    Long season though, we’ll see.

  9. I think Perv is really bitter. He keeps running over to Steeler threads and making cracks about Ben. What? He doesn’t get enough love from Pack fans–he wants to take on Steeler fans, too?
    Had the strangest moment yesterday when thinking about that 1989 season. Suddenly realized … Bubby Brister is currently my all-time favorite Steelers QB LOL Can you believe that?
    Ben has come a long way in the last few weeks but still has much work to do to win my confidence. Thought Bradshaw would always be my number one offensive player–the only offensive jersey I’ve ever owned–but he’s fallen so far in my eyes in the last week I don’t think he’ll ever recover.
    That leaves … BUBBY!!! Bet he’d be happy as shit 😉 Although as he famously said, he doesn’t mop up for anybody.

  10. Don’t think I’ll ever get over that, rulz. Expect he’s burned his bridge with the organization, too.
    Terry was a hard partier in his day. The only difference is that he was married. He’s written about his carry-on in his own books! There were allegations of abuse w/second wife JoJo. He married his third wife when he was in his 30s and she was 19. They met in a “honky tonk.” So for Bradshaw to criticize Ben for drinking w/a 20-year-old on his 28th b’day is a tad hypocritical.
    It was before my time, but his early days w/the team were rough–not as bad as what Kordell or O’Donnell endured or as Ben has endured this year. Nothing compared to McNabb’s ride in Philly. But it made him so bitter that all the adulation he received with the SB success didn’t undo it. When he retired, he left Pittsburgh and refused to return for any celebration of the dynasty teams. When he went into the Hall, he refused to have anyone associated w/the team induct him. He wouldn’t even come back for the Chief’s funeral. And when he talked about the team, it was as though he won the Super Bowls by himself.
    Finally, he returned when Mike Webster died and got a sense of how much he was loved by the fans. Then he came back for a tribute. Wounds were healed. Then Ben came along and won two Super Bowls in five years. Terry was always on TV demanding that Ben take his advice yada yada. Ben was polite but Terry’s not his dad. He wears #7 because he grew up idolizing Elway. He’s responsible for his own success and doesn’t owe Bradshaw anything. Ben is more naturally gifted than Terry, and it’s obvious that Terry’s desperate to take some vicarious credit for his success and keep him from threatening Terry’s records. He has tremendous ego issues–just like Tarkenton. But he’s gone way too far.
    Ben’s made mistakes, but for the most part, he’s hurt himself. He didn’t rape anyone and no man should have to go through false accusations. Those women should be horse-whipped. I’m reading “North Dallas Forty” right now and he hasn’t done anything three-quarters of the guys in the league, including Terry, haven’t done in spades. Opening day had to be really hard on him. For Terry to be on TV screaming that he should never play again was kicking a guy when he’s down. It was selfish and evil. And surprisingly the fan reaction here ran 30-1 against him.

  11. LOL I don’t live for football….I’m sure the Vikings will be fine RULZ!!LOL I have lost my freedom of speech and get booted regularly…but you see,guys like me don’t compromise…I’ll go out swinging…
    Sorry Deb dear…nothing against the Steelers but when I get bored I like to pick a fight…and Steeler fans fight back….sometimes! LOL

  12. BTW Deb, new way to stick out your tongue I saw the other day, actually think it was in a C woodson post:
    Yeah babe, I’m on top of it

  13. rulz, that tongue thingy actually looks kinda sexy.
    sigh … really need to finish this endless computer coding project … been staring at the screen so many days smiley faces are starting to look good LOL
    So … think I pissed off the drunken fisherman?

  14. rulz, I’d cry if it would do any good LOL
    I’m where Florio was 7 or 8 years ago, except he probably had tech know-how. I have none. My friend got my site running for me, and our deal was that he’d handle marketing. He has traditional marketing expertise but no SEO expertise, and I thought he’d gotten up to speed on that. He thought he had, too, but no. So I’ve been writing my butt off unseen by the universe. The couple hundred people I’ve managed to pick up by word of mouth love the site, so I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t growing. He had a huge family crisis, so we couldn’t even confer. I couldn’t complain since he was working free up front against future profits.
    I kept studying and suddenly things started coming into focus. Realized I have to do this myself (story of my life 🙂 and figure out all the tech stuff ASAP. Have learned what to do and how. But re-coding 180 articles is a slow, tedious process. And it’s a lot of trial and error–the things I’m trying may not get the results I need–which means I’d have to tweak … and re-code.
    This is only the first step in a huge process and I can’t re-code and write at the same time, which makes me nuts. One is a left-brain process and the other is a right-brain process, and it’s difficult to jump back and forth. I could pay people to do this but it’s costly … and I have a Capt. Kirk mentality. Fine to pay them later. For now, it’s best that the captain learn how everything works on her star ship. Even if it kills her 🙂

  15. You wonderful people take care….I’m done getting posts cut. I don’t even know how to post on here anymore…they have cut my nuts off…I’m not having fun anymore…

  16. Perv, do me a favor, would you?
    Go to rulz’s place and post what got cut. I told you a while back to save your posts so you could re-post them if they were lost. If you didn’t save them, just try to recreate it exactly like you wrote it. You can say whatever you want there. I’ll be able to look at it and tell you why it got cut. They cut or hold my posts sometimes, too, and I can almost always figure out why. Then I rewrite the post and they put it up. It’s usually just some minor thing. A lot of times you only have to tweak a little bit and you won’t have any trouble, it won’t cramp your creative style, and you’ll still be able to have fun. Just post at rulz’s what you wrote, and I’ll show you.

  17. Sorry Deb…don’t have time for all that bs..I been on here a while and the times are changing. I Yam what I Yam and that don’t fit in anymore…sadly i believe many of the good humor slingers on here will go the way of the dinosaur, have fun talking stats….

