Len Pasquarelli moves on, moves out of ESPN

After nearly nine years with ESPN.com, veteran NFL scribe Len Pasquarelli has left the four-letter network.

Though Pasquarelli’s work still appears on the ESPN.com NFL page, his last item was posted on August 6.  His name appears on two articles published today at CBSSports.com/the SportsXchange, and an industry source has confirmed that Len has indeed moved on, and moved out from Bristol.

Pasquarelli arrived from CBSSportsline.com in 2001, and for years he was one of ESPN.com’s primary online voices.  In recent years, however, the proliferation of the network’s blog presence and the arrival of Adam Schefter have pushed Pasquarelli into the margins.

Pasquarelli also has overcome some serious health challenges over the past 30 months, beginning with emergency heart bypass surgery after he cast his ballot for the 2008 Hall of Fame class. 

Now, Pasquarelli appears to be back on the horse, and we wish him well.  He is one of the unsung deans of the Internet era, one of the few old-school scribes whose approach to digital media was something other than “ignore it and hope it goes away.”

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  1. I liked Pastabelly’s Tip Sheet column until ESPN moved the majority of it behind the Insider wall a few years ago, but it seems that he’s been a major league jacka$$ to deal with for just about every media person who’s had to deal with him during his tenure in Bristol. Maybe his health problems have softened him a bit…

  2. Good luck Mr. P, where ever you may wind up I’m sure your effort will make it one of the best sources of information to be found.

  3. Maybe he can go back and supplant that supreme IDIOT, Pete Prisco. Reading his drivel for any length of time will lower your IQ. Lenny cannot help but be an improvement.

  4. He is one of the unsung deans of the Internet era, one of the few old-school scribes whose approach to digital media was something other than “ignore it and hope it goes away.”
    I use the “ignore it and hope it goes away” trick when it comes to Pasquarelli. Works pretty good except when Florio starts giving him back rubs in this space.

  5. I’m going to miss Pastabelly’s annual ‘Why Isn’t Jeff George on an NFL Roster?’ articles.

  6. The only problem I had with Lenny was he would take credit for breaking stories on ESPN that were already told by some lesser known writers elsewhere.
    ESPN would always make it sound like LennyP discovered icecream.

  7. I’m a Redskin fan and I’m thrilled that Lenny P is
    quitting he has a irrational hate for the Skins.

  8. You should have heard his recent interview with KNBR.
    He said that Alex Smith & Jason Campbell will have good seasons because he “likes then personally” and that he’d be surprised that T.O. would end up on a team.
    He was “Adam Schefter” before Schefter dominated any bottom line that Len did. However, his sources been terrible and wrong ever he became a HOF writer in 2008.

  9. Although I respect Pasquarelli as a professional, I’ve always felt that he’s a horrible analyst and not very talented in the field of journalism.
    He has connections all around the US as any good NFL writer should, and to agree with Florio, he has done a really good job adapting with changes in the media.
    But his prognostications are normally horrible. He picks and chooses players that he thinks will take the league by storm and most come back to the earth with a loud thud. I agree that he takes credit for “breaking stories” that he shouldn’t. And I can’t stand that his stories have always seemed a little too sensational.
    Good luck to you Len. But I gotta feeling you won’t be needing it. If your shotty work has gotten you as far in the industry as it already has, then I guess you’re doin’ something right.

  10. Skins1970 says:
    August 15, 2010 10:24 PM
    I’m a Redskin fan and I’m thrilled that Lenny P is
    quitting he has a irrational hate for the Skins.

    Not exactly a unique condition amongst reporters since Little Danny took over. I don’t know what Snyder does to journalists but whatever it is it seems to piss them off, for a long time.

    The franchise has been run very poorly for over a decade but the a lot of the analysis of the Redskins seems to be tainted with personal emnity.

  11. lets keep some bums on weekday mornings.. the drunk ugly chick, the bulldog toothed host, the skip brainless, but in meanrime we’ll let on of the nest leave. thats espn.

  12. Pasq’s heart attack came from Peter King finally endoring Monk for the HOF. Pasq had said as early as 1996 that he’d be in.

  13. I was hoping Mel Kiper was leaving instead of Lenny P. At least Pasq gave useful insite on players. Kiper’s a Joke.

  14. I just watched the Pasquarelli/Pinkston youtube video and I like Len even more now. A lot of those sports radio hacks are too unoriginal to do anything other than mock fringe performers.
    Most of the fans are the same way; I’m not sure what the correlation is between a bad football play a genuine, personal hatred. Look at the hate coming down on McNabb, who took his team pretty far in the playoffs quite a few times. Yet Philly fans hate McNabb more than Bears fans hate Grossman.

  15. @ At We need Linemen
    That is true Dan does seems to anger reporters and the Skins did to deserve to be bashed but those days should be over now that Vinny is gone.As for Lenny P I heard he once said that he has hated the Skins for a very long time this could go back to when JKC was the owner.

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