NFL decides not to suspend Rey Maualuga

Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga will not face a NFL suspension following his January arrest for a DUI, a league source tells PFT.

The league was considering a suspension, but the NFL vacated the possibility upon appeal and imposed a two game fine instead.  (By our calculations, that’s $46,470.48 in lost wages.)  The aim for Maualuga’s side was to avoid suspension, and that goal has been realized.

Maualuga entered alcohol rehab after his DUI and swore off alcohol.  A starter at strong-side linebacker last year, the second-year player could take over middle linebacker duties from Dhani Jones.  

Now he won’t have to wait.

32 responses to “NFL decides not to suspend Rey Maualuga

  1. The Bengals and the Dolphins should have a preseason game….call it the perp walk championship

  2. Hopefully that money will be donated to MADD or some organization that simply can’t seem to get it’s message across enough to people in this country that drunk drivers kill people.

  3. Andre Johnson more TDs than Brandon Marshall….Johnson is best receiver in game, & defenses in his divison are not as difficult as Marshalls…
    What you think? Anything else you like?
    You can check all the odds here..

  4. thats a hefty fine and if he has really sworn off alcohol then he has already learned his lesson.

  5. Maybe they decided not suspend him after they found out he was drinking the official beer sposor of the NFL’s product…

  6. pathetic. DUIs aren’t as bad as rapes but he should get a suspension based on how other players are treated.

  7. Not a bengals fan but I don’t see an issue with this. It’s his first offense right? Give him a chance to learn from it, if it happens again then you suspend him.
    Not sure how Benson escaped suspension. I guess he really was provoked into fighting as he was claiming, otherwise Goodell would’ve suspended him you’d think. 3rd time he’s had an incident.

  8. Lion’s President Lewand gets a 30 day suspension and $100,000 fine for the same crime, while Maualuga gets less than a slap on the wrist?
    When Lewand was handed his suspension, it was noted that the NFL wanted to make upper office personnel just as accountable as players.
    Obviously, that is not the case.

  9. Beware Da Ware – Maybe you should take us out of that and add the Squeelers in on that. They’re the ones becoming the bad boys of the AFCN. The Bengals have kept their noses rather clean compared to a lot of other teams in the league.

  10. Rey entered alchohol rehab and swore off alchohol. I entered alchohol rehab and swore off rehab. Everyone goes about it in their own way.

  11. I’m fine with no suspension for Maualuga.
    I’m still surprised Benson didn’t get one – regardless of what happened he should be avoiding those kinds of situations when he already has two strikes.

  12. What in the hell? How can a player with the baggage that this criminal has, and who admitted to commiting a DUI with an underage girl in the car (thus endangering her welfare) not be suspended at all with the Roethlisberger precedent out there? The same goes for no suspension for multiple DUI offender Benson. Sounds to me that the Commissioner no longer has any clothes and his last “statement” on player misconduct has been made in the form of the Roethlisberger suspension. Shame, I thought he would finally clean up these sort of consistent embarrassments.

  13. GBfanForever says:
    August 17, 2010 1:32 PM
    pathetic. DUIs aren’t as bad as rapes but he should get a suspension based on how other players are treated.
    driving after too many beers is just like raping a person. how in the hell did you come up with that “logic”?

  14. NFL is going soft during CBA negotiations. They need to revamp the joke of a system that they use for appeals and stiffen punishments.

  15. Joey O. You’re an idiot. He is the president of the team. He needs to be held to MUCH higher standards.

  16. JOEY O:
    When the suspension was handed down to Lewand the NFL wanted to send a message that front office personnel were MORE responsible and would be held to a HIGHER standard than players.

  17. Hopefully this will be taken into account when the league looks at Rogers & Smith attempting to board planes with there guns. If you can get by with drinking & driving, you should be ok to “accidentally” forget to take your weapon out of your carry on luggage! lol, this is pathetic. Stop babying these adults & make them accountable for their actions by punishing them all with suspensions, regardless of what their previous record is!