  18. Suit yourself, Perv. I’m working pretty extreme hours right now and if I was going to take time to looke at your bs, you could take time to copy and paste. I hit pretty damn hard and manage not to get banned, and so does rulz, and so do a lot of my Steeler friends. So obviously you’re doing a little more than slinging good humor. I’m sick of hearing people whine about free speech and dinosaurs like they’ve always been able to wander the world saying f f f f f f f everywhere with no restraint. That’s ridiculous. We all have to show restraint when we talk in public. This isn’t a high school locker room.

  19. Sad to see Perv go. I feel like I has lost a comrade :'( This is a sad day LOL. Perv random question if you are still reading… Why did the MMA show on Kfan stop ?

  20. GBIS, he’s not gone. He’s picking fights on Steelers threads LOL
    I swear, Perv, you can be as big a drama queen as I can. If we ever meet, I owe you a fierce pinch … or …. or something for being soooo annoying.

  21. See, Perv … I posted this like 15 hours ago and it’s still not up. That’s a ritual with me on nearly every thread. They’re not just picking on you.
    GBIS, he’s not gone. He’s picking fights on Steelers threads LOL
    I swear, Perv, you can be as big a drama queen as I can. If we ever meet, I owe you a fierce pinch … or …. or something for being soooo annoying.

  22. Gee GBIS…you make me feel bad. lol I will hang and see what happens. It stopped for lack of listeners,was at a dumb time slot..

  23. In fact, Perv, I had to re-post every single comment I put up after 9:30. Not one made it onto the board. And when you’re working all night, you don’t feel like re-posting every comment. I did write to you again on that Steelers thread. Maybe it will go up … sometime today.

  24. HE’S BACK!!!! lol
    Ya that makes sense… It was on pretty late wasn’t it. Like after 8.

  25. Yeah, but even if they go beddy-bye, the comments should stay in the system and get posted first thing in the morning. Mine just disappeared–or seemed to.
    I posted one on a Pack thread at 9:30, went back at 10 something and others had posted that were put up after it, so I posted it again. The second one came up this a.m. but not the first.
    Sooo confusing. Strange gremlins live at this site. LOL

  26. After 8 is late??? How do you get all that partying in GBIS?
    If the input voltage to an ac circuit has the form DVin(t) = (50 V) sin( [230 rad/s] t) and the total impedance magnitude for the rest of the circuit is Ztotal = 2.3 kW, then what is the rms current in the circuit?
    I’m gonna play the odds Perv and take C. 22mA
    Deb, would it not be easier to just start over?

  27. Oh my Gosh, rulz!!! Don’t post formulas at me!!!! They will make my HEAD EXPLODE!!!!!! LOL
    With my Web site?? Noooooooooo noooo noooo definitely not noooo lol As many hours as this is taking, it’s not in the ballpark to the number of hours that went into the original work of creating the site and writing all that material. It just would have made a huge difference coding each article as I wrote it instead of going back and trying to do 180 after the fact. I’m down to the last 70. Then I still have to re-do all the titles and urls and see where I go from there. I just would like to get to Alabama for a game before the season ends.

  28. Thanks, rulz. Just had a big fight with a sooey pig. LOL Hope Bama has an easier time with the team.
    Oh my gosh, that guy DSC is some piece of work. He has whined and whined because over the course of our debate I’ve called him jackass and genius–and because I told off Super … after Super popped in and told me to shut up. If he’s that fragile, how does he handle guys like Perv. Finally told him I’d read some of the Vikes/Pack threads and seen their trask talk so he could stop jerking my chain because he’s messing up my hair LOL
    Bless your heart … you are a sane and rational man stuck with a load of NUTS. Where’s Jeff?
    Back to coding!

  29. Jeff is now RCthe 5th. He keeps getting banned like Perv. He was Ragnar, then CHicken then Jeff, RC, RCII, RC IV,etc.

  30. I wish they would tell people why they’re being banned. I don’t follow those threads all the time, but Jeff is very creative–and Perv can be when he wants to be. LOL I kind of thought Jeff might be RC.
    The thought seems to be that they should know when they’ve crossed the line (and that I’m an idiot for thinking they need guidance 🙂
    Well … I’ve ripped people pretty good and I’ve had posts held but haven’t been banned. Usually when they’re held, I can figure out why 🙂
    OH thank heavens!!! We just scored. They scored in like two plays on their opening drive and shut us down on ours. Not a good start. We’re playing there. Thank goodness. Sure don’t want to deal with that piggy girl again 🙂

  31. Watched the 1st half. Looks like ‘Bama might have the better team but ARK just outplayed them. Still another half to go. Won;t get to watch. Pop’s gettin antzy

  32. Crap … that Arkansas QB is another Tom frickin’ Brady! Transferred to Ark. from Michigan when their new coach switched to a spread offense. Gee thanks, Rodriguez. Knew this was gonna be rough, but not this bad. Crap! All I need. More pig girl.
    Criticize an Arkansas guard for a dirty hit last year and what do I get? Her screeching Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben. Then she gets bent out of shape just because I said, “Stow it, you infantile little snot” and pointed out what a pea brain she has. She’s been raving stupidity about Ben for months, finally admits he’s not guilty, then keeps raving. Told her I didn’t mean to insult the whole team and the guard who speared our LB in the knee with his helmet–knocking him out for the season–is with the Giants now. But what does any of that have to do with Ben? Silly girl.
    They should make people take a fundamental football test before they let them comment.

  33. I understand, rulz. My dad is sooo antsy all the time–that’s one of the hardest things to grasp because he was never like that. It’s so odd to see him so fidgety.
    Just popped on to tell you Jimmy Johnson went to Arkansas and they just announced he went to high school with Janis Joplin! Can you believe it? My first thought was that he was probably one of the popular guys/jocks who gave her a hard time.
    4th qtr … we’re still behind but at least it’s not out of reach … 20-14. They can pass all over us, but we can run all over them … and we need to stick to that.

