One year, $1.25 million for Brian Westbrook

Two years after signing a six-year deal that was scuttled by his former team with four years remaining, Eagles running back Brian Westbrooks’s deal with his new team covers only one year and, according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, is worth only $1.25 million.

Per La Canfora, the Rams offered Westbrook more money.

The deal has another $1.25 million available in incentives (or, possibly, per-game roster bonuses).

And here’s the key.  If, as we strongly suspect, none of the base salary is guaranteed, Westbrook could be cut before Week 1, if the 49ers have any doubt about the aging veteran with a banged-up knee and a bumped-up noggin.  If he’s on the active roster when the regular season begins, the $1.25 million becomes essentially guaranteed, under the termination pay provision of the NFL’s labor deal.

And so we continue to believe that there’s a very real chance Westbrook won’t be on any team’s roster when the regular season begins.  He very well could be on a roster come Week 2, but there’s a still a good chance he won’t be as of Week 1.

From the Niners’ perspective, however, keeping Westbrook around could be worth the risk, especially since the bonus money they get back from Glen Coffee will cover much of Westbrook’s salary.

UPDATE:  Surprisingly, the full base salary of $1.25 million is guaranteed.  So apparently he will be on the Week 1 roster, unless he lands on injured reserve.

23 responses to “One year, $1.25 million for Brian Westbrook

  1. The Eagles burn him to the ground. Then dump him. Now he’s bumping around the league, hat in hand.
    Sad… very sad. And it tells you a lot about the Eagles.

  2. Glenn Coffee is a complete idiot. He’s a black man bowing down and worshipping a white god. Get real

  3. Imagine the howling and gnashing of teeth if Bill Belichick had been the coach to cut this loyal soldier.

  4. Good, he still owes me 200 bucks for screwing my fantasy football championship a couple years back by falling to the ground at the 1 yard line on a walk-in touchdown.
    Now I can ask him for my money when I go to a game this year.

  5. I love how the NFL keeps saying they are taking concussions serious now, but then are going to allow a guy like westbrook to play again.
    The guy is going to get another concussion this season, if not in training camp- and for what? So the 49ers can maybe squeeze a few more plays out of the guy? And how are all the fans to feel when they see this guy blacked out on the ground?
    This is disturbing….

  6. I wish Westbrook the best. He still has a lot in the tank. Throw him a screen and watch him go. Good blocker too.

  7. First OJ Simpson, that’s probably the stupidest statement ever. Next, let me get this straight, the rams offered more $ when neither team ain’t winning nothing this yr and he takes the less $ deal. God bless ya WB!!!

  8. i just hope HE KNOWS when to leave.
    He was a great player and scored me huge fantasy #’s.
    I just hope he knows when to go.

  9. Krow, you’re a moron. They gave him a huge contract extension after 2008…he was never the same player after that.
    As an Eagles fan, Westbrook was one of my favorite players and for his own sake i wish he would retire.

  10. I just hope when he gets “the next” bell-ringer he hangs up his cleats and moves on in his life.

  11. Ditto, jan van flac.
    WB was great in his day, but he should retire. Now. He’s a shell of his former self, and the cumulative effects of injury factor looms ever larger.
    Ironically, like many RBs, WB insisted on being the main man, the go-to RB inside & outside. Reid acquiesced. WB resisted a 2 or 3 back rotation that might have lowered his contract #s but that would have prolonged his career, and most likely greatly improved the quality of his post-NFL life. Now he risk even more damage.
    Sad – but at the same time, I wish him the best, and a few more days of glory for his pains.

  12. Krow.. you’re about as dumb as OJ SIMPSON (both the Real OJ and the idiot that posts on here) with that comment…

  13. as a birds season ticket holder who watched brians whole career i still root for him and wish him all the best,he was nothing short of a total class guy and was a great player for years with the birds….i think he can still play and you will all see that this year

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