L.T. on Rivers, Gates: "I thought they were my guys"

NFL_tomlinson_250.jpgWhen training camp opened in San Diego, quarterback Philip Rivers and tight end Antonio Gates offered up some candid, but not particularly derogatory or surprising, remarks about former Chargers tailback LaDainian Tomlinson.

Said Rivers regarding L.T.’s departure:  “Maybe it was a little bit of a relief.  Maybe it’s a feeling
of, ‘I can do a little more without wondering what he thinks.'”

Said Gates:  “Sometimes you would get the sense that people felt bigger than the
team.  Not to say it was an issue, but we know it’s not an
issue for sure now.”

Tomlinson has responded. 

I thought they were my guys,” the brand-new New York Jet said, per Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.  “People always say, and
my family has said it to me, that you know who your real friends are
when you’re at your lowest point and you don’t have a job or whatever.  And guys, they said what they felt, whether they were taking shots at me
or really just saying what they felt needed to be said.”

As to Tomlinson’s departure from San Diego itself, he says it was a long time coming.

“I’m not going to say I wasn’t happy, but I started to see my departure
out of San Diego way before you guys did,” Tomlinson said.  “I could sense it.  I started to
make a little gripe about running the ball more, and people thought I
was crazy. ‘Aw, L.T.’s complaining and whining.’  But that’s when I started
to see what was going on.”

He says it in a way that confirms the observations of Rivers and Gates.  After his 2006 MVP season, Tomlinson seemed to believe that he had acquired a lifetime entitlement to a spot on the roster, a position at the top of the depth chart, a contract at the high end of the running back market, and 30 touches per game.  (And if he didn’t get any of those things, he was going to hold his breath.)

That’s not the way it works in a team sport.  The Chargers transitioned to a passing-based offense because:  (1) they have an elite quarterback; and (2) the elite quarterback has a lot more left in the tank than L.T.

Like him or not, Philip Rivers also handles adversity a lot better.  When Tomlinson banged up his knee in a postseason game, he headed for the empty end of the bench.  When Rivers tore an ACL, he kept playing.

Though we continue to disagree with the manner in which the Chargers are handling the holdouts of left tackle Marcus McNeill and receiver Vincent Jackson, Rivers has played quite well the role of company man, making no waves about the fact that his blind side won’t be as secure as it could be.  We can only imagine the things that Tomlinson would be saying if he were still on the team — and if he were being asked to enter the season minus 20 percent of his wall of blockers and one of the downfield weapons that prevent safeties from cheating up into the box.
Tomlinson now will try to prove that the Chargers gave up on him too soon.  Jets coach Rex Ryan, who has a bad habit of blindly heaping praise on all of his players, thinks the Chargers blew it.

“We’ve got a great back in LaDainian, he’s tremendous,” Ryan said.  “Does he look like he’s through?  Absolutely not.”

Just as comments like that have served only to make cornerback Darrelle Revis want more money, we predict that Tomlinson will be sulking behind his visor if he isn’t the workhorse in the Jets’ backfield.

And he won’t be.  Whether he realizes it or not, Tomlinson’s primary job is to take some touches away from rising star Shonn Greene.  If successful, Tomlinson will prevent Greene from generating the kind of numbers that eventually could make him behave like, well, Tomlinson.

89 responses to “L.T. on Rivers, Gates: "I thought they were my guys"

  1. All this may be true, but man, Phillip Rivers is ugly. You can’t escape that fact.

  2. Hell LT………Obviously the MEN who play the same game as you, realized that you’re just a whiny self centered bitch………….Just sayin

  3. I think Tomlinson will adapt to his know role, he knows this is the twilight of his career..
    Give the guy a break, he’s no Brett Favre

  4. Yes, Rivers is ugly. However, the whole Charger team is ugly. Year after year they are one of the best teams on paper, but they end up choking. No wonder they can’t sell out games in the world’s #1 sport. People would rather be on the beach than to have to look at all of that ugliness every Sunday. Nothing is worse than thinking you are wonderful but the fans think you suck. If the fans didn’t think you sucked, they would be at the games.

  5. I could careless but its understandable that a RB can’t play with a bad knee since the main thing a Running Back does is Run whereas a QB with a torn ACL can still actually throw a ball.

  6. Rivers and Gates never should have said what they said re: LT. It’s BS.
    But LT’s real complaint about touches is receptions. Sproles took away receptions, and LT’s place entirely on 3rd downs. Sproles was also better at blitz pickup, altho LT improved here.