  34. WHEW!!!!!!!!!
    Now I just pray my Steelers can handle the humidity tomorrow. Had a guy over to pump the septic tank yesterday. Stood at the door talking to him for 10 min. Covered porch. Breeze blowing. AC on 75 at my back. When I closed the door and came inside, the hair at my neck was literally dripping sweat. It was about 90 but the humidity was killer. 1-4 is the hottest time of day, and we expect that defense to carry us? That’s not defense-friendly weather.

  35. Well, well, I’ll betyou are a happy girl. Did you go find Ms. Piggie yet?
    Understand all about humidity. We have the same problem just alittle further North.
    Appears ‘Bama made some half time adjustments that Ark.mcould not handle. The game was on at a restaurant we went to. I was kinda gettin after ‘Bama for baiscally abandoning the passing game until I saw how good their running game was. Guess that’s why I’m not acoach. ‘Bama appears tom have a well rounded team. They get through the next 2 weeks & I’d say they got a strong chance fora repeat.
    Goood luck w/that & also to your Steelers today.

  36. Hey, rulz!!! Well, I bet Perv just let out a scream. NO missed the FG in OT.
    See, I was getting on Bama to give the ball to Ingram and let him run. We couldn’t seem to stop the pass, but they couldn’t seem to stop the run. We are all wild about our running game–especially Mark Ingram. All these years and he’s our first Heisman winner. McElroy finally came back to himself about middle of the second half. He hasn’t lost a game he’s started since the 8th grade and he’s up to be a Rhode’s Scholar.
    Yes, she came back late last night and said she wanted to talk about some penalty on one of our players but that would be petty so she’d just congratulate me LOL I just ignored the first part and thanked her. Told her it was a good game and said nice things about their QB.
    No, the Steelers shocked me today. Charlie found his inner QB! Bless his heart–everyone was so busy worrying about Leftwich and Dixon that he barely touched the ball in preseason. So of course, it took him a week to adjust. I love Charlie 🙂 The Ravens almost let Cleveland beat them. We may survive this mess! Now we just have to pray Ben comes back strong.

  37. Oh well, guess you can’t have a perfect football weekend every week. Cowboys & Vikes both won today & looked good doing it. Makes me worry about the Pack tomorrow. Usually with my luck if things start going bad–they stay bad. Oh well, til tomorrow.

  38. Yeah … I was sorry to see the Ravens and Cowboys win. Don’t know that I’d say the Vikes looked good winning. They have a leaky o-line that’s gonna be the death of Brett if it can’t hold.
    Congrats Perv and GBIS!!! Glad to see you guys in the W column. Did not like seeing those hits on Brett though. No no no
    Aw Perv … you don’t think Charlie’s cute? 😉 I’m reading “North Dallas Forty.” It’s a true-to-life look at football players and their debauchery. For some reason … their drunken, drug-induced escapades make me think of you …

  39. Where has everyone been today??????
    You’d think Perv and GBIS would be celebrating their win.
    BTW, Perv, thanks for the compliment to my Steelers.
    Good luck tonight, rulz 🙂
    Back to work …

  40. I’ve been getting along fine with that jackass Beer Cheese and suddenly out of the clear blue he starts sniping at me on every thread, saying I’m a feminist homer and all the Packers fans have nothing but disdain for me. He’s an old dude with some serious issues.
    Sorry about your loss, rulz. But you have some real jerks in your fan base.

  41. Jerks in all fan bases Deb. Just human nature.
    Packer’s have got to get a new head coach. 18 penalties? Most of them were good calls too. McMuffin just has too many issues with play calling, clock mngmt & challenges. Like the Vikes, there’s a lot of talent on that team–too bad they don’t have a true leader.
    And the O line played scared all night long. Think they bought into the J Pep hype.
    Oh well, football doesn’t havethe zing to it like past years anyway. Guess thats gotta lot to do with my situation. This to shall pass

  42. GO BEARS!
    sorry, fellas, but I’m tired of dealing with the asses in your respective fanbases (and the silence in here).
    frank keeps rescuing me from oinking Pack fans just like he used to rescue me from vicious gators. The Bears are looking better and better.

  43. Hi, rulz!!!
    They held your comment all day. Why do they do that?
    rulz, you are a gentleman, but you are rare. We have some big jackasses in the Steelers fan base, but I don’t know what this guy Beer Cheese’s problem is. We’ve been getting along fine, have not had any altercations–nothing. Suddenly he comes on today and goes on multiple threads calling me a man-hating, feminist, supremacist, homer who has no friends and is universally disliked. Well, I really needed that today with all the stress I’m under.
    What makes people just want to take out their problems on some random person who hasn’t done anything to them … and in such an evil way?
    I hope he gets hit by a car and lies there long enough for crawly things to feast.
    Not really. But mean people suck.

  44. BA DA DA … bada da ba baH, GO PACKERS GO LMAO!!!!
    Sorry, I’ve been hacking Halo all week and work has been ri-donk busy

  45. I love rulz, but some of their fans are the whiningest crybabies. He lucked out when he kicked the ball to Hester the first time, why on earth did he do it again? And what an idiot challenge!
    One thing your teams have in common: not a lot of brains upstairs.
    That blasted Perv will talk anywhere but here. And he’s no good at flirting anymore either. Must have gone … um … soft, so to speak. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.) Apparently he’s only good for stupid comments about my QB, and making pipe cleaner animals and pornographic origami. Yippee. And he thinks PFT has gotten boring. Pfffft.
    There should be a happy medium between writing hardcore porn posts and being dull as dishwater.
    See … that’s why you keep getting banned, Perv. You’ve lost your talent for finding the sweet spot … I mean, the happy medium.

  46. Posted earlier this morning-but still hasn’t hit–this is getting old.
    Sis stayed with Pop the last 2 days. Ran away with wifey–sweet, sweet, sweet.
    Still love my Packers but football just doesnt have it’s lustre this year. Maybe if they make a deep playoff run I’ll get into it but I doubt itr as long as McMuffin is trying to make a run as the 2nd dumbest coach in the NFC North.
    Let’s see if this one gets cleared.

