Surgery coming for Ben Tate

Though there are conflicting opinions as to whether Texans rookie running back Ben Tate broke his ankle on Saturday night in the team’s preseason opener, coach Gary Kubiak acknowledged on Sunday that Tate has a “very significant ankle injury,” which will require surgery.

“Well, he obviously has a very significant ankle injury,” Kubiak said.  “It’s still under evaluation at this point.  I know that it’s going to need surgery.  It’s going to require surgery.  So we’ll probably have a definite answer for you sometime tomorrow.  Very unfortunate.  It doesn’t look good. That’s the best I can describe it for right now.”

Kubiak didn’t say Tate will miss the entire season.  So stay tuned.

4 responses to “Surgery coming for Ben Tate

  1. 18 games season my ass. Guys are dropping like flies and the season is only like 3 weeks old.

  2. Watch and see: the NFL will get its 18 regular season schedule. The owners have all the leverage, particularly with the 2011 DirecTV money guaranteed with or without a lockout. The union will try to save face by agreeing to severe restrictions on rookie deals, but this fight is the NFL’s to lose at this point.
    Here’s hoping that Ben Tate makes a fast recovery.

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