Saints pick up another running back

There really aren’t many veteran running backs available on the free agent market now.

An hour after news broke that Brian Westbrook has joined the 49ers, the Saints added their own veteran insurance in former Redskins running back Ladell Betts.  (Both ESPN and NFL Network have the story.)

Betts doesn’t boast the track record of Westbrook, but he helps fill a roster spot vacated by Lynell Hamilton’s season ending injury.  Betts, 31 this month, is coming off a torn ACL and MCL.  We wouldn’t expect him to have much of a role barring injuries in front of him.

While Betts is 224 pounds, he doesn’t really fit the profile of a “big back” that many thought the Saints needed for short-yardage situations.  Betts profiles more as a competent veteran that can handle a variety of situations without screwing anything up too badly.

10 responses to “Saints pick up another running back

  1. Damn……..Didn’t see that one coming………….
    He will be gone before the first game if he can’t move the pile. I would have rather see Duce back !!!!

  2. payton makes a RB go a year on Pratice Squad before they are called up, but he always brings 3 rbs to games.

  3. Ladell Betts ain’t the answer…….hopefully coach brought him in to push Hill and Ivory……Ivory is the man if you ask me…..he’s big and young and strong and not injury prone……Betts is an old washed up scrub……31 is old for an RB…and Westbrook is the most injury-prone player in NFL history….glad we didn’t sign him…..i hope Ivory learns the playbook and the pass-block-coverages and wins the #3 RB spot……he’s the closest thing to deuce on our roster…..go Ivory…

  4. I thought Betts was living in a retirement home in upstate N.Y. He has to be purley a tackling dummy for practice. P.J. Hill will take that roll.

  5. I wish people would get their facts straight. Ladell Betts has lost a total of 5 fumbles in the past 4 years. That’s 5 fumbles lost off of a total of 568 touches over the past 4 years. Please get your facts straight people.

  6. Betts will be a good fit in NO. Lets not forget he hasn’t played behind a competent o line or in a solid passing offense in 3 years

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