  47. Hi, rulz!!!!
    Aw … I’m so glad you got to run away with wifey!!! Hope you get a chance to do that regularly. Don’t get too discouraged about the Pack. It was close, and it is a good team. Look how far the Vikes got last year with Norman Bates’s mother calling the shots!
    I love the Flintstones. Google’s paying tribute today because it’s their 50th anniversary. My niece collects Silly Bandz and I gave her a Bugs Bunny set. She loved it … but she doesn’t know who Bugs Bunny is! Yikes!!

  48. It was a;so the 50th anniv of Andy. TVLand had like a week of the Andy Griffith Shows. Gave Pop & I a lot of laughs over the weekend. Something we really needed.
    Hopefully an every other week occurrence with wifey & I. Long as Pop can tolerate his daughter. I’m gonna give him lots of lessons in tolerance over the next week & a half.
    Not discouraged with the Pack. Just being realistic. Since the emotions are not there re: football, it’s not that hard. I’m thinking PFT has a lot to do with my lack of enthusiasm. Never seen so much hatred & vitrole. Ridiculous, not saying I’m above it–I’ve been more involved in t he last few weeks than I ever thought I would be. Just see how ridiculous it is.
    Oh hell, this will never get posted now!!!

  49. I am watching DVR of Andy as I type 🙂 Never get tired of Andy. It’s a favorite of my dad’s, too.
    I understand about the emotion thing. Only really got back into college ball when my brother moved to Bama. Had lost my emotional attachment when I went to college. Divided loyalties with Bama & Mizzou plus USC, which had briefly caught my fancy.
    The NFL was always my first love and Linus blanket. Even overseas, I could step out of that insanity to watch snipets of the pros. When I got sick, the Steelers were a lifeline. Those were hard years and I needed the distraction. People couldn’t begin to grasp how much I love that team.
    Interesting what you’re saying about the hatred. Still can’t believe the levels to which some “men” sink over football. Some things said to me over Ben were like reliving my own assault; I’m still trying to recover from having those wounds ripped open … especially knowing through my own contact in Georgia that it was on account of the lowest kind of liar. That’s tough to take. But the good thing about my life experience is that it’s given me a tremendous capacity for endurance 🙂
    The fact that so many Vikes and Pack fans have repeatedly changed their names says a lot about what’s been going on there. They’re all going to wind up banned for good. But they’re just reflecting the same behavior we see in the political arena. When you have a Congressional representative screaming “liar” at the President of the United States during a state address and a party nominee for governor publicly threatening to take out a hit on a journalist, you know things have gone waaaay over the top.
    Forget Al Qaeda. We’ve seen the enemy … it’s us.

  50. ROFLOL
    And she wouldn’t even hurt a fly …
    GBIS, I will say Chilly is one of the most intriguing coaches in the league. Would love to have dinner with him–and not for anything but conversation lol But I think you’d be better off with someone else calling the plays. I’m just soooo happy you let your old DC come take the HC job in Pittsburgh. Think we definitely got the cream of your crop!

  51. But they’re just reflecting the same behavior we see in the political arena
    And that should really scare you beyond any & all beliefs. Really amazes me that people can see this, ——-& accept it. Then again, not really sure what could be done to change it——unless people are ready to pull out the weapons. Votes will really not make a difference until the system is changed. But then again, neither will weapons until someone has a true answer & is willing to sacrifice any & everything to make it so. Wish someone could just go call on some fishermen & tax collectors to “follow me & let’s make a difference”. Oh well, that’s been done already—guess we just have to accept the consequences. I’m ready–bring it on.
    Oh GBIS–GBIS, GBIS, GBIS. Mama doesn’t like people.

  52. “Wish someone could just go call on some fishermen & tax collectors to ‘follow me & let’s make a difference’.” Someone did. Saddest thing is many of those invoking his name don’t see they’re working against his purposes. The Bible teaches us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they’ve been misdirected from His mission.
    It would take to long to list mainstream media’s flaws, but the long-held belief that the “media” is pushing a liberal agenda has been exaggerated. Individual journalists may trend left, but networks are owned by pro-business corporations. That’s always resulted in a kind of balance. Fox changed everything, blatantly pushing Rupert Murdoch’s personal agenda, skewing stories and outright lying to an audience that doesn’t get news from any other source.
    People spend hours listening to wildly inaccurate messages designed to keep them in a state of fear, anger, and agitation. They’re pressed to view those with whom they disagree politically as enemies attacking God and American values. One older Steelers fan came out of nowhere and inexplicably shredded me. Finally, he tossed in “typical liberal.” At some point he’d seen me say something positive about Obama–enough to make him hate me beyond reason.
    The President was born in Hawaii, but these guys willfully deceive the gullible by implying he’s not American. He’s been a Christian for years. He spoke at the church of a close friend of mine in Chicago long before running for President. But 20 percent of Americans are convinced he’s Muslim. Thanks to this anger without reason, we now have as major party candidates:
    * a man who forwards bestiality e-mails and threatens to put hits on people he doesn’t like
    * a woman who once practiced witchcraft and has a history of financial mismanagement
    * a man responsible for one of the largest healthcare scams in Florida history
    * a woman who believes we should repeal 16 or 17 Constitutional amendments; there are 27, including the 10 in the Bill of Rights. So either she wants to repeal the Bill of Rights or the amendments ending slavery
    As Mayor Bloomberg said the other day, “Anger is not a management strategy.” People are voting for these Tea Party people with no thought for whether they are qualified to govern.
    The Arizona law that whites are so enamored with is unConstitutional and will eventually be struck down. And it’s identical to what I experienced when living under martial law. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to be a law-abiding person minding your own business and suddenly have storm troopers pull guns on you and demand your ID just because they can. Gee, too bad the Indians didn’t have that law when we got here. There are more productive ways to deal with immigration issues. And people might see that if they were the ones with the guns in the face.
    The problem is that everyone has forgotten one simple rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you.
    Okay … stepping away from the soap box 😉

