Tony Dungy, Rex Ryan use different means toward the same end

We were intrigued by Monday’s remarks from former Bucs and Colts coach Tony Dungy on The Dan Patrick Show regarding the potty mouth of current Jets coach Rex Ryan.  You were, too.  Nearly 200 comments were posted, and many more were deleted, for a variety of reasons, including excessive use of Rex’s favorite word.

Since I’ll be visiting with Dan at 11:35 a.m. ET to discuss the Dungy-Ryan dynamic, I figured it would make sense to have a take on the situation.  And since sometimes the only way for me to have a take is to force myself to write a take, here goes nothing.  Literally.

As we opined in the wake of the Wednesday’s cluster-“F”-bomb debut of Hard Knocks, real life is rated R.  Adults, adolescents, and children routinely use profanity, in pretty much every setting where adults are around other adults, adolescents are around other adolescents, and children are around other children.  Studies have shown that letting the expletives fly helps to relieve stress, so that has been my own excuse for periodically using a four-syllable term that may or may not include a hyphen.

Against that backdrop, we respect anyone who maintains full control of his tongue and vocal cords and, more importantly, who can find other ways to blow off steam — or alternatively who can find a way to avoid letting steam accumulate in the first place.

When it comes down to it, Dungy and Ryan are different people, and they use the methods in which they believe.  Dungy applied a calm demeanor in an inherently stressful and confrontational line of work, and it worked.  Ryan has gravitated toward the other extreme, where most football coaches tend to congregate.  So far for Ryan, it has worked.

So in light of Dungy’s perspective and personal habits, we’re not surprised that he’s disappointed by Ryan’s language, or by his belief that the Commissioner should talk to Rex about toning it down when the cameras are rolling.

And that’s the thing that surprises us the most about the presence in an NFL Films production of rampant profanity.  Even if Hard Knocks is broadcast on the network that brought us a dramatic series in which the “F” word was used as often as the word “the”, Hard Knocks carries the NFL shield.  So if it’s bad for the NFL shield for guys like Ben Roethlisberger to drink like a sailor, why is the NFL shield bulging with pride over a show in which Rex Ryan curses like one?

Feel free to share your views in the comments.  With or without profanity.

99 responses to “Tony Dungy, Rex Ryan use different means toward the same end

  1. Dungy gets a little old after awhile. Thank Peyton Manning for your Superbowl and move on. Overrated, IMO.

  2. We’ve seen Rex Ryan’s act before: Jerry Glanville and Rex’s dad come to mind immediately. Guys like that do not lead their teams to championships as head coaches. Coaching in the NFL is more cerebral — bluster doesn’t get you too far.
    At the end of Rex’s career, I think he’ll be on the short end of the stick in comparison to Dungy: 1 Super Bowl for Tony, 0 for Ryan.

  3. It’s a word. It’s not offending anybody. It’s not racist, sexist, or anything else but a word. And it’s HBO. If the NFL didn’t want their shield attached to a show that contains the F word, it should not have agreed to do it. But it did…knowing full well that the F word would be thrown around. There’s nothing wrong with it. It is HBO…it is R rated…and it is here to stay. Sorry Tony. You don’t like it, don’t watch. Stick to defending dog-torturers instead.

  4. It’s weird to see someone who made his living in a sport where the intent is to flatten your opponent… complain about rough language.

  5. Wrecks Cryin Ryan hasn’t won anything… don’t know why for some of you this is a difficult concept. He’s a blowhard.

  6. I think your taking one extreme to another. I can express my feelings of various different situations by using an action word which is harmless & expected, if you watch the pan cameras on NFL games every Sunday & Monday night.
    To take drink so excessively that I stick my weiner in places that aren’t wanted or to carry out thoughts that have been created due to the severity of alcohol in my system, that is something completely different. Ryan uses action words to get by his point of teaching. Roethlisberger takes an alcohol induced action by revealing his member unnecessarily & unwantedly.
    1 extreme vs another, but not even close in comparison, Seaman Florio.

  7. Tony Dungy let me get this straight…swearing is horribly wrong but dog fighting, dog killing, being a gambling ring kingpin who just had somebody shot at his birthday party is OK…
    Just so I have that correct…

  8. “Adults, adolescents, and children routinely use profanity, in pretty much every setting ”
    Really? Not in the business world. Good way to limit your ability to get promotions.
    But in football? Tony needs to back off on this one. If Rex wants to swear like a sailor, have at it. Not that big a deal.