  7. Your comment about LT not playing and Rivers playing is beyond irresponsible journalism. No running back could get worth a damn on a sprained MCL and could easily hurt themselves trying.
    I’m not saying playing QB on a torn ACL is easy, but he’s not running, cutting, and can avoid the big hits with choices he makes with the football.
    A running back doesn’t have that option. Ridiculous comparison.

  8. Like him or not, Philip Rivers also handles adversity a lot better. When Tomlinson banged up his knee in a postseason game, he headed for the empty end of the bench. When Rivers tore an ACL, he kept playing.
    Again with this ignorant crap. Tomlinson didn’t “bang his knee”. He had a serious injury which would have kept him out 6 weeks or more if it was the regular season. He tried his best to play on it, determined that he couldn’t, and then had to leave the game. If the demands of the QB position were anything like the demands of the RB position, no way would Rivers have been able to play. John Elway played his entire career with no ACL at all!
    If successful, Tomlinson will prevent Greene from generating the kind of numbers that eventually could make him behave like, well, Tomlinson.
    You don’t think LT knows the situation? You really think he doesn’t know who the starter is and what his role is with the Jets?

  9. Like him or not, Philip Rivers also handles adversity a lot better. When Tomlinson banged up his knee in a postseason game, he headed for the empty end of the bench. When Rivers tore an ACL, he kept playing.
    Again with this ignorant crap. Tomlinson didn’t “bang his knee”. He had a serious injury which would have kept him out 6 weeks or more if it was the regular season. He tried his best to play on it, determined that he couldn’t, and then had to leave the game. If the demands of the QB position were anything like the demands of the RB position, no way would Rivers have been able to play. John Elway played his entire career with no ACL at all!
    If successful, Tomlinson will prevent Greene from generating the kind of numbers that eventually could make him behave like, well, Tomlinson.
    You don’t think LT knows the situation? You really think he doesn’t know who the starter is and what his role is with the Jets?

  10. Shut your pie-hole already
    Enjoy riding the bench LT…by week 4 he’ll have a fake injury to blame his ineffectness in – he’s done – been done for 2 years.

  11. Hope L.T does big things for the Jets! He has lost a step, but can still be explosive! 700 rushing yards and 500 reciving yards is my prediction. He will catch min 60 passes from a 2nd year qb, great check down option. I hate the Jets but like the pick up.

  12. Rivers is a tier 2 QB.
    LT is a self centered RB.
    Legacy for both will be great stats and no champiosnhips.
    Further for LT – his legacy is sulking on the bench with a dark visor, in a playoff game in New England, complaining of a sore knee. His QB played in the same game with a torn ACL.
    Rivers is tough and smart. LT is soft and stupid.

  13. Two observations:
    #1 – While I agree with Rivers and Gates, real gentlemen, sportsmen, and former teammates would’ve kept those opinions to themselves.
    #2 – L.T. should find a doctor that specializes in ego reduction surgery.

  14. It’s MUCH easier for a QB to play on a partially torn ACL, than it is for a RB to play on a busted knee. A QB’s weapon is his arm. A RB’s weapon are his legs. It’s apples to oranges Florio.
    Even with that being said, BOTH Rivers and LT are STILL a whinny little biotches. Rivers just acts a bit more spoiled than LT. Ever see Rivers taunt other opposing players or throwing a tantrum in the face of a ref like he was going to go 5150?

  15. Wow. When Rivers and Gates first said it, there was a post about how LT just shrugged it off and he was acting so “mature” about it. The guy was great. Way back in the day but it’s more of a passing league and if you can’t accept a change in your role, then you usually get cut. Must really be eating away at him. Another bad thing for the jests if their relief player is having mind problems like that for at least two weeks.

  16. Rivers SUCKS ASS. Can’t wait to see the Jets a world of defensive hurt on this arrogant dick.

  17. No wonder they can’t sell out games in the world’s #1 sport.
    1) Football isn’t the world’s number 1 sport, soccer is.
    2) The Chargers have been selling out games for years and haven’t had a regular season blackout in memory.
    3) So its an insult that San Diego is a beautiful city, unlike the shithole you live in?

  18. @ Kevin C
    Rivers is a Pro Bowler who has the 3rd highest passer rating of all time. Not of active players, OF ALL TIME.