  53. Well … at least I am giggling while I work.
    It took about two weeks to figure out what I was doing and re-code 180 articles … only to figure out somewhere along the line that I did something wrong. Then it took days of searching … searching … searching … ’til all hours trying to find the right combination of codes.
    Finally found it a 3:00 a.m. and fell asleep w/my hands on keyboard. But this is IT! FINALLY!!! YAY!!!!
    Now I just have to re-code 180 articles … again.
    15 down, 165 to go
    If you don’t laugh, you cry 🙂

  54. Perv, when it rains like crazy, does that make the fish come out or hide?
    I fantasize about your lake.
    Can someone warn Jeff to stop gay-bashing before he gets permanently banned? I’m very fond of Jeff.
    Wish they’d permanently ban DSC. What an annoying little creep. Has to be 12.
    What are some good exercises to strengthen my core?
    Why isn’t there anything go on here to comment about?
    rulz, where did you go?
    sigh … back to coding …

  55. Right here Deb. Been at woek the last 2 dayswhile wifey sat with Pop, He really enjoys her company.
    Looks like I might have to sht my stores down. Economy is so bad people just aren’t spending money. I’ve been throwing my personal money at it & I can’t afford to do so any longer. Problem is, I don’t know what I’m going to do. No one is hiring especially in my age bracket. Crap. When it rains it pours.
    Deb, fish usually hide when it rains really hard. They can still be caught if you know where they are and throw the right bait.

  56. Oh my gosh, rulz! Bless your heart! I’m so sorry!
    rulz, maybe you should look into e-tailing. You could sell through the Web and not have the overhead of a brick-and-mortar store. I bought my bed online–not the mattress/box spring, but the headboard. Same with my bar stools and a lot of small furniture pieces, lamps, accessories, rugs. I don’t sell online–it’s a whole different ballgame from what I do. But it might be worth checking out. Here are a couple of links:
    If you’d stay out of the merchandise, maybe you could open a pub. People will always find the money to drink 🙂 But you have to leave it alone for the sake of your health.
    Maybe you could be a North Carolina fishing guide. Sounds like Perv does well. Then I could fantasize about your lake 🙂 I grew up on a lake but all these damn Yankees moved down here and built houses everywhere you look. Would love to just sit and write by a quiet lake with no one else around … someplace not so hot 🙂
    Can you give guitar lessons? Teach a guitar class at a community college? It probably wouldn’t pay much, but it’s something.

  57. rulz,
    I didn’t mean just the headboard, but the frame and headboard. I wanted something special that I didn’t see in any local stores. It’s a beautiful wrought iron piece.

  58. Good thoughts Deb but there are already so many established e-tails in my industry that sell at ridiculous margins. I’ll figure out something. Always have….

  59. I hope so, rulz. It’s such a bad time right now and not just here. Bad times throughout the Western world. Under those circumstances, it’s hard to know what the answer is or when things will get better. I guess technically we’ve been out of the recession for a while, but we just can’t tell?? I’ll never be able to tell because my industry has collapsed and won’t be coming back as we knew it … something I couldn’t have expected when I got my degree. But it wouldn’t have mattered. This is who I am. I just have to pray I can make a go of this new way of doing business. All the coding stuff is starting to make me weary.
    Where are Perv and GBIS? I know their team is off, but hope they didn’t get banned for good already. Just found a message GBIS left me a couple of weeks ago. He’s like Perv about defiantly blasting everyone. LOL … sigh.

  60. Hey hey hey drunk boy in the house! lol
    rulz…i pray all works out for you. I hear many tough stories every day in this economy. A man like you shouldn’t have to face this bs later in life. Just know my shirt is yours bro…and that is sincere. I would help any way I can.
    Deb…you dreaming of my lake? LOL Which one, I fish 500. They are all sweet in their own way. I wish i could live long enough to sample our 16000 plus lakes but that just isn’t realistic. Fish can bite like hell or turn off in rain. Depends on many factors…bar. pressure,light level, temp. , rain velocity..etc Believe it or not, there could be a 4 year college course on fishing and most still wouldn’t know jack,takes real time experience and a coexistence with nature. I learn every day….oh , my wand is yours if you ever want to borrow it LOL!!!

  61. Deb, Perv just gave a real fishing lesson. It is not a science, it’s a lifestyle. You just have to learn it over time & I am way too late in life to start. I know a little about fishing on a few lakes here but no where near enough to make a living. Other people are doing that already and the fishing here is really not that spectacular, although striper fishing on Norman is usually rated pretty high.
    Thanx for the shirt Perv. I know it’s sincere–but, I have to face my own dilemas as they are. Might just make a trip to MN–can you show me how to dry fish for foodstuffs all winter? JK–Not that desparate, YET!!!!
    Sucks in America at this point. Seems no one has an answer. Tea Party is really grooving on the anger, but what is their answer. No one is in the middle, people want to puff out their chests over victories but no one has an answer. Damn, sounds like the NFL(except it seems all teams are kinda middlin).

