Malcolm Kelly has slim chance to play Saturday, slimmer chance to make Redskins

The Redskins hoped wide receiver Malcolm Kelly would return to practice Tuesday, but that’s not going to happen after what coach Mike Shanahan saw this morning.

“After looking at him today, I really don’t know,”  Shanahan said, adding that Kelly’s chances to play in Washington’s second preseason game was “very, very slim.”

The same odds apply to Kelly’s chances of making the Redskins.  We mentioned before camp that the 2008 second round pick was on the roster bubble, and he hasn’t done anything since camp opened. (The injury was first suffered during Donovan McNabb’s “Hell Week.”)

“Obviously, if you can’t practice, he can’t show me anything,” Shanahan
said. “But he’s doing everything he can with his treatment to get that
hamstring better.”

We doubt it will be enough to save another one of Vinny Cerrato’s shaky draft picks.

13 responses to “Malcolm Kelly has slim chance to play Saturday, slimmer chance to make Redskins

  1. The long arm of Vinny SLAPS The RedSkinneds in that butt AGAIN. Thx Danielle Schneidley !
    Hey guys, Vinny was ESPN’s draft analyst at the draft. Pffffft ! BWAHHHHHH !

  2. He’ll make the team, bottom line he his big and doesn’t drop the ball. I’ll eat my hat if he doesn’t make the team.

  3. very unfortunate… i was hoping we’d keep him if only because we invested a 2nd round pick in him. what a waste… too bad we couldn’t trade him for a late rounder last year.

  4. Well, its a damn good thing the skins didnt draft Desean. You know, because he’s too small for the NFL and he has so many character issues, huh??

  5. Someone needs to tell Malcolm Kelly that Gary Clark had hammy problems but he still always played despite it. If he isn’t willing to play to do that then the Skins should just cut him now!

  6. its a shame that his body isnt holding up but with the other guys chomping at the bit and him not getting any better it doesnt look good for him.

  7. Unfortunately, Kelly has been injury-prone since he was drafted.
    Yes, he’s tall, athletic and has good hands – – but what good are these attributes when he must warm the bench or be on IR?

  8. I hate it for the guy that he can’t stay healthy. If he cant play he is obviously not doing the team any good, so i think it is safe to say it is time for him to go!

  9. He’s going to make this team, almost no doubt about that. He missed nearly his entire rookie season with an injury so he is entering what is essentially his second season. No team is going to bail on a 2nd round pick that quickly. He has loads of potential–if only he can stay healthy.

  10. What does talent mean if u cant get on the field? He doesn’t play special teams and even if he is healthy, he does not see the field much. Second round pick or not, where is his value?

  11. I’m not a ‘Skins fan and have seen little of Malcolm Kelly. What I have seen I liked a lot. For some reporter to think he won’t make the team is irrelevant. Most of the guys on this site suck as reporters so I refuse to accept their football knowledge. If Kelly can get healthy, he will make the team. I think his talent will make him a major weapon this year. Shanahan has shown the ability to use a guys talent properly and Kelly is very talented. So screw Rosenthal’s opinion. I think Kelly will have a break out year if healthy and should eventually start.

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