  19. Really, Rivers handles things well? I remember watching him play the Raiders last year in what turned out to be a close game. A defensive lineman ended up on the ground trying to work his way through the O-line. When the play was over, Rivers walked over to him and hovered over his face shouting some trash talk while he was still on the ground. Then there are the classic episodes of Rivers walking along the sideline shouting some more trash talk at Cutler while he was on the field. Funny, he never talked like that when someone was in the position to do something about it. Rivers is a spoiled little B!tch boy who likes to talk tough…just as long as he doesn’t have to back it up. As for him acting like the perfect company man, of course he did, he got paid big time.

  20. Ever try to cut and run with a sprained MCL while being chased by 300-pound, Florio? I mean, other than in your twisted fantasies?

  21. If Tomlinson wasn’t such a self-centered little prick his teammates wouldn’t have had any disparaging words to say about him.

  22. San Diego hasn’t been blacked out since 2002 or 2004
    On Rivers…Rivers’ career passer rating – at 95.8 – ranks second-best all time, one point behind Steve Young (96.8) among NFL quarterbacks with at least 1,500 pass attempts. Also, among active QBs, Rivers’ regular season starting quarterback winning percentage (.719) ranks second-best behind Tom Brady (.764)
    He’s not just an elite QB…he’s been phenomenal up to this point.

  23. “Put ’em in a bodybag Johnny!! “Can’t look at Rivers without thinking of Billy Zabka in Karate Kid. Both redasses. LT should be happy he’s gone.

  24. Rivers and Gates will understand what LT is going through when their skills began to deteriorate and the the team begins looking for other options. Its easy to not sympathize with LT when you are playing in the prime of their career. These comments were no where to be found when LT was tearing up the league. AJ Smith is a cold heartless man who will create problems with Rivers and Gates down the road as well. Until then, Rivers and Gates should worry about winning some more playoff games and less about one of the greatest running backs of all time in the twilight of his career.

  25. LT opens his mouth and what comes out ?
    No big surprise there. We already knew he was determined to lead the league in whining again this year.

  26. Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Antonio Cromartie and all of the Jet teammates and coaches are LT’s guys now. Please LT can’t we just move on? You are not in SD anymore deal with it.

  27. billyboy
    Learn how to complete a sentence. Duhhh!!!
    The only place the Jets could play SD this year is the playoffs, and since the Jets won’t make it with a 4-12 record, they wouldn’t have a chance to touch Philip.
    LT will be on IR by the 4th game with a torn ego, then he will try to get his reputation back in SD so he can be on the sidelines as we put Dallas to rest in the Super Bowl.

  28. Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez, Antonio Cromartie and all of the Jet teammates and coaches are LT’s guys now. Please LT can’t we just move on? You are not in SD anymore deal with it.

  29. I’d like to see you with a torn ACL, Florio, or watch you make numerous ignorant comments on the subject amongst a number of orthos. You are simply out of line. These statements of yours isn’t just a matter of preference, you’re totally out of touch on that subject matter.

  30. Rivers and Gates say all one needs to know about the Chargers, they are a team full of PUNKS and that is why they fold like a deck of cards when the money is on the line.
    It is fine to say what they did but be man enough to say it when he is there and to his face, do not be PUNKS about it. LT is no different and maybe even a bigger PUNK then the other two.
    And they wonder why we are living in a country full of boy/men that many women laugh at behind closed doors, where did all the men go?

  31. It’s fascinating how ignorant people are about Rivers.
    Best QB rating in 08′ (by 8 points)
    3rd best QB rating last year. (ahead of Rodgers, Manning, Brady, etc.)
    Go look up his stats and you’ll see his numbers and wins compare across the board with Manning, Brady and Brees. Just because you might not like him doesn’t take away the fact he’s one of the best QB’s in the league now.
    I still love LT, but he will occasionally show that dark side and it’s really come out this off season. Dude has a little too much pride, but he’s still one of the greatest running backs ever.

  32. @stevew: that Raiders lineman was Bitchard Seymour, and Rivers yelled at him because after Bitchard hit the ground, he made a second effort to hit Rivers in the knees.

  33. SC21
    Soccer is the world’s number one sport, because all of those third world countries can’t afford anything more than a little ball to kick around on dirt and fans in Europe would actually have to be a little less drunk to keep up with the action in Football.