  9. “So if it’s bad for the NFL shield for guys like Ben Roethlisberger to drink like a sailor, why is the NFL shield bulging with pride over a show in which Rex Ryan curses like one?”
    That’s awful logic, Florio. You know damn well Roethlisberger got suspended not for drinking like a sailor, but for raping women in bathrooms.
    The NFL shield stands proudly over 31 NFL stadiums that all serve outrageously priced beer on which countless fans get drunk and proceed to say things worse than anything Rex Ryan has said on Hard Knocks.

  10. “Adults, adolescents, and children routinely use profanity, in pretty much every setting where adults are around other adults, adolescents are around other adolescents, and children are around other children.”
    Give an example of the research you did to find out all these people routinely use profanity. While almost everyone has used profanity to a greater or lesser degree, rountinely is stretching things.
    So me a person that regularly uses profanity and that person will be someone without enough imagination to be creative in those situations.

  11. According to many, George Allen & Hank Stram were pretty graphic in their use of curse words as well. I guess the only thing that matters is if the players “buy into” what the coach is selling.

  12. I’m sure the jest fans love Rexy and his mouth. The facts are that his coaching legacy is yet to be determined. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I just hope, for his and his fans’ sakes that when all is said and done, Rexy is not known for the same things his father was…a blowhard that as long as the camera’s and mica were not near him, was a decent D coach, nothing more. Dad proved he was not head coach material, which by the way, Tony Dungy certainly has passed that litmus test. I hope for the jests fans, Rex doesn’t take his daddies route to infamy…
    As for my own opinion, I dislike the constant potty mouth types, but that’s me. Doesn’t have anything to to with his ability to coach…we’ll have to see about Rexy…

  13. Everyone should just get a life. What is so wrong with the f__word???? You can’t listen to music or watch movies without hearing it. these people that say frigging could you tell me what word they are thinking about when they say frig—-
    frigging— fudge or buck off.
    Lets all breath now
    And go F___ yourself

  14. So if guys who curse don’t win superbowls I guess John gruden, Brian Billick and bill parcells didn’t win.

  15. I’ll turn the radio up to hear Tony Dungy. I appreciate someone who can speak with clarity and a calm demeanor who also knows his subject matter well.
    I have learned to generally tune out Rex.

  16. And since sometimes the only way for me to have a take is to force myself to write a take, here goes nothing. Literally.
    Have a take…..don’t suck……ha-larious. War goatees that look like vaginas.

  17. Dungy does not deserve a ring. Could you imagine if the bucs had a real coach when they were stacked with talent? How many rings could they have won? I dont know if I could say the same for the colts as I dont think a real coach and peyton could get along(John Elway comes to mind).
    Give Dungy props for riding Peyton for all it was worth. He sure can talk a big game. In the end they are the same. All talk no results one uses fbombs one uses well umm…..

  18. While the cursing doesn’t bother me at all personally, I agree that the NFL needs to pick a standard and stick with it.
    But that’s kind of how it’s been with this NFL regime, pick on certain people and make examples of them and then make excuses or completely ignore the other ones.
    It’s pretty typical.

  19. They will be using different means towards the same end when Rex Ryan gets to a Super Bowl. Until then they aren’t even in the same ballpark.
    I don’t have a particular affinity towards the Colts or Jets, but its amazing to see the anti-Dungy sentiment in most of the comments. All the guy has done is win football games, been a class act, and helped troubled players. Since when is that annoying?
    Personally, Rex Ryan annoys me. He’s abrasive, lacks tact, and appears to have little control over his players. He has shown little interest in furthering the NFL’s image as a business that makes athletes accountable for their actions and the minute things turn south (as they do for any NFL coach) he may find himself with few allies within the organization and certainly within the league.
    That said, there is little question that he is a great defensive mind, just like his father and brother. But football savy alone does not a head coach make. Nobody cared when he was not in the spotlight at Baltimore, but sooner or later the man will burn his bridges for good.
    It does make good TV though, watching Rex Ryan is a lot like watching a slow developing train wreck.

