Jerry Jones recovering from "major surgery"

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has disclosed that he recently underwent “major surgery.”

The 68-year-old Jones tells Calvin Watkins of that the procedure occurred on July 20, and that it was nothing serious or life-threatening.

“The bottom line is I have been kinda easing it around a little bit, but
that’s about over with,” Jones said. “With a couple of

Jones also explained that he remains fully engaged and committed to the Cowboys.  “The age is not the deal,” Jones said.  “It’s the energy and the
interest.  I mean this very much.  I have as much passion and energy in
what we’re going to do out here in practice [as] I did the first time I
went out to Thousand Oaks [in 1989].  I don’t feel a bit different.”

Jones bought the team that same year, promptly laying the foundation to win three Super Bowls in his first seven seasons as owner.  Fifteen years after the last one, Jones surely covets the possibility of winning a fourth one in what Emmitt Smith recently called the “State of Dallas.”

19 responses to “Jerry Jones recovering from "major surgery"

  1. Anything that keeps ‘his Orangeship’ off the sidelines is good for the Cowboys.
    Get well soon Jerrah.

  2. “nothing serious of life-threatening”
    Thank you, Emmitt Florio. And to think that Emmitt was speaking live on TV and off-the-cuff when he said “state of Dallas er state of Texas”, and you actually had time to proofread before you submitted this article. You just didn’t do it. And you’re supposed to be a professional writer. Emmitt’s not a professional speaker. Only one of you caught his respective mistake and corrected it.

  3. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has disclosed that he recently underwent “major surgery.”
    Jones tells Calvin Watkins of that the procedure was nothing serious or life-threatening.
    So which is it, “major surgery” or “nothing serious”?
    I don’t really want anything to happen to Jerry, but as a Dallas fan, I’m ready for Stephen to take over.

  4. .Vox Veritas. says:
    August 16, 2010 10:02 AM
    Emmitt’s not a professional speaker.
    No, but he plays one on TV.

  5. @jax and @roberth ethen
    hahahaha! you totally made me spit red bull all over my monitor. I may get fired for destruction of IT equipment, but that laugh was almost worth it!

  6. Get well soon Jerry. You are going to need your strength so you can enjoy your 9-7 season. Get your draft board ready now cause that is all you are going to have to look forward to.

  7. He’s got to look good for all the toolbag Dallas fans, as the Cowboys stumble through the season to a 6-10 record!
    Wow, Dallas got only 1 playoff win in an otherwise healthy season last year…can’t wait to see what happens when the injuries start to pile up!

  8. He is finally finished with his sex change. He wanted to look like Joan Rivers and now he/she does.

  9. I love reading thoughtless, classless, and just all around unintelligent comments everytime I read a PFT post about the Cowboys. You guys must really be scared! Or is it just insecurities? Whatever it is…keep it coming! Makes me laugh and I will laugh even harder when you are crying that we cheated or “got lucky” after we beat your teams! Remember this post because I will be around after each win and loss to eat crow or watch it be eaten. Unfortunetly, the Neanderthals that post this garbage will not return to eat crow. Sad but still look forward to laughing at your mindless attempts at put downs on each and every Cowboys post. Fail.

  10. He had to get a wart removed from his ass….funny enough it resembled Tom Coughlin

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