Colts' Jamie Silva to miss the season with a torn ACL

Last year’s Super Bowl leader in hair will not be able to defend his title this year.

Colts safety Jamie Silva will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN. 

Silva — of no relation to the Raider-hating author of today’s AFC East one-liners — was primarily a special teamer for the Colts the last two years. 

5 responses to “Colts' Jamie Silva to miss the season with a torn ACL

  1. Sorry, Tracy Porter had the best hair, bozos. Did you not see the lombardi carved in his head? He also won the Superbowl

  2. The only reason this is a problem is if Bob Sanders gets injured. Which. well. Err. Crud. DeShea Townsend looks like a lock to make the roster, anyways. I’d be surprised if the Colts didn’t look at cutdowns for a veteran DB. I still think they need to trade for holdout Marcus McNeil. What do they have to lose?

  3. That’s too bad, it looked like an unfortunate injury where his leg just got caught under him and the turf didn’t give.
    Hope he recovers quickly…hate to see guys get injured, especially the guys who aren’t making millions.

  4. sucks to see one of the few Rhode Islanders in the NFL get hurt. This kids family made his High School (East Providence) into a powerhouse for about 8 years.
    Hate the Colts, but always routed for Silva.

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