Rodger Saffold's back injury was minor

On Monday, Rams rookie left tackle Rodger Saffold left practice with a back injury.  It happened when a player fell on Saffold, and coach Steve Spagnuolo called the situation a “concern”.

On Tuesday (as Rosenthal pointed out in the NFC West training camp one-liners), Saffold returned to camp.

“That was good to see,” Spagnuolo said on Tuesday.  “The x-ray was negative, didn’t feel like we had to get to the point to do an MRI.  The doctors and the trainers feel good about it.   It was great to see a young guy bounce back like that.”

So for the Rams, it’s a rare piece of good news.  Even though Paul Allen of KFAN declared earlier today that the Rams have a zero percent chance of winning the NFC West.  (Then again, Allen’s guest at the time declared that there was a zero percent chance Brett Favre would return to the Vikings on the 52-week anniversary of his arrival in 2009.)