Kurt Warner watches Cardinals, has no regrets

This is the time of year when recent NFL retirees usually feel the tug of football pulling them back in, but Kurt Warner has no such problem.

“It wasn’t difficult watching [Saturday’s preseason game] at all, because I didn’t feel like I was supposed to be there,” Warner told Paula Bolvin of the Arizona Republic. “While I still feel attached to it to some degree, it didn’t feel like I was missing out on something.”

Matt Leinart can rest easier knowing that Warner won’t return to take his job, but it can’t be that easy with Warner’s  legacy hanging over him every day in the Arizona papers.

Warner, set to broadcast some NFL games, says he’s been offered reality shows that would follow the experiences of his family, but is wary of it becoming overwhelming.  Warner has also talked to movie producers interested in making Warner’s life story.  Kurt’s wife Brenda wants Denzel Washington play the lead.

“It would probably challenge Denzel in ways he’s never been challenged before,” Warner said.

Yes, we can see how that would present some difficulties.

23 responses to “Kurt Warner watches Cardinals, has no regrets

  1. Washington was so keen for the lead role in the Kurt Warner story he underwent a 5 1/2″ penis reduction procedure.

  2. I speak for thousands of season ticket holders in saying to Kurt…Thanks for the great times at Cards Stadium…But WE have regrets

  3. I wonder what Kurt Warner should worry about more: that his wife may fantasize about Denzel Washington, or that she thinks he looks like him.

  4. Robert ethen good God must you publicly air the things you fantasize and think about during your work day?
    Calm down boy. The boys club will still be there when you get off work and there will be plenty of young lads willing to take your money.

  5. scientific american published a study awhile back concluding erect members were longer than erect hispanic members which were longer than erect black members.
    so, believe yer myths if u like…

  6. (Why does it not surprise me what one small part of this story all you knobs focus on…)
    Little wonder Warner has no regrets – he, and all of us, are seeing pretty clearly how he’s not so easily replaced. What more gratifying a legacy, in an age when so many of us are treated as replaceable, than to not be replaceable?

  7. Man this would be a killer flick:
    Denzel as Kurt
    Cloris Leachman as Brenda
    Eddie Murphy as Mike Martz
    Morgan Freeman Dick Vermeil.
    Jim Carey as Isacc Bruce
    Ricky Gervais as Marshal Faulk

  8. damn not denzel, we’d need to keep it real and have likes of ted danson, or harry morgan.
    love the penis reduction, but sad you know how much of a difference!!

  9. superb owl says…..”scientific american…..erect black members….erect hispanic members….”.
    Hey owl…..We don’t read Scientific American where I come from. We sure don’t allow blacks or hispanic members. In fact there are few here that would consider them fully erect.

  10. Great to see Kurt is as likeable in retirement as he was during his rocket-armed career. Nice zinger by Brenda too.
    Why aren’t the Cards throwing a ton of money at Kurt the way the Vikes are at Brett? They can both play at the highest level, and both have equally mediocre backups…

  11. ive spent the last half hour thinking of a black guy to play every white guy and vice versa. why is this so much fun!

  12. You dude’s need girlfriends..
    Now back to the story: Brenda Warner’s batshit insane, so I understand her logic..
    I would think a svelt Laurence Fishburne could play Kurt Warner

  13. Greggg says:
    “It would probably challenge Denzel in ways he’s never been challenged before,” Warner said.
    Yes, we can see how that would present some difficulties.
    I don’t know…how hard is it to act like you’ve worked in a grocery store? How many times have you watched the guy stacking fruit or chasing down the cleanup on aisle 7 and thought to yourself, “Shit, I could do that”? More than once, if you’re honest.

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