Colts stand behind Curtis Painter

Colts fans don’t boo much, but they are getting used to it when Curtis Painter is on the field.

The Colts’ backup quarterback was booed lustily after he threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball during the preseason opener, reminding a lot of folks of Week Sixteen last year when the Colts gave up on a perfect season.

Painter also struggled badly when he played last year, but the Colts aren’t considering replacing him.

“Sometimes, I think everyone can get ahead of themselves and not
give an individual a fair shake,” coach Jim Caldwell said.  “He’s still our second-string
. We believe in him. He’s going to develop and grow. It just
takes some time.”

It’s not like the Caldwell has great options on the roster; Tom Brandstater is next on the depth chart.

22 responses to “Colts stand behind Curtis Painter

  1. Brandstater is better than Painter, but that’s not saying much considering Painter is probably the worst QB on an NFL roster right now. Why not trade a 7th round pick for Kellen Clemens or Sage Rosenfels?

  2. It will be hilarious when Manning gets hurt and the Colts lose everyone of their games with Painter starting.

  3. And that’s why Manning keeps getting MVP awards, because that team would be at the bottom of their division without him. It’s not a good team and if Manning ever misses more than a couple games the Colts will miss the playoffs.

  4. Ask any Colts fan, they know whats going to happen if manning goes down…..we will wait for a top ten draft pick

  5. The Jets should get down on their hands and knees and thank Sweet Baby Jesus that Painter is in the NFL.
    Without him the Jets don’t make the playoffs last year and Rex Ryan is exposed as an ineffectual windbag who can’t get his team into the playoffs LAST year instead of THIS year.

  6. Sorgi looked sweet yesterday, I was wondering why the dumped him for an unproven Painter but what do i know…

  7. Colts, I’m available to be Peyton Manning’s backup. I don’t mind getting a $500k a year contract to sit on the bench and practice football with the guys. call me.

  8. Saints and Colts have one thing in common. If the starting QB goes down earl in the season, they will be picking high in next years draft!

  9. I was pretty impressed with both of their backup QB’s ability to tackle. I guess that comes hand in hand with throwing lots of INT’s.

  10. The Colts HAVE to stand BEHIND Painter…so that they have a chance to tackle the defender who just picked off his last pass.

  11. If Peyton goes down they are literally the worst team in the league, and maybe that’s the plan- if he gets hurt they have no chance to win anyway, so you might as well shoot for the first draft pick in that case, and if your doing that, Painter’s your man!

  12. “Colts stand behind Curtis Painter”
    They have to stand behind him. If you stand in front of him, unless he’s throwing to you, you’re likely to get hit with a football.

  13. Fair weather fans in Indy. They’ve always had George or Peyton.
    They’re like Atlanta Braves fans in the 1990’s. It’s gonna be ugly when Peyton retires.

  14. I bet he is better than David Garrard who starts for the Jaguars. If Gene Smith was given an option to swap David Garrard with Curtis Painter, he will do it it in a blink of an eye.

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