  20. The late George Carlin once said that people who do not use curse words are not as free as everyone else. If Rex Ryan likes using f-bombs, that is fine-it works for him and helps him motivate his team. The NFL does not manage kindergarten programs, the last time I checked. I do not think there is a need for the NFL to censor Rex Ryan. Dungy has a different ‘management style’, but I think his advice is off-base. The league probably already knows that even if it did talk to Rex, the advice would be in one ear and out the other.
    However, were I a parent with young children (less than 9 years old), I would probably not have them watching Hard Knocks with Rex Ryan. The parent is the party who should censor on behalf of their kids. The parent is responsible for what the kid is exposed to, not the NFL.
    The NFL already seems to tolerate a lot of things that most parents would find offensive, like players fighting in strip clubs, DUI, and domestic battery. For the NFL to wink and nod at these things, and suddenly get all parochial about the f-bomb, would be hypocritical. So Dungy, move on from this topic as it is a non-issue. The NFL should keep quiet-the more they say about it, the more it beats a dead horse.

  21. @ andyprough
    We’ve seen Rex Ryan’s act before: Jerry Glanville and Rex’s dad come to mind immediately. Guys like that do not lead their teams to championships as head coaches. Coaching in the NFL is more cerebral — bluster doesn’t get you too far.
    Yeah coaches like Jon Gruden, Bill Parcells, Mike Ditka all put up a terrible act as well. What you’re not understanding that although these guys are intense, they are cerebral as well. Who has been better defensively than Rex Ryan the past 5 years? Nobody. His schemes are genious and he’s a great X’s and O’s defensive coach.

  22. Oh Snap, Dungy overrated? I’m, not going to touch that. However, Mike, how can you equate Rex Ryan’s success level with Dungy’s? Seriously, when is one season at 9-7 the same as 6 straight season of 12 wins or more? There is something to be said for consistency and part of what Dungy did was build an atmosphere that players want to be part of.
    Mr. Andy is right on when he says football is a game that requires good teachers not meat heads barking the same four letter word every sentence. If he were smart he could find some different adjectives to describe his thoughts. By using the same adjective over and over he shows his level of intellect along with anyone else that chooses to talk like that. Ryan for whatever reason chooses to use empty words to motivate his team, proclaiming them Champs already and other predictions that are ridiculous just continue to detract from his credibility as a leader. I hope his players continue to trust him and his stupid predictions because when they don’t come true all hell is going to fall upon them.

  23. Tony Dungy, Rex Ryan use different means toward the same end….
    …except Tony Dungy is sporting a SB ring as a head coach.
    …Rex Ryan is sporting a lap band and is destined for failure because the j.e.t.s….well, you know.

  24. Neither guy could carry the jock of Lombardi, Noll, Walsh, Shula, Halas, or Landry. Those coaches are legends. Dungy and Ryan are media creations.

  25. Two things immediately come to mind about this article.
    1. Dungy is entitled to his opinions, right or wrong, as is everybody. But no man (including Tony) has the right to impose his morals on another. Leave that one to God, if you believe in such, like Tony does.
    2. Last time I checked, this was stil the USA and citizens do have the right to say what they think. If you don’t f*ckin’ like it, don’t listen. Got that one, Tony?

  26. The problem is Dungy being without question the biggest hypocrite in the history of the sport and quite possibly the world. Most of the negative comments toward Dungy, including my own are regarding that point. He stands by Vick even though he used the F activity to spread STD’s knowingly to women but yet when Rex uses the word to display anger or encouragement to other grown men it is somehow wrong.
    That being said, nice post Florio.

  27. Did Rex Ryan take advantage of a girl after he cursed? Are you seriously comparing cursing to what Big Ben did? You are ridiculous Florio.

  28. The problem is if you tell Ryan to tone it down because the cameras are on then us, the viewer, does not get an actual look into the locker room. We would be seeing the edited version which is NFL approved. The league knew what they were getting into when they agreed to let the Jets be the team of focus for this years Hard Knocks, and the fact that the team is actually acting like the cameras aren’t there (as much as they can) is what makes it such great TV. Stop advertising something as “reality” television, but then try to pick and choose what parts of reality or okay. If that is how Ryan actually speaks to his players when the camera is off, then that is how I want to here him speak when the cameras are on.

  29. I certainly applaud Dungy for being wholesome but on the other hand he has no right to judge anybody.

  30. Tony Dungy, Rex Ryan use different means toward the same end.
    Tony built Tampa into a winning team and would have won a SB if the Glazeheads didn’t think the grass was greener on the other side of the street. While Gruden did finish what Tony started, I still look at the Bucs Championship as Tony’s doing.
    Rex has hopes for a SB Champ in NY but if he doesn’t get it this year or close he will be a joke to all. If Rex doesn’t earn a Championship in the next 2 years he will be gone and will be back to the defense coordinator job he should have stuck with.
    Can’t compare Dungy or Ryan at any level YET!
    ps. FU Tony! and May God be with you Rex!