  34. rivers played damn well hopping around on 1 foot.
    his teammates rallied to him.
    visor boy could have cheered his teammates on. insteas he sulked at the end of the bench silently with his visor on.
    rivers plays hard. lt quits.
    it is just a matter of time before san dee wins the big one.
    lt isnt going to.

  35. We San Diego fans would never expect anyone outside of San Diego to like Rivers, as he’s continually kicked your ass for the last 5 years.

  36. The chargers window is closing….they just dont know it yet. And once again it will close without a championship. which is the measure of sucess in a team sport.

  37. If you consider sellouts The local casinos buying up all the tix to promote themselves and save the chargers from a local blackout a sellout, then yes they’ve been selling out.
    I can’t stand that cry baby Rivers but I’m willing to admit he’s good. Let’s hold off on calling him elite until the actually win some playoff games because of him.
    We all know Rivers and LT#2 can’t stand each other. When LT#2 was sulking away, Crybaby Rivers made a comment about how real leaders stepup and find a way to play thru injuries. It’s in the Union-Tribune, go look it up

  38. Mr. Florio. You, and everyone else in the media, need to stop putting athletes on a pedastal. There are no elite athletes!! They are just regular people, who play sports, and get paid a gross amount of money. While, they are very good in their respective sports, people use the tem elite too loosely.

  39. Watch how much better the SD running game is this year with Mathews, Sproles and Tolbert. Mathews is the real deal. He flashed his strength and quickness last night that LT hasn’t shown in 2 years.
    LT needs to just let it go. He was a gigantic turd for the last 2 years and didn’t know how to deal with it.

  40. Wow Florio!! You must really have something against Tomlinson. You sure do make a lot of assumptions in your article. And what did L.T. do to make you think that he believed he was entitled to a lifetime spot on the roster??

  41. LT was the chargers for a decade. He earned the right to whine about this or that. I love how ever person who comes to this site is perfect, including the writers. I think Rivers and Gates will realize this season that they still need an O-Line and that Mathews isn’t anywhere near what LT was. I can’t wait for the rookie to miss a blitz and Rivers gets decked. That whole team couldn’t get it done for a decade, the only one who could they bitch about now that hes gone. He made both of them a lot of money, no defense focused on either one the last 5-6 years but did focus on stopping the best rb of the generation. Hes not what he was but he isn’t finished either. Sproles average per carry was below 4 as well last season, there line stinks. There best O-Line man may not even play this year. I hope they all fall apart.

  42. you are a tard florio, clearly a rb cant to the same things on a bum knee as a QB especially a smaller cutting RB like LT with limited power. a qb can just stand and throw and keep from getting hit by just throwing the ball away.
    also once again you show your lack of knowledge in all things football, you are very uninformed on the jets for someone who puts up 6 stories a day about them. with shonn greens running style he gets hurt as shown by his 3 injurys last season that put him out many weeks last season. clearly there trying to keep greens legs rested so he doesnt get hurt in the AFC champ game again. but that wouldnt work well with you manipulating stories and making stories up to make the jets FO to seem like the evil people who wont give only 160 million to a guy who plays a game that kids play for funn/free.
    Get over it……

  43. As a Chargers fan who has loved the team for four decades, and thought LT was the best RB we have ever had, I just need to tell LT: SHUT UP! For the love of all that is good in the world, shut up! No, just shut up. No comeback comments. No replies. Shut up. Stop talking. Close the pie hole. Stop saying things. Shut up. Shut up.
    You are a Jet now. Your Chargers career is over. Move on. Be a Jet. Help the Jets. Win for the Jets. And, by the way, shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

  44. It would have been nice if LT’s friends and family would have also told him to STFU and be a man.

  45. LT means two things to me; a 2005 fantasy championship, and not winning the 2006 fantasy championship. Other than thet, he’s a hall of famer and had a great career, but who cares what he thinks?

  46. Wait until Green starts taking away Tomlinson’s specialty….The one yard touchdown run.
    Oh! my God!!!!

  47. As a Raider Fan, I’m glad to see L.T. out of the AFC West….He made his carrier on beating the Raiders. So, even though I hate the Chargers because their fans are “disgruntled L.A. Raider fans”…..No way can you compare Rivers knee injury to L.T….a running back like L.T. is FAR more dependant on his knees than a Qb EVER is…unless you’re Mike Vick. Bad Comparison from the writer in my opinion. Was L.T. a cry baby? Well…yeah. But What’s the Difference this season? L.T. and the Jets will be far into the Playoffs…and Chargers will dusting off their empty trophy case…..again.

