Jim Zorn "kind of" wishes the Redskins well

Ravens quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn will see the team that fired him in Saturday’s preseason game against the Redskins, and he says he has no hard feelings.

“I got close to some of those players that are on that team, so I kind of wish them well,” Zorn said, per the Baltimore Sun.

I’m not sure what “kind of” wishing them well means (does Zorn want the Redskins to go 8-8?) but Zorn says he’s not angry about being fired — or about the way he was fired, with the Redskins starting to shop for new coaches before firing Zorn.

“I’ve never had any animosity,” Zorn said. “What is the right way? You just get fired and you just move on.”

Zorn has moved on, to a job for which he’s a better fit.

27 responses to “Jim Zorn "kind of" wishes the Redskins well

  1. Zorn is such a wuss he cant even tell the Skins to go F themselves without sounding like a complete idiot.
    Personally I would rather he be bitter and show some emotion. This organization treated him like crap and embarrassed him in public and he still acts like it isnt ok for him to be upset about it.

  2. Not Horny For Zorny, this is why the guy will never again be a head coach. Just way to nice.

  3. I agree with Citizen Strange. Better to take the high road. There may be a time when Zorn becomes the hot commodity to be an OC or even down the road a HC again. The Danny can afford to be a jerkoff. That is what being the owner allows you to do. Zorn still needs to interview and be hired when looking for a new job. It does him no good to trash the Danny or the Foreskins. Everyone already knows the Danny is a douchebag. Zorn saying it out loud only hurts himself.

  4. LOL Jim Zorn embarressed himself! He was stripped of play calling duties and was only allowed to make 4th down decisions, remember the Giants game last year? Bad luck players got plagued by injuries, but he wasnt a great coach, good guy just not a head coach.

  5. Zorn has every right to think the worst of the Skins and The Danny but he has always been a stand up guy. Some call that being a “wuss” others call that class.

  6. I really like Jim Zorn even though he was horrible as our head coach.
    But he really needs to grow a pair, take a page from Rex Ryan its working for him.

  7. Jim Zorn was – – and is – – a class act. I believe he knew his limitations but tried to do the best he could.
    Anyone who is even halfway decent would shudder at the necessity to work for Little Napoleon and his toady.
    I wish him well in his new job.

  8. I honestly believe that if Snyder had promoted Gregg Williams to HC and let Zorn spend a few years as OC, things would’ve worked out a lot better for everyone involved.

  9. Don’t forget that Vinny delivered a “Super Bowl contending” roster…. [insert sarcasm here].
    All Zorn had to do was to make chicken salad our out chicken shit.

  10. I can not believe I am about to say this, but kudos to Zorn.
    He was given a can of cheese-whiz and asked to build a skyscraper.

  11. Give me a break. He’s an idiot if he didn’t realize he was the cheapest option available to be fired after one season so that Snyder could hire Shanahan this season. Who hires an inexperienced QB Coach to be a HC for one of the League’s biggest franchises and expect him to stick for a long time? It is Dan Snyder but please.

  12. Dan Snyder is one of the biggest idiots in football , right behind Al Davis . Zorn is a class act and was an excellent QB coach for the Hawks during his time is Seattle . Kudos Jim …

  13. Zorn’s laughing all the way to the bank. Lil danny snyder still is paying him and he’s now on a team that has a legitimate chance to go to the SuperBowl

  14. Nice guy, terrible head coach.
    It would have been interesting to see whether he could have coped as an OC under an experienced HC like Jim Fassel. We kind of shot ourselves in the foot there. I wasn’t keen on Fassel taking over, but the past two years would not have been quite such a train wreck if he had.
    As it was Zorn’s struggles were inevitable, no experience, a dreadful front office, a stubborn DC looking forward to retirement and a shallow, ageing dept chart all spelt doom. Mind you, not knowing what the team’s colours were at the first press conference probably should have set alarm bells ringing. In hindsight it looks a little less like a goofy mistake and more like a terrible lack of attention to detail.