  31. Did Rex Ryan take advantage of a girl after he cursed? Are you seriously comparing cursing to what Big Ben did? You are ridiculous Florio.

  32. Maybe they should ban players from cursing on the field, as well? Hard Knocks is billed as an inside look at NFL training camps. The real question is not if Rex Ryan curses too much, it’s if the NFL/HBO should bleep it.
    Btw right before hard knocks HBO showed naked vampires gettin it on. So on the HBO scale I’d say Rex Ryan is pretty tame.

  33. Rex Ryan represents the NFL and all Dungy is saying is “Does showing coaches and players using a lot of profanity good for the image of the game?” He says no and I agree…Profanity is not allowed on network TV by law for a reason. If the NFL won’t endorse or allow ads on TV for things that are legal because of the image of the game why would you want to show your employees cussing like sailors?
    If I had a 12 year old son who wanted to watch Hard Knocks I would be very upset because I would love to watch with him, but I just couldn’t bring myself to let him watch it…

  34. Two individuals on completely different ends of the spectrum. But for people to get on Dungy for his son’s suicide is just plain dirty. The only thing worse than losing a child is having them grow up to be a Dolphins fan.

  35. I curse like a drunken sailor too amongst other drunken sailors. But not in a corporate meeting or on camera for all the world to hear, especially my bosses, and more importantly my family. Rex needs to tone it down, and Tony needs to lighten up a tad.

  36. I do not totally disagree with your [insert expletive here] take. However, whereas football is such a fast and violent sport, it seems counterintutive and contradictory for those involved to be soft spoken and NICE in their interactions. We expect loud and confrontational and along with that comes f-bombs.
    The real bugger for me was that Dungy thought the commissioner should talk to Rex. I mean geez, are we running a church or a football league.
    I also wonder if Mike Vick doesnt curse a lot.

  37. Dungy answered a question honestly. HOW REFRESHING! Ryan may be working toward the same end, but he’s not there yet, and has a way to go.

  38. Where exactly in the Bible does it say, Tony, that profanity is bad? Oh that’s right, it doesn’t.

  39. So far for Ryan, it has worked.
    If by worked you mean lots of talk without any action to back it up and no superbowl, yep its working great.
    Really though, I am surprised that the NFL is putting up with it with their family image approach, you know they who put on 100 year old singers at halftime so we don’t offend anyone.
    I could really care less, it just makes it that much more fun when the Jets crash and burn and all those who think its just great the way they are acting (looking at you Florio/PFT) will then in a few years start talking bad about his approach while those of us who said it from the start just laugh.
    Cocky for a reason/wins to back it up – ok we’ll deal with it.
    Cocky for no reason/no wins to back it up – hated by mostly everyone
    Lets see them win some hardware before they start talking like they are the next best thing since porn.

  40. Mark this moment down Jets fans,
    I’m on Rex Ryans side on this. He didn’t just begin using expletives this season, thats how he prefers to speak and has for many years
    Yes, it was over the top on Hard Knocks but it is no different than what we have seen on NFL Films except RR had several more F bombs .
    I am so sick of his holier than thou attitude of Tony Dungy over the years. He is terrible on Sunday Night Football. Hopefully this will be his last season and he concentrate on his ministry.

  41. Because it’s football, not golf, or cheerleading, rowing, or chess.
    Yes, you’re right, they are/were using different means to get to the same end, the difference is that one of them (unfortunately the one that rode the best QB of all time to his only superbowl win) is also the one that rides a pretty tall horse. Make no mistake, he is loving every minute of his condescencion being spread far and wide by Mike’s employer, which BTW, is making everyone at NBC/PFT pretty happy. Their crap gets mentioned, and PFT gets a zillion plus hits because it’s a polarizing topic that brings the religious zealouts out, and we all know how they love to get sanctimonious, don’t we Mike?

  42. Dungy will never get any credit from me. Manning ran the offense, and the defense was notoriously terrible….their shortcomings were always made up by Manning’s offense.
    This whole thing seems to be a non-issue. I hate Rex Ryan, but I certainly don’t think less of him because he swears at players. Tony Dungy thinks he’s a combination of Bill Polian and Peyton Manning….he is neither, he simply rode on their coattails to a SuperBowl victory and retired before he got a chance to earn success on his own.

