Niners shopping Kentwan Balmer

We’ve confirmed by the San Francisco 49ers have placed AWOL defensive tackle Kentwan Balmer on the trading block.

The news was first reported by Jason La Canfora of NFL Network and then by Matt Maiocco of  (See how easy it is, folks, to add a line when someone else has already reported something that you’re also able to report?)

The team excused Balmer’s absence last Monday and Tuesday.  He was due to return on Wednesday, but he failed to show up.  A five-day letter reportedly was sent on Wednesday, which means that if Balmer doesn’t show up on Monday the team can, if it so chooses, place him on the season-ending reserve/left squad list.

Though his value surely is low right now, he was a first-round draft pick only two years ago.

24 responses to “Niners shopping Kentwan Balmer

  1. Seems like 3-4 defensive ends are the biggest example of a boom/bust type of player…prob cause so few teams in the NCAA actually run the 3-4

  2. Kentwan Balmer a former 1st round pick that hasn’t accomplished anything and is AWOL… I expect him to be traded right away…

  3. “(See how easy it is, folks, to add a line when someone else has already reported something that you’re also able to report?)”
    So let me get this straight. FLORIO is complaining about someone else’s journalistic standards??? If you want to take the journalistic high road, maybe you should try employing an editor to fix the numerous typos and grammatical errors that show up here every day. And then you can get really crazy and try doing some fact-checking before you just throw stuff against the wall.

  4. # RedskinsRT says: August 16, 2010 8:35 AM
    Soon they’re going to just have to donate him.
    That is like donating a coupon for 10 Cents off a product when you buy 3 or more.

  5. The biggest problem with high picks playing the 3-4 end is that there is very little glory involved in the position. Your expected to simply take up blockers or “eat space”, allowing LB’s to flow to the ball. So basically, for those big headed players that need their stats to feel important, you don’t want to play 3-4 end (see A Haynesworth), unless you are playing in Dick LeBeau’s system where the ends actually rush quite a bit!

  6. To all of you saying your team can use him??????
    He has ZERO sacks in 2 years and ZERO starts. Theres a reason, hes a BUST!!!!!!!! Throw him in the pile with Todd Kelly, Jim Drunkinmiller, RW Mcquarters, JJ Stokes, Rashaun Woods, Reggie Mcgrew, Mike Rumph, Ahmed Plummer, Kwame Harris, and Alex Smith as 49er 1st pick BOMBS!

  7. I don’t think you can call McQuarters a full-on bust having spent quite a few years in the league… but the rest of that list is pretty ugly, and McQ was no superduperstar either…

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