  18. Jerome Perry —- Andre Johnson is the second best receiver in the game only behind one other Johnson. Big time Megatron Calvin Johnson. Stats don’t mean anything, look at Calvin, hes a beast…. Brandon Marshall doesn’t have anything on either Johnson WR

  19. Warning: Do not click the link above (http://bit.l y/bDDkJ4). It will take to a sports betting site riddled with the spyware. My anti-virus picked up a Trojan called “AdBreak” the instant I clicked the link.

  20. # BengalsDouche2 says: August 17, 2010 1:39 PM
    Beware Da Ware – Maybe you should take us out of that and add the Squeelers in on that. They’re the ones becoming the bad boys of the AFCN. The Bengals have kept their noses rather clean compared to a lot of other teams in the league.
    When did they get a computer at the retard clinic??? Seriously, are you this dumb?
    Those filthy Bengals went out and signed woman beater / dirt bag Pac Man Jones, coke whore Matt Jones, and drama queen T.O. this offseason. Maulauga got CHARGED and CONVICTED of a DUI. Then the Bengals drafted Carlos Dunlap who just got suspended at Florida for a DUI. Last year they drafted Bernard Scott, a guy who was arrested 5 times in college.
    That is the Bengals. They actively seek out players with character issues and past arrests, in hopes they can sign them cheaper or draft them later, just like Chris Henry.
    And if you haven’t noticed, not one Pittsburgh Steelers player was arrested this offseason, so keep your bad boy label in Cin-tucky.

  21. Blast Furnace – he has a history in college. no other issues in the pros at all. not even personal team issues. ask any player on the Bengals and he’s a heck of a teammate to have. He does a lot for our city as well as his home of Samoa. This was the incident that needed to happen for him to learn that he’s irresponsible while drinking, as are most of us who go out drinking and get stupid with buddies. he’s no different than any other 23yo guy who likes to go out and party. at least those girls in the car aren’t accusing him of rape. They were underage to drink but not under 18 I don’t believe. Yeah that’s a bad spot on him but there were no claims of rape or of him forcing himself on him like Little Ben likes to do. NO reason for suspension at all for Rey. He has learned and has to pay a hefty fine for it.

  22. Lol at any of you who thought he would be suspended.
    Lol at any of you who thought Benson would be suspended.
    Keep hoping. But the truth is you are scared of playing the Bengals.
    Im looking at you.

  23. Wonka – No no one was arrested for the Steelers but there should have been. Your QB is a rapist and should be locked up. The only reason he hasn’t been is b/c of money. Dude cant keep his little buddy in his pants. I can’t wait until Atkins, Michael Johnson or Odom gets a hold of him this year. Then he’ll know he’s not such a big man that can go out raping drunk, underage chicks. Rapistburger is a sleezebag and everyone knows it including the city of Pittsburgh. But it’s ok for you guys to have a rapist on your team apparently. Everyone is now sympathizing with that clown.

  24. Why are white people getting suspended and minorities are not! Big Ben no charges and Lions GM DUI get suspended and Ronnie Brown DUI, Rey Maualuga DUI, Mike Vick at shooting nothing happens! I guess if you a minority you can drive drunk and the commish will do nothing!

  25. BengalsDouche, at least your name is apt.
    How can a Bengals fan ever talk smack? Your team hasn’t had back to back winning seasons since the friggin 1970’s, and haven’t won a playoff game since 1991!!!
    You cheer a team full of criminals and thugs. The NFL poster boys for bad behavior, Tank Johnson, Chris Henry, Odell Thurman, PacMan Jones, Matt Jones, all just absolute filth! Now you have the two biggest dram queen divas with Ocho and TO. It is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
    The facts of the matter on Ben are NO CHARGES because no crime was committed. The DA even said as much, they don’t prosecute morals, they prosecute crimes. Drunk DTF whores who constantly change their story and drop their claims THE VERY NEXT DAY, aren’t very reliable witnesses, or good sources for factual accusations.

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