  62. Pervy!!! I missed you 🙂
    You fish in 500 different lakes?? Wow! Didn’t you say you live on a lake? Guess that’s the one I’ve been dreaming about. I just dream about being out in a pretty place with a lake and trees and not all these people. I grew up in a little town where you knew everyone. But then it BOOMED. I’ve lived a lot of different places, but it’s weird to be here and see all these strangers.
    I shouldn’t complain, though. My place is a little way out of town in a quiet neighborhood. My yard backs up against a five-acre pasture, so when I’m working, I’m looking out on waving grass and blue sky. Not too bad 🙂
    If I could just get my business back on its feet, I could travel to Alabama more often and to see my Asheville, which is like a second home. I’m just feeling a lil closed in.
    You never know … I might even come to Minnesota sometime and borrow your, um, wand LOL I’ve never been fishing 😉

  63. rulz, I thought what Perv said about fishing was profound. It’s true of any craft–much of it is instinct and impossible to teach and there’s always more to learn. It’s wonderful when you can find work that you fall in love with.
    I was just spitting out anything I could think of. It’s a fatal flaw … when friends tell me about a problem, I start trying to brainstorm solutions. I’m very solution-oriented–at least with everyone else’s troubles 😉 Sorry about that. I’m sure you’ll figure out what works for you. I hope it will be something you love the way Perv loves fishing or something that’s part of you the way writing is for me. Sounds like you’ve made a couple of career changes before so you’re used to shifting gears. I’ll be praying for you.

  64. Thanx Deb, this whole thing with my father has really thrown a monkey wrench in my system

  65. I can imagine, rulz. My mom has been sick for about three weeks, and she’s had a hard time bouncing back. It’s because of the toll the stress has taken. She’s had to take on a lot of extra business responsibility and he becomes more dependent on her every day. It seems like worry and stress are the order of the day for everyone right now. My whole body is rebelling 🙁 But I’m keeping the faith. I know there’s a silver lining out there somewhere … for you, too.

  66. I can imagine, rulz. My mom has been sick for about three weeks, and she’s had a hard time bouncing back. It’s because of the toll the stress has taken. She’s had to take on a lot of extra business responsibility and he becomes more dependent on her every day. It seems like worry and stress are the order of the day for everyone right now. My whole body is rebelling 🙁 But I’m keeping the faith. I know there’s a silver lining out there somewhere … for you, too.

  67. Actually, rulz, I think it was a great move. What’s been wrong in Minny is the lack of a playmaking receiver. This guy is all that. And until this started, he didn’t cause any problems in New England. I always thought he was a big part of why they went 18-1.
    He just needs to feel validated. A lot of people are like that–particularly celebs. Their egos depend on feeling they’re wanted and needed. The Pats pretty much told him he wasn’t and the Vikes welcomed him home. Favre to Moss AND Harvin and Rice when they’re healthy. Look out.
    I don’t know about the Super Bowl … but unless something changes, I’d be surprised to see the Saints or the Cowboys there. Not sure about the Pack. The Bears just crashed and burned. It’s an open field right now in the NFC. With protection, targets, and AP, the old man has as good a shot as anyone.
    Hey … did you guys see that Florio posted their new comment policy. I’m glad they laid it out for everyone. Most people seemed to agree with it. I didn’t see it until it reached number 1 on most commented.

  68. Deb–protection is the key word. Takes Moss a little more than 2.5 secs to getdown the field, especially now. As far as the Pack, I think they are pretty much toast. Too any injuries, McMuffin is too stupid to coach around them, Capers absolutely refuses to adjust his defenses and TT just sits with his thumb up his ass.
    So, you think that’s really Favre in those pics? I’ll tell you someone that will know–Mrs. Favre. Boy better be sleeping on his stomach for a while. The audios to me are not absolutely convincing. Parts of them sound dead on and then some parts don’t. Oh well. 3/4 of the seson left.
    I’d say your Steelers are looking to have a pretty good shot though.

  69. Holy Beans(is that ok Gregg??) I just seen the new comment story….
    I loved you all,but i believe i am on my death bed. I have the life expectancy of a sperm cell on PFT now…
    I am truely bummed, Pack -Viking threads were priceless….

  70. Don’t feel so bad, Perv, right now Gregg is holding like five posts from me on the Roethlisberger thread and I think the worst word I used in any of them is ass.
    I have a feeling he’s trying to keep me from taking over the thread. But if people keep talking to me, I should be able to talk back. Crap!
    crap crap crap
    They’ll put up some of them, but not all. Wonder if they’ll hold them until 11 when no one’s reading anymore.
    You guys can still cuss. You just have to say f***. I’ve been saying that all day lol
    I kinda like Holy Beans!
    Now you have to be creative, Perv. I like you when you’re creative 🙂
    rulz, I thought it sounded like him, but I don’t know his voice as well as you guys. Really don’t know anything else–and could have done without seeing it. How bizarre. Why would a man send something like that to a woman? That would not make me want to go out with a guy–it would make me think he was a creep. But why is the NFL supposed to do something? Is it against the personal conduct policy for a married man to make a fool of himself???

  71. Don;t see why people are calling for te Commish to get involved. It’ll be funny enough to see that oblong shape in his gut MOnday nighht from where Deanna shoved a football up his a**—–if it is him. Can’t understand why he just didn;t deny it–or–maybe he & Deanna are swingers, who knows.
    The story is starting to get legs though. NY Post, Fox, etc.

  72. Apparently this woman was an employee of the Jets at the time, which makes it a potential harassment situation. But really, all they have to do is call her. If she says she doesn’t want to pursue it, that’s the end of it. And if she wanted to pursue it, she should have done so through proper channels at the time rather than saving the photos to show to friends “for a laugh.” Real sexual harassment is like rape. It’s about power and control–not laughs. If she’s not filing a complaint, there’s no reason for the NFL to be involved and the whole matter should be dropped.
    I’d also question why the Jets hired this particular woman to be a “sideline reporter.” Please.
    And I agree with Perv that the timing of these revelations is extremely suspicious with the Vikes going in to play the Jets on Monday night. If it’s a sexual harassment matter, I can understand why the league would be involved. Otherwise, Goodell is getting too up into the personal lives of players. This is an employer/employee relationships. If Brett Favre wants to make a fool of himself with another woman, that’s between him and his wife. It’s none of my business and none of Goodell’s. He’s paid for what he does on the field and how he preps for the field. That ends my interest.
    Goodell opened a huge can of worms with Ben and it’s only going to get worse.

