Mike Williams' comeback takes another big step

While one Matt Millen draft pick went down to injury Saturday, perhaps Millen’s most embarrassing selection in Detroit took a big step in his surprising comeback to the NFL.

Taking advantage of a terrible tackling attempt by Titans cornerback Ryan Mouton, Seahawks receiver Mike Williams turned inside on a short pass and raced 51 yards for a touchdown.

The score was oddly routine, but it showed off Williams’ improved conditioning.  Can anyone imagine him running that far without being caught a few years back? 

The play also highlighted a nice night by Seahawks backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, who changed the play to Williams via hand signal before the snap.   Whitehurst completed 14-of-22 passes for 214 yards, two touchdowns, and one pick against the Titans reserves.  The interception came on a throw to Williams where the two crossed signals.

Matt Hasselbeck, meanwhile, struggled mightily against the Titans starters, largely done in by poor protection. (We remain a long, long way from any quarterback controversy.)

Still, Saturday should have gone a long way towards solidifying Whitehurst’s No. 2 spot on the depth chart.  At this point, we’d be very surprised if Williams doesn’t make the Seahawks roster.

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  1. Once again Florio you underestimate reality. The Hawks did not spend that kind of currencey for CW to ride the pine. There is a new coaching staff who made a bet they want to see that bet payoff. CW will be starting more games this year then Matt.

  2. BoltDaddy, I think you’re half right. CW may start more games, but if so, it’ll be cuz Hasselback will be hurt…again. If he stays healthy, he’ll be the starter. But he probably won’t stay healthy.

  3. He ballooned to 270 lbs in Tenn per Jeff George’s commentary and now he is down to 225lbs. That is quite incredible. I hope he makes something out of his nfl career. Too much talent.

  4. There will not be a QB controversy until Hasselback gets injured again. Over/under is 3 games, past history says the under is a good bet.
    O-line was shaky last year, not much improvement with their top draft pick holding out. Or dis he sign already?
    Just like my Bears, all the fancy new toys they got and didn’t fix the O-line. The Chargers were getting pressure last night! Chargers suck! Hopefully the door smacks Lovie and Angelo hard on their way out.

  5. BigBear123
    How does an article about Mike Williams end up with you talking shat on the Chargers? The Chargers have been able to get pressure on the QB against everybody since Ron Rivera (that name SHOULD ring a bell for Bears fans) took over as Def Coordinator. Maybe the pressure doesn’t always result in sacks, but they still get in the QBs face an awful lot.

  6. WR Mike Williams will have a good year. Hasselbeck will play until he gets hurt, but…..Whitehurst looks like he could be the real deal? Hard to tell.

  7. hes a guy i had hoped would succeed. I know he tested the nfl draft problem with clarrett a few years ago but i recall reading how he was only doing it cause clarett was… i never got the neg impression that clarrett gave… here is to hoping it all works out

  8. I see both points regarding the quarterback position. I believe Gregg is saying there’s no QB controversy to start the season; if the Hawks struggle, which they undoubtedly will, the team might to to Whitehurst as a “rebuilding” move and not a “controversy.”
    Seattle quickly has some depth at receiver. Tate and Housh will eventually start with Branch in the slot, and eventually Obamanu will regain that spot. Mike Williams provides some nice depth, and Deon Butler has made some terrific plays in training camp. Don’t forget John Carlson either, who seems to improve significantly every year. I think Seattle is closer to a contender than many realize.

  9. Having seen the game – a few takeaways – Williams made a good play here, was out of position on 2 other routes and had 2 drops..but it is a positive start.
    Hasselbeck looked bad – period, and he has no room for error here. Whitehurst was very impressive – made all the throws, confident, poised, and great pocket presence.
    Hasselbeck, coming off of 2 terrible years and with no cobtract for next year – will need to step it up mightily or he will be on the bench by game 2

  10. i like to see anybody who was down and out who worked hard make a comeback and prove everyone wrong,best of luck to him

  11. Finally, he shows up to play. for awhile he gave all USC wide receivers a bad rap. I hope he makes it with his college coach. it might also be time to for a new starter in Seattle if Hasselbeck can’t figure out that his job is on the line.

  12. Whitehurst played well and Hasselbeck struggled a bit , but lets not get to excited here . It’s the first preseason game and Matt didn’t get many reps anyway . The first unit defense promptly allowed Tenn. to march down the field and score , so the first team’ers struggled a bit on both sides of the ball …
    It was a fun a game to watch from the stands but I’m not sure I’d read a whole lot into it yet . Mike Williams looks like he just might be that big tall target we haven’t had for a lot of years now , but again he has to be able to maintain that level of play .

  13. The real story here is the poor play by Ryan Mouton in the secondary. Poor Ryan, he was the primary goat in the 59-0 debacle against the Patriots. Who the hell is evaluating secondary talent for the Titans, Chuck Cecil?
    Makes me wonder if the Titans are sandbagging. McCourtey and Verner (4th rounder from UCLA)
    are easily better than Mouton. Look for one of them to start opposite SupremeCortland Finnegan.

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