  43. Are you really comparing two rape charges with using language that some prudes and religious zealots find offensive? That’s where the problem lies. Words are just words. It’s actions that count. As a society we focus too much on the meaningless BS, as Dungy is doing here. Tell me: what real, tangible damage does Ryan’s language do?

  44. Wow comparing Rex swearing to Ben raping women? Ben didn’t get in trouble for drinking he got in trouble for sexually assaulting multiple women. The NFL is played by men and men sometimes curse. Not all men do but many men do. Hard Knocks is a behind the scenes look at the NFL. If you censor what happens then you are being big hypocrits. The NFL wants to please their fans and we fans love seeing the behind the scenes stuff, cursing and all. This attitude by Dungy and Florio is why America is becoming a nation of overly sensitive wimps.

  45. @dude17
    the ‘business world’ Go F yourself…people will lie through their teeth while looking you in the eye just for a better percentage but cursing isn’t allowed..get a grip you ****in idiot

  46. “So if it’s bad for the NFL shield for guys like Ben Roethlisberger to drink like a sailor, why is the NFL shield bulging with pride over a show in which Rex Ryan curses like one?”
    If standards are good, then double standards must be TWICE as good… right?

  47. It seems fairly obvious that most fans don’t care too much about the use of F-bombs etc.. So the NFL won’t do anything about it. Remember, GODdell listens to the fans and is their voice. Can we get back to the other “F” posts. You know, Favre????

  48. On a second level… I wonder how Dungy feels abotu Vick dropping the N-Bomb while hanging out with Young Jeezy? I think the N-bomb is far worse and shows far more hate than the F-Bomb.

  49. Dungy would NOT have been successful without Manning, he’s overrated and Dan Patrick, et. al sweat him for whatever reason (we all know the reason)
    He supports Vick, apparently hates gays yet has the audacity to have issues with someone’s language in the NFL?
    Get real Dungy; and he’s a garbage broadcaster.

  50. I have no problem with Dungy being a bible-thumper and conducting himself the way he does.
    I DO have a problem when he starts to tell other people how they should act or how things should be done.
    It is becoming increasingly harder to respect Dungy, he’s just too ridiculous

  51. The NFL is just trying to generate more revenue for itself with these “reality Hard Knocks” crap shows.
    I saw a couple from the Bengals from last year and thought they were pretty stupid. Haven’t watched the episode yet this year and probably won’t.
    Dungy just answered a question the best way he could. Not really using any holier than though stuff.
    He is terrible on TV and should get out of that.
    It would be funny to insert some of Rex’s F-Bombs in between some of Tony’s statements though.
    I’d laugh and blow some snot or something…….

  52. Florio, did you really compare Big Ben raping someone to Rex cursing? Do you really think the league cares about Big Ben drinking, or Big Ben raping? I know it must be hard differentiate the two when you are a giant moron.

  53. I don’t have a problem with cursing. But c’mon. Rexy was showing off for the cameras. No one with any amount of sense has to use the f-bomb THAT many times to get their point across.
    I don’t watch the series so can someone tell me if it was the same the other five seasons it was on? Hard to base an opinion unless you know the past for the show.

  54. What makes me laugh is how short sighted the fans are. 4 years ago, it was the ManGENIUS and the next year, it was the ManGINA. Rex Ryan took over a team that had a hell of a defense and was all but assured of a playoff spot when Favre wouldn’t do the right thing and let them try to make the playoffs with Clemens when he knew that his arm was killing him. Their 9-7 record left them out of the field in a year when 11-5 didn’t get the Patriots into the playoffs but that same 9-7 was hailed as a great triumph in a down year for the AFC.
    I would hold back that HOF bust until 4 years from now (Remember how Jolly Charlie was hailed as the next great Irish coach but then when he had to win with his Hall Of Fame recruits and not the so-called scum of Ty Willingham, he fell flat on his face).

  55. i think there’s been so much backlash towards tony dungy over this non issue because the majority of us are sick and tired of being told how to live our lives by tony dungy and other religious fanatics.

  56. All this is nothing but non sense when you consider that everyone knew what Dungy’s anwer would be, before Patrick even asked the stupid question.

  57. There is no denying that Ryan is a Baffoon…but it is his right to be a baffoon if he wants to be. It is also the Jets right to have a Baffoon as their head coach.