  73. So sorry about the ‘Bama game Deb. Didn’t get to see it, must have been quite a shocker.
    So they showed a Favre Wrangler’s commercial–I figured they had pulled them already. If there’s any truth to this I feel bad for Deanna and their girls. Who knows, maybe Deanna’s cool with it.

  74. Perv
    You’re killing me with some of your posts. The bit about hot dogs & Santa–classic.
    Thanx for making me laugh bud.
    Man GB sux. Timefor a new regime. Way too much talent to be playing like this–even with the injuries.

  75. rulz, Perv ….
    Thanks, rulz. But all is not lost. I’m not sure where “all” is because it’s college ball and now we’re in the nether world of poll rankings. We’ll fall far and I’m not sure what we have to do to recover. But I know all is not lost 🙂 And Florida went down, too, which makes it better.
    Perv … you and I are cut from the same cloth. Someone told me if I’d stop talking about Ben I wouldn’t get into so many arguments. But I like arguing LOL I just don’t want to be called filthy names.
    Probably shouldn’t tell you this, you scoundrel … but you know that post you made about Rock Hudson and Santa Claus? Okay … that was a heart-melter. Don’t know what works with other women but that would have Deb trying oh-so-hard to make it all better for the poor disillusioned baby 😉
    Did you mean a word of it????

  76. ROFL … of course, you didn’t mean a word of it. OMGosh I am such a sucker for a line like that. Picking up wounded strays. Story of my life.

  77. No prob Deb. Shouldn’;t win when it’s not deserved. Like last week, that game shouldhave been ooverin the 1st half. Packersjust aren;tfiring onall cylinders. Coaching is the problem

  78. hey guys! LOL
    rulz…if anything i say happens to make you laugh, I’m honored… You guys sure took an injury ride yesterday, that is what really sucks about football. I’m so anxious to see how Favre plays tonight…Jets are tough.
    Deb…of course i meant it! lol I get accused of being the biggest liar on PFT which makes me happy cuz they just must be boring…I have lived a full life. Now that i don’t eat those hot dogs i just might be around a few more years!Were you all tingley???LOL

  79. Perv, you nearly brought tears to my eyes! I just wanted to be there to kiss it all better ROFL
    I’m the one woman in the group that never falls for any line, any big talk, any promises … but that tender heart is my Achilles heel. Like Sally, I’d miss Halloween to sit in the pumpkin patch and reassure Linus that the Great Pumpkin was going to show up. Just can’t seem to shake the soft side of my personality 🙂

    Gonna be a whoppin’
    Vikes, 31 – Jets 17

  81. Life sure is dull in the clubhouse these days. I’m always entertaining, but can’t say much for the rest of you.
    rulz, I know you have your hands full. But GBIS, you keep misplacing the cottage cheese. And Perv, obviously you are using your best material elsewhere. Say hi to the bird. lol

  82. Hi Deb…yah,I been blog clown as of late. Don’t think I’m ignoring you sweetie, I’m 1 brain cell short of a vegetable…lol where is my bottle of Jack? Have you seen it? If you come to MN i will rub your feet! lol

  83. You’ve left me all lonely, Perv 🙁 Ooooo a foot rub … throw in neck and shoulders and I’ll follow you anywhere 🙂
    Speaking of brain cells … accidentally showed up an hour early for a doc appt. then jumped him for being late. I’m losing it. Jack was my poison before I gave him up. Thought you liked brandy 🙂

  84. Hey guys-left a post saying I’dbe gone a few daya but for some reason didn;t get posted. Hope all is well. Now, to go read the crap spewing I have missed.

  85. Know how you feel about not being able to get posted, rulz. Hate when that happens. Hope everything’s okay with you.

  86. Hey, guys, I just saw a really good example of the gay-bashing thing on the “Brett could be a game-time decision” thread. That idiot JimmySmith talking the Viqueens and the recent gay suicides. Someone asked why he hasn’t been banned yet. Clock is ticking. Very very soon people like that will go away and not come back. Couldn’t happen to a better guy than JimmySmith. One of the biggest jerks on PFT.
    You know, Perv, you are actually funnier–and deadlier–when you do something other than the same old “you’re gay, I’m doing your wife” stuff. That World of Warcraft thing was brilliant.
    And no I’m not sucking up, you jackass 😉

  87. Oh yeah Deb. Wifey’s with Pop and I’m at work–probabnly going to shut one down 11/01. Just too slow to continue and I can’t afford all the payroll now. Gonna keep the one closest to home so wifey & I should be able to run it & take care of Pop ourselves. Sux, but it’s gotta happen if things don’t pick up in the next 2-3 weeks.

  88. I’m sorry, rulz. I know it’s tough having to lay people off at the holidays. At least you won’t have to make that killer drive anymore. Maybe you and the wife can spend more time together and having just the one store will take some pressure off.
    I hope this post comes up because my last post on here didn’t and neither have most of my posts on any of the other threads all day no matter how short or incidental. Jimmy Smith can have a high old time joking about people committing suicide, but I can’t say I like Matt Hasselbeck, that the rules are for everyone including T.O., and the Vikes would be better off if their coaches sat our Sunday. Go figure.

  89. Yeah Deb, I replied but to save you the time I said Sorry, I’d be more like the leather clad Elvis about halfway before he became the dead Elvis. Middle age spread you know. God, I need to start working out again. & wifey’s such a good cook.

  90. Know what you mean, rulz. Have been working such long hours that I’ve gotten out of my workout routine. Now I’m just stiff and sore all over. Got back on treadmill and exer-bike this week. Will get back w/weight training next week. Feel better when I’m working out regularly, but once you slack off, it’s hard to get back into the groove.
    My biggest food problem is not taking time to cook and relying too much on Lean Cuisine. Used to make a lot of fish, veggies, brown rice; need to get back to that.
    If I could just master this Web stuff!! The tech side is about to do me in. It’s like having two full-time jobs: Tech/Marketing and Writing. Gosh, I’m so over this stuff. Sigh. Wonder if it’s too late to open an escort service 🙂

  91. Don’t think you’d like the Escort biz Deb. Now if you just had to run it and had other girls for the clientele–maybe.
    I cannot for the life of me figure out the silence on all of this deal from the Favre’s. Something just smells fishy–either that or Deanna’s got a lot more class than I’ve given her credit for.
    Oh well, appeats the Commish is going to MN on Tuesday to speak with Brett. Something tells me nothing’s going to come out of this. Bet the meeting will be fun though.

