Browns' Gerard Lawson pleads no contest to DUI

Last weekend Browns defensive back Gerard Lawson was arrested for drunk driving. Today he pleaded no contest.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that Lawson got a plea deal that included three other charges — failure to control his vehicle, driving away from the accident without stopping and not wearing a seat belt — getting dropped.

Lawson was sentenced to one year of probation, 72 hours of an alternative to jail program, 20 hours of community service, a six-month suspension of his license, two mandatory MADD meetings and a $500 fine.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Lawson at about 2:30 a.m. on August 8 after seeing him hit a car and keep going. Lawson, a 2008 draft pick, played in five games last year.

7 responses to “Browns' Gerard Lawson pleads no contest to DUI

  1. Within five minutes of his plea bargain, Lawson will be sent packing by the Browns and scooped up by the Baltimorons.
    And then, without any hesitation, they will start whining about how innocent he was and how he was misunderstood…blah, blah, blah… Typical. Raven. Crap.
    Book it.

  2. Well, he’s safe. You only get suspended when there is no evidence against you. Video, cops seeing you committing a crime is perfectly permittable according to Roger the doger

  3. I got a dui in Lake County (one county east of cleveland) in ’91. Was my first offence and only ever offence, and I got 2 AA meetings a week for 6 freaking months. There were other circumstances ie I didn’t show up for court for about 6 months, and was broke and unemployed, or self-employed, same thing, but this ain’t right. I was on I-90 doing the speed limit in my brothers car with plates from Virgina that were not registered to the car, and had some controlled substance, (seeds) in the trunk. The substance was news to me when found, but it cost me a job 14 yrs later in health care. WTF. I’m a huge browns fan, but this just ain’t fair to you and me. Oh well, he better be good, and shut the f up- no complains, get it done. Ha funny the way it is. (DMB) just sayin’

  4. He has to run the gauntlet at the MADD meetings. Survivors say your odds are about 50/50, but as a professional athlete Lawson probably stands a better chance. Though he does have to do two.

  5. Tom Heckert played the game of ‘gathering all the information’ while witholding other comments after the arrest. Still waiting to see Heckert express leadership that distances the team from drunk driving. This seems to be the NFL approach. Like many of his peers, Heckert appears to coddle players who drive drunk. His silence shows his team and the rest of us that he has no concern for the safety of the community. Some universities take the same lame approach of “oh, we can’t comment now. We have to wait till we get all the facts” when a player gets busted for DUI. It makes the ones who respond right away stand out. Like University of Nevada’s immediate fine and suspension of Ricky Drake. Very impressive compared to Heckert. Taking action sends a message. So does avoiding taking action! These guys will continue to drink and drive so long as the crowd they hang with tolerates it.

  6. I love how the clownie fan has a guy on HIS team that was just arrested for dui and somehow tries to twist it into some kind of black eye for the Ravens.
    I wonder if it is Baltimore’s fault that he is drunk and unemployed?

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