After "setbacks", Sidney Rice begins cutting

If the Vikings plan to get the most out of quarterback Brett Favre, they’ll need one of his favorite targets from 2009 to be on the field, healthy, and prepared.

Sidney Rice, who remains on the PUP list with a hip injury, is making progress in at least two of those areas.

According to Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Rice said Monday that he has suffered “a couple of setbacks” during camp, but that he began cutting during individual work on a side field.

“Today was the first day we did some of the cutting stuff,” Rice said.  “The straight line is not bad at all.  It’s cutting, bending, coming in
and out of breaks.  It felt pretty good.  I’ve just got to see how my body
reacts to it.”

But at a time when some are wondering whether Rice’s recovery is being delayed by his contractual status, he doesn’t sound like a guy who wants to be missing preseason games.

“It would be great to play in a preseason game,” Rice said.  “Preseason is
not all bad like everybody thinks it is.  You need that rhythm, you need
to get the timing right with your quarterback, pick up protections and
things like that and you want to be on the same page with your

Then again, maybe Rice has simply learned from his quarterback the art of planting the seed for future excuse-making.

23 responses to “After "setbacks", Sidney Rice begins cutting

  1. “you need to get the timing right with your quarterback,”———————————–
    Soooo, what your saying is pre season is worthless with the Vikings?

  2. Tinbender –
    Sooooooo., You what YOU’RE saying is that you don’t know how to use the english language?????

  3. I think if farve doesn’t show up in the next or two Childo is going to start doing some “cutting” of his own if you know what I mean.

  4. Truefan (sic)
    Being an english nazi is not a suitable comeback…attacking grammar reminds me of a substitute teacher with a dyke haircut exercising pretentiousness in their spare time.
    What you should have commented on is that the only thing Sidney Rice seems to be ‘cutting’ is practice time as he lies in wait for Ziggy to start ‘cutting’ him a bigger paycheck!

  5. rice hip hurts, it’s too light in the wallet and making his swagger walk look good bad to the ladies and creating a hitch in his step to take a hit. let’s see if Rice is a man or mouse this year. C’mon Sid, sack up playa

  6. Then again, maybe Rice has simply learned from his quarterback the art of planting the seed for future excuse-making.
    Exactly, what is the rush. Brett Favre is comig back any time soon. take your time and get your money

  7. @ GBfanForever:
    I’ll let you in on a secret. Favre will be back in Winter Park in the next 2 weeks.
    The only cutting Chilly is going to do is a QB on his roster, and that would be Sage, if they dont trade him first.

  8. Did anyone else click on the title thinking that Rice was cutting his own body with sharp objects?

  9. Sorry “Truefan”, I was laughing so hard at that line and the sorry ass quarterback clusterf*%k that is the Vikings ,I didn’t have time to check my punctuation. Would you be my PUNKuation checker from now on?

  10. yeah, me too, dustindmw…but I was thinking more along the lines of a butter knife or something not so dangerous as a sharp object.

  11. Rice’s biggest knock is his inability to stay healthy. Last year is his first season that he’s played at least half the year healthy enough to be effective. Not practicing due to injury isn’t helping his contract situation.
    Favre deciding to miss camp doesn’t mean that any player missing any time for any reason must therefore be doing it on purpose for selfish reasons like money. That is the type of logic that usually fades away during a human’s teen years as their mind matures.
    Florio however is writing towards the adolescent Packer fans that make the majority of the posts on this site.

  12. Pay the Man!! He’s had how many solid seasons in a row? He’s definitely a true number 1 no matter who throws him the ball! And unlike Harvin, even w/ a sprained vagina, he is at least in camp. Such a team player this guy!!!
    It’s not like he only had one good season. Or was injured and will be an unknown factor at the beginning of the seasons. Why the Vikings don’t lock this guy up at 10 million a year is beyond me.
    If they extended Chilly, they gotta extend this guy. Berrian and he can even ride the pine together w/ their chronic injuries. Rice will have a new season long buddy.

  13. I don’t know what Florio and his fellow hacks will do when Favre retires. It may actually be this year, but it is up to him. The cheap shots will have to find a new target. For the smug GB fans, you have your own soap opera in GB. At some point, the Pack management will have to take the muzzle off of Rodgers and let him talk about his life partner. I want to see him on MNF sitting in Rodgers’ skybox next to Teddy.

  14. Harvin? back at practice.
    Peterson? practicing
    Rice? Nearly ready to go.
    Favre? Will be there on the 25th of August.
    What are the Packer pukes going to have to say when they are all there and playing?
    Have fun with 3rd place this year ladies.

  15. RC IV says:
    August 17, 2010 11:35 AM
    What are the Packer (fans) going to have to say when they (Viking water-walkers) are all there and playing?
    “Have fun with 3rd place this year ladies.”
    Yes, that is exactly what they will say. Good point.

  16. You can’t do better Ambrose?
    you have to screw with my post?
    You are 1 pathetic poster.

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