  48. Complanian Tomlinson can not let it go.. Just a few weeks ago, he shrugged these comments off and said he didnt care what PR and AG said about him and that he has moved on.. The Chargers are a better team then the jets for so many reasons..
    LT is either a liar or just cant handle rejection that well.., He is talking about it now, like that crazed psychotic ex girlfriend/wife that wont let you move on with your new girlfriend. The same ex who goes out of her way to bump into you at the mall and act like she doesn’t notice you?
    Wait, what am I talking about,, Half of you on here don’t even have girlfriends/wives, let alone ex’s…

  49. The Jets already approached this subject, LT is the pass situation back, Greene is the pound the ball guy. They’ll split touches in the end unless Greene just runs away with it. I think that Rex will praise LT in whatever role he plays, and that’ll help his ego along a bit. He’ll say something to the degree “buddy, you’re great, but you’re getting older and we need you for the playoffs” and LT should just kinda feel all warm and tingly in his own LT world.

  50. Sounds like Rivers and Gates aren’t man enough to say something to LT while he was on the team.

  51. What a shocker, as soon as a player becomes a Jet, conveniently Florio and his band of clowns rip him a new one. I’m stunned. Is there a player on the Jets you won’t trash, slander or mock? I’d love to find one article in which you haven’t ripped the Jets a new one. Stay classy PFT

  52. “Like him or not, Philip Rivers also handles adversity a lot better. When Tomlinson banged up his knee in a postseason game, he headed for the empty end of the bench. When Rivers tore an ACL, he kept playing.”
    That’s one of the most stupid things I’ve ever read. There’s a fundamental difference in the athletic requirements of their positions. Rivers could keep on playing because his injury didn’t render him a liability.
    I don’t car how talented a running back is, any journeyman with two healthy knees will outperform a great one with only one one leg. There is no point in staying in the game to prove how tough you are, if your back-up is going to do a better job than you. Tomlinson did the right thing. It doesn’t stop him from being a whiny, prima donna, but you can’t slate him for taking himself out of the game.

  53. LT has been in rapid decline since the year after his MVP season, common for backs who reach 30 and have that kind of mileage. However, to blame him for why the Chargers never won anything is absurd. Their best chance to win the Super Bowl, Marty Schottenheimer figuratively was left with his pants pulled down by Bill Bellichick (or maybe it was the cheating that helped, who knows). Looking back at that game, I still don’t understand how they lost to an inferior Patriot team.
    As far as his antics, I don’t think Rivers would be one to talk about antics, lol. He’s one of the more smug s.o.b.’s in football. Remember the Cutler/Rivers feud from a couple of years ago? He was a great player once, nobody cares about antics and Charger fans, his ex-teammates, and especially AJ Smith should be ashamed of themselves for slamming him for actually wanting to impact the game. I don’t know any great RB that doesn’t want to be fed the ball, much like I don’t know any great receiver who doesn’t want their touches (see Rice, Jerry). However, it always baffles me how the media picks and chooses who they like and who they don’t. Of course, the “fans” eat it all up and follow like sheep.
    Also, Rivers is elite in today’s league. I don’t know what you’d call elite besides carrying your team’s offense the past 2-3 years with a combination of pretty mediocre receivers and a below average rushing attack. He has some ridiculous touchdown interception ratio of like 3 to 1, has a appeared in an AFC championship game, and has generally performed above average in their playoff games. That’s pretty freaking good.
    PS: LT is done, he’s been done for awhile now.

  54. I BELIEVE Gates. His words ring true to me.
    I can dismiss Phillip Rivers because he is always bumping his gums. what Gates says is more illuminating. I always thought LT behaved like he was Head and Shoulders above the rest of the team. It irked me. He ran around like a “know it all” annoying kid and behaved like he was GOD to that team. You could tell the players were getting TIRED of him.
    He’s really La-DONE-ian Tomlinson.
    Then again the Chargers are DONE also.
    They could NEVER get it done…and now with the loss of key elements – and withholding their BEST playmaker in pergatory- they are a NON FACTOR. Sure they may have a good conference record…BUT THAT’S IT.
    If they make it to the playoff…they are ONE and out.

