49ers get sixth-round pick for Balmer

In the end, the 49ers didn’t even want former first-round pick Kentwan Balmer entering the team’s player parking lot, according to Matt Maiocco of Comcast Sports Bay Area.

Balmer is headed to Seattle, and a league source has confirmed to PFT the 49ers will receive a sixth-round pick.

We aren’t sure whether San Francisco gets a conditional pick based on Balmer making the Seahawks, but that wouldn’t surprise us.  Balmer’s motivation has been questioned more than once in his career, and we don’t think he’s a lock to make the Seahawks roster.

11 responses to “49ers get sixth-round pick for Balmer

  1. I am sure when he got paid he said so long suckers.. It wont surprise me if the Seahawks cut cords with him too

  2. Over / Under on when RaiderRob posts on this articlle is 11:14am . . . I take the under.
    He posts on every 49ers post. He is a closet 49ers fan. Just like mst Raider fans. they are infatuated with the Empire.

  3. Could be a great move by Seattle.
    9ers had to move him though.
    Too bad they can’t just trade Glen Coffee and get something for him.

  4. Another gift from Mike Nolan to the 49ers.
    When you hire a life long position coach to run your entire organization, well what do you expect.
    You don’t hire a first grade teacher to run the whole school district.

  5. There is no dispute over the sixth round pick, but the team’s are still negotiating over who has to pay his bus fare from San Fran to Seattle.

  6. Where is the dysfunctional comment? Oh, I forgot, this is not a Raider piece.
    Two high draft picks quit on them in a week? Sounds like Camp Singleberry is wearing the boys thin.
    If you really read into things, instead of promoting mediot stereotypes, you’d see the worst run front office/coaching team in the NFL

  7. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
    Apparently McCloughan is still hitting the bottle pretty hard, if he traded anything more than stale donut for his turd (that he originally drafted)

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