  92. You’re a good judge of character, rulz 🙂 No, I wouldn’t like the escort biz.
    Sigh … I understand everything and nothing about the Favre mess.
    I understand that you never know what’s happening in someone else’s private life or marriage … besides the usual incentives, pro athletes have a lot of insecurities and sex helps them compensate … people will do anything to make a profit … shredding “heroes” somehow makes people feel better about their own little lives.
    I don’t understand why people care what Favre does off the football field … why some men want to pretend they’ve never had indiscriminate sex or wouldn’t if they could … why some want to pretend they think Jenn Sterger is a victim or care whether Deanna Favre had cancer … why shredding “heroes” somehow makes people feel better about their own little lives.
    I don’t know what makes me sadder: Favre begging a woman who’s using it to humiliate him … a great player ending his career with gutter gossip … how easily women can manipulate men … or that people revel in the mistakes and misery of others.
    Like the Roethlisberger story, the whole thing–especially the reaction to it–is depressing and pretty sickening. A lot of hypocrisy in the world.

  93. Sorry about the Pack, rulz. Gosh, it’s been a strange football weekend. College ball went nuts yesterday. Would have been a pretty good day if not for Auburn … ugh. Now the sooey pig girl and I are on the same page, all reconciled and upset that her Hogs fell to those dirty Auburn Tigers lol
    Have to work tonight and sure don’t want to. Tired. My Asheville friends are after me to come up. Gosh, I wish I could. Wish I could go just take a break and go somewhere. Bet you do, too 🙂
    Wonder where Perv went. Want to ask Mr. MMA about something.

  94. No prob with the Pack Deb. I try to be a realist and they just don’t have the stones. Like many teams, lot’s of talent but lackluster coaching, no coherency, no drive, killer instinct, etc. Actually beginning to think most atheletes these days are more about money than the love of the game. Like most politicians–money—not love of country.
    Wish the Rapture would happen tomorrow–tired of this BS……………………….
    Mr MMA will be around soon. Where the heck is GBIS? Congrats Perv. It ain’t over til it’s over…

  95. GBIS popped in for a heartbeat and disappeared again.
    I’m not ready to quit the whole thing, rulz … still have a couple of wild oats to sow before I head for the Promised Land 😉 Just really really need a break.
    Wish I could be Snow White … eat a tasty laced apple and have a nice long sleep while a group of multi-talented, industrious little people clean my house, organize my filing system, clean out my storage closet, tidy my garage, replace a few outdoor plants, and solve all my tech problems. Then when they’re finished, some hot guy can come wake me and we can sow wild oats for a while before I go back to work.
    Yes … that would be my idea of a nice vacation 🙂

  96. rulz…coaching? lol tell me about it! Mr. Magoo (Chilly) is the biggest dumb ass coach of all time!!! I like the man but hate the coach,he has no sack! Our game will be a toss up bro..hang in there, you have mucho to be happy about!
    Deb…I just funned you on the Junior thread! haha what u want to know sweetie? If I’m bigger than Favre??LOL

  97. Hello, honey 😉
    On the Junior Seau thread? It’s so serious in there. Well, they haven’t posted it yet. Did you read what I said on one of the Favre threads about the men who compare themselves to Brett??? It wasn’t good LOL
    On this show the other night an average-sized woman was able to flip a guy in like one move using his hand and wrist. Don’t think she was a martial artist–though it made me think of Aikido because it seemed like she used his momentum against him. Are there self-defense courses to teach you things like that without having to learn an entire martial arts discipline? What do they call those kinds of classes? I’ve seen the classes where women whack around on a guy in a big marshmallow suit. I don’t need to be taught how to flail on someone–that comes naturally 🙂 Would rather learn some really effective moves that I can pick up quickly as opposed to the years it takes to master a martial art.
    Also … this will seem like an odd question: Is it true that when you study martial arts it makes you less likely to go off half-cocked?

  98. Deb–Yes to your last question there (well, unless you;re Favre, then you have no choice;)
    Martial Arts are about mental & physical discipline as much as anything.
    Knee to the groin, heal of hand to the base oof the nose, hard slap to the ear, hard kick to the knee or stomp hard on the top of the foot. Any of these should give you a chane to escape if done with enough force.

  99. Well, rulz, did we lose Perv again? Don’t know what to make of that guy. Maybe he’s Batman and keeps disappearing to save Gotham 🙂
    All of the things you said sound good but some aren’t necessarily practical in the heat of the moment. It’s harder than people realize to connect with a knee to the groin when a guy is all over you. Difficult to get your leg in position to strike with enough force. If he’s moving around, it’s also hard to hit the right spot. And if you try that and miss, he’ll make you pay for it. Wish I’d known about the heel of the hand to the nose long ago. I think that could be effective. Don’t know about the instep. If he got one hand on you … a man’s grip is powerful when he’s clowning around. When he’s enraged … One good sock to the head could leave you dizzy enough to lose your bearings.
    Lovely conversation, isn’t it?
    Seems like most self-defense courses center around holding someone off until you can call for help. I’d just like to learn a few more non-weapon-based skills to improve my odds of caring for myself. I’ve never been one to believe in help.

  100. Deb, tried postng there yesterday. It was there wshen I left but not there this morning. I postedagain today. I haven’t been checking that site uness you posted here that there was something there. Leave the instructions ofr the new clubhouse. Please.

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