  55. L.T. blew it when he took the bench during a PLAYOFF GAME where its win or lose when his own QB

  56. L.T. blew it when he took the bench during a PLAYOFF GAME where its win or lose when his own QB TOUGHED IT OUT WITH A BAD KNEE!

  57. On his way out LT dissed eveyhing in San Diego, from the coaches, players and management. The guy even talked crap about the food, “I’m more of a pizza guy, not sushi.” Rivers tried to talk to him and he just walked away, that’s how you talk to your guys? Either way, Rivers has done more in postseason than LT, Norv Turner has done much better than Marty in the playoffs, but people still want Marty. Like LT said “I knew he was on his way out.” I hate when people show up on their last day of work, they don’t ever do squat. Now that I knew LT carried that mind set, he was not playing as hard as he could have. And your city got problems if they sell out preseason games quickly. As for LT, I could not find once positive comment about 2 months ago, now it’s 50/50 and he hasn’t played yet. A bunch women commenting out of emotion and feelings, I guess. And LT won’t jump over the pile anymore because he wife told him so, look up Dan Patrick interview few years back. And you are not classy, when you say, ” you guys know how classy I am” another quote from LT after a playoff loss tha wasn’t his fault

  58. As a Broncos fan I like to pile on LT as much as the next guy…
    But I don’t think he’s as washed up as everyone believes. Once the media takes hold of a narrative it basically goes unquestioned – and Florio has been beating up LT at every opportunity.
    I mean, the guy is fun to rip on because he’s such a baby, but on the field I think he’s still a force.

  59. TIME will tell, but for now Almost Every player that played for or playing for the Chargers got some MAJOR EGO ISSUES.
    their EGO’S are so GLARING its blinding…….only to fizz out …while we laugh at them in the end.
    but they (so-called) rich though. LOL

  60. if i were you LT, i’d do less talking and more searching to see if that turf monster that caused to be tackled behind the LOS a lot followed you to the east coast
    otherwise keep on “Stayin classy” LT 😉

  61. Complainian Tomlinson…hahah..I like that.
    Anywho, just wanted to say, for someone who’s a self proclaimed humble guy …..is it really necessary to tell people you are humble? Contradiction don’t you think?
    I also think its funny the JETS signed the guy that won’t even go for tackles when the games on the line.

  62. So much LT hating? Why? This guy is a class act. I can’t believe these so called Chargers fans turned on him so quickly. This is the guy who made the franchise forget about Ryan Leaf and put them back on the map.
    And don’t get me wrong, Rivers is a top 5 NFL QB, but if he sits that game (as LT did) and lets a healthy Billy Volek play, Chargers win…period. Anybody who says different doesn’t know football.
    LT knows his body, most of you don’t know #$@&.

  63. Weak ass article. Smells like some TMZ garbage vs. something that should be reported on. As a Chargers fan, this isn’t needed at this point in the season. I wish Rivers and Gates would have exhibited a bit of class, shut their mouths, and just focused on football so that the media doesn’t then make this the focal point of the season…now every time Ryan Matthews struggles…this comes up…every time LT runs for a big gain…this comes up…
    LT is a competitor. He has earned his right to have some ego. He is on the downside of his career, but behind a solid run-blocking line…will have another year or so in him. I’ll still wear his jersey because he brought years of joy to this city. All you fair weather fans that are dogging him now were jocking him for years.

  64. I had to sign up just to balance out all these charger haters….. first i would like to say check the stats if you dont think phil is an elite quaterback….. they speak for themselves.. i dont need to argue…. so dont hate cause you wish he was on your sub .500 team…..
    as for L.T. i lost so much respect for this guy…. he could still be a charger…. he chose not to be because of his big head…. he wanted starting HB money… but he knows himself he isnt anymore…. he made his bed now he has to sleep in it… plus he has a JETS tattoo and hasnt even played a down for them…. thats a lil much
    Oh and i can’t wait till he reads Ryan Mathews stat line every sunday…. then he will truly know his time is done with mathews tearing it up behind the same line he once ran behind.

  65. i keep reminding myself how the basic job of pft is to generate interest (an especially difficult job when football isn’t even being played). for those who complain about ‘accuracy’, ‘judgement’, and ‘fairness’, you’re forgetting the basics. do they take shots at your team? pay attention because they take shots at everybody’s team. they MIGHT even be ‘fair’ about their evenness of shot taking!