  15. Whatever.
    I’m so sick of everyone putting all the blame on Snyder here. Yes it was a bad hire to go along with many others he made under Ceratto’s guidance. The condition was if Zorn didn’t make it and the team tanked again both VC and JZ were outa there. And they got more than a fair share of time to do it…and failed miserably. Didn’t like the way it went down? Please, he got fired…it blows no matter how it happens.
    Plus I’d have been pissed if once again they went into a hiring process with no credible plan…the plan was obviously to see if they struck lightning with Zorn but if not to go hard after Shanny and Allen…mission accomplished.
    There’s a flip side to the entire hiring though…
    If Snyder is a doof for hiring a guy so clearly out of his league in terms of HC ability then Zorn is equally to blame for taking a job he had no business taking and was not even close to ready for. He knew damn well he was in over his head, but the bling was too much to resist. Fine then take the lumps afterward and shut it. At least he gets credit for doing that.
    I’m just glad JZ and Vinny BOTH are gone. Now my team has an actual chance at developing into something that isn’t embarrassing…whether all you whiny, unoriginal meathwhistles like it or not (foreskins, little danny or danny boy…weak, really that’s the best you tweakers have? If you’re gonna talk smack at least come up with something my 6 year old wouldn’t come up with) .

  16. Stone says:
    August 17, 2010 9:28 PM
    Give me a break. He’s an idiot if he didn’t realize he was the cheapest option available to be fired after one season so that Snyder could hire Shanahan this season. Who hires an inexperienced QB Coach to be a HC for one of the League’s biggest franchises and expect him to stick for a long time? It is Dan Snyder but please.
    Nice master plan, Stone. Oh wait Jim Zorn coached the skins for two seasons and got paid 12 mil.

  17. Zorn is a good guy. But, that whole situation was botched.
    We actually hired him as our OC, and when Snyderrato struck-out on getting the HCs they wanted, they decided to move JZ up to HC before he even had a chance to prove himself as an OC.
    Honestly, Russ Grimm should have been the HC before JZ. But, Cerrato was running things then.
    I’m much happier with Allen and Shanahan running the show. We needed football guys running the team, and that’s what we have.
    Problem is, last time we had that…Snyder only kicked back for a year and then fired Schottenheimer after one year where Schotty practically turned the team around, and single-handedly got the team out of “cap-hell”.
    Hope Snyder gives Allen/Shanahan at least 3 years before he gets all control-freakish again.

  18. I’ll never forget him addressing the crowds at Fan Appreciation Day last year, saying ‘We will do our best to put a good team on the field”. This of course was met with a “6-10” chant. Nice guy, wrong coach. Since Mr. Cook died, our once proud organization has taken a tumble into ineptitude. Hopefully, Allen and Shanny can bring us back. Hopefully.

  19. notable Zorn quotes/catchphrases from the redskins era..
    “Im excited to be the head coach of the maroon and black”
    “staying honest, acting medium”
    “we had to give it a little looksie”
    on Portis/Sellers fued-“these guys love each other.. it’s like ‘yo, you owe me a dollar.. pay up.’
    This is a non story.. I think JZ is a class act and a great guy, but even he doesn’t know what he’s saying.. one of the few in the league with no ill intent but his foot habitually in his mouth

  20. IT WAS NECESSARY. If Snyder/Vinny had hired a poor, but competant HC instead of Zorn, then Vinny would still be there making decisions and Snyder would still be sticking his hand in the pot.
    But because it was such a terrible train wreck that caused Redskins fans to revolt, Snyder was forced to listen to Charlie Casserly and Jimmie Johnson who told him to fire his friend Vinny, hire a true GM and HC and step out of their way. The proof of the result of the radical change and of who was truly in charge occurred very quickly after Albert Haynesworth’s first meeting with Shanahan. When Shanahan told Haynesworth that he would be primarily a DE and NT in a 3-4, Haynesworth went to talk (complain?) to Snyder. Snyder refused to see him and had his secretary tell him that he no longer talked directly to players and that Haynesworth should go talk to Allen.

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