  66. If Volek has potential to win, why isn’t he starting, I mean Ryan Leaf got to play because potential so no reason why Volek shouldn’t start? I defended LT for a whole year, watch him get out of bounds on every play he could, miss blocks, tripped up by the ground and after he dissed San Diego, I am done with him, I wont burn my LT jersey but I am not defending him anymore and only looking at Chargers who are here now, so bye LT. I am a charger fan not a former charger player fan. Bye Osgood, Dobbins, only chargers I miss, also Donnie Edwards. Also Rivers wasn’t why Chqrgers lost, Belichick ran a 3 TE set that many don’t run. But that formation punched the chargers and clock was ran out. Don’t forget seau super play on turner

  67. Biggs13, you know so much saying Volek is a super bowl QB. I mean that is what you are saying right? If Rivers and LT sat they would have gone to the Super Bowl, because that is what would have happened if he won. I like Volek, but to say he is Kurt Warner is a little much even though he is the only one in history with back to back 400 yard games. Classy people don’t talk about how classy they are, they go prove how classy they are, with class. As far as AFC Championship in NE, I only use it to say Norv got further than Marty and nobody offering Marty a HC job. I am charger fan, not a fan of former charger players

  68. The reason why LT is gone from San Deigo is that its such a reilf for the team. LT isn’t talking about this and that. How he is going to be better than last year. Over and over and over again. He drive that team nuts. I’m glad that the Chargers let him go. Lets see what they can really do now this year. won’t be surprise if they go to the super bowl without LT.

  69. LT hasn’t had a decent season in 2 years. That’s why his touches/production declined. We were all waiting for him to break out. It never happened. Norv had to throw the ball all the time, and yes, there’s no doubt Rivers is an elite quarterback. Deal with it.

  70. Uh,…an ACL tear is a little bit more difficult to play on for a RUNNING BACK then it is for a Quarterback…wouldn’t you agree?
    I really wonder sometimes how these articles are written without someone using their brain.

  71. Bones,
    I’m saying Billy Volek with two legs is better than Rivers with one.
    Some viewed it as courageous, others that it was foolish.
    Are you really arguing this point?
    No loyalty to the history of your franchise? Typical Chargers fan.
    Conversation over. You lose.

  72. SC21: Good call in saying “regular season” games haven’t blacked out in a while. The Bears radio network made a point to mention that Saturday’s preseason Bears/Chargers game was blacked out in SD.
    It’s only preseason, of course, but… ouch… doesn’t speak well for a franchise that is a consistent division champ with pro bowl talent to ever have a local blackout…

  73. Such a worn out argument. LT sat so a healthy Michael Turner could play. It’s called team football.
    You guys (writers included) will believe anything.

  74. That is ne reason one why I defended LT, healthy sproles and turner is better than 50% LT, but that’s not my problem. My problem is that people in SD want to criticize the guy all season and then when he leaves taking shots on his way out and still taking shots, I am a charger fan, not a fan of former charger players. Norv 3-3, Marty 0-2 postseason record and people want to get rid of Norv, make up your mind SD.

  75. Biggs13, yes there is loyalty here, but I am not supporting the Jets and LT in a green uniform, I could be like lots of other people in SD becoming Saints fans and say I loved brees when he was here, knowing damn well his ball was not as pretty as it is now and he wasn’t as vocal as he is now. I call brees rookie of the year because that shoulder injury made his arm better. No flip flopping here. You ever heard that saying,”I could beat you with one arm tied behind my back”, it really happens and the passing game is not why chargers loss to NE 4 years ago, same thing as always, defense can’t get off field when they need to, and weather was bad wasn’t like ball was thrown all over place. So you lose your arguement. I acknowledge your points and you don’t acknowledge mine, you just saw I am ripping LT and you, so you wanted to chime in. I guess Michael jordan shouldn’t have played when he had the flu?

  76. Maybe only preseason but LT caused INT first play of game, with his half hearted attempt to catch a pass. Every carry after that was for very little yardage, mathews ran well. Kinda interesting OLine and Norv Turner ready prove LT was the problem

  77. Yeah, the Chargers kept LT a year or two longer than they should have, but what he did here before that was simply awesome. And in that sense, I’m not going to bad mouth him. But should we meet the Jets in the post-season, I hope LT has his ass handed to him (and since the Chargers will have home field advantage through the play-offs, we might get to see that happen right here at the Q!)

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