  58. does everything have to be related to ben roethlisberger on this site?
    oh btw florio, pittsburgh fans chanting “we want ben”=he’ll be welcomed to boos? oops wrong again 😦

  59. The NFL obviously knew what they were getting when they asked Rex and the Jets to be on the show.
    They knew they were getting profanity, machismo, and passion, because that is what Rex Ryan brings to the table, and thats what he is trying to ingrain in his team.
    They also knew he was going to bring ratings, publicity, and a bit of controversy to mix things up.
    Would you rather watch Rex Ryan get his boys all fired up dropping f-bombs, or watch Tony Dungy patting Peyton on the back after an int and saying ‘oh gosh, we’ll get it next time’. Both ways may work in coaching, but only one works in television.

  60. I’m very unreligious and I respect and appreciate Dungy’s point-of-view. I’ve got two kids under the age of 8, and I certainly don’t cuss in front of them. My students at school, however, are a totally different story. Just because their parents allow them to talk like trash, the students think it is okay and acceptable to bring the language into the classroom, which it is not… regardless of what the anti-religion zealots think, it is a sense of decency that these people are parading around.

  61. Shouldn’t NFL Films be to blame for shedding the “Shield” in a negative light? Not a Jets fan, but anyone would rather play for Rex Ryan than Monotone Tony.
    Way to take a “Stance” Florio. You really cleared things up in where you stand. Should’ve just said, “I prefer Ryan’s coaching style, but Tony and I are collegues so I love everyone.”

  62. Rex has some entertainment value on Hard Knocks, but when you drop the F-bomb that often it doesn’t resonate when you really want to use it.
    I can hear Rex now in everyday life, “Pass the f’n salt”. “Excuse me, which way is the f’n Bronx Zoo? I want to see some f’n animals.” “Yeah, I’ll take a Roast Beef f’n Sandwich please and hold the f’n Mayo mother f’er… f’n thank you.”
    Really Rex? Just because a camera is on you and it’s on HBO doesn’t mean you need to curse at a rate of 1 profanity per 5 words.

  63. Mikey…..Mike Florio…..Lemme ask you something man….
    Why do you hate the Jets so much?
    Why is there at least 1 article hitting the Jets every damn day?
    You’re like a Dolphins fan, a Pats fan, and a Giants fan all rolled into one.

  64. Honestly, I don’t care what language Ryan uses, BUT, I do care what my 8 year-old son hears. I am a fan of the Hard Knocks franchise and my son is a new hardcore NFL fan, but I will not let him watch Hard Knocks due to Ryan’s language. If an f-bomb flys once in a while, no problem, but Ryan’s language was over the top. Too bad for me and my son and too bad for the NFL. We won’t be watching this season.
    By the way, I was at Eastern Kentucky in 1987 when Rexy was a graduate assistant. Two words come to mind…Goof and Ball.

  65. because cursing like a sailor leads to ratings and maybe a superbowl. drinking like a sailor leads to raping chicks.

  66. If it looks like an overweight, middle aged redneck, waddles like an overweight, middle aged redneck, and sputters profanity like an overweight, middle aged redneck, then chances are it’s an NFL coach.

  67. How much is TD getting paid to be Michael Vick’s caregiver? I lost a tremendous amount of respect when he took that job on. He hasn’t been good at it. Obviously MV doesn’t listen to him..that is if TD actually told him to keep his nose clean.
    The party shooting? MV didn’t have anything to do with it? Tony was right out there giving the press sound bites about Vick not being involved.
    Tony needs to man up with Vick and quit telling others how to run their lives.
    Torturing, abusing and killing dogs (in the most horrific ways that I’ve ever heard of) is a million times worse than saying F**k.

  68. You who think “religious zealots” are the only ppl who have a problem with foul language because God doesn’t like it are pretty short sighted. Take a look at some social statistics and studies and if you think that words are just words that don’t harm our neighborhoods and schools the facts sing a different tune…that being said I’m not going to sit here and point fingers at anyone because I can let some words fly too.
    The league has a little bit of a double standard here. That is what I have a problem with, and that is what Dungy has a problem with. They will promote one thing that is questionable (and illegal to show on network primetime TV) and not promote another because they don’t think it’s good for their image.
    You can say it’s rated R all you want, does that make it any easier when you have 12-13 year old boys begging mom and dad to watch it because they love football…and not being able to because it is filled with words you don’t really want them using…AND thinking if you want to play football or be a coach that is just the way it is and they need to talk that way? How is this good for the league or our young ppl?

  69. How much is TD getting paid to be Michael Vick’s caregiver? I lost a tremendous amount of respect when he took that job on. He hasn’t been good at it. Obviously MV doesn’t listen to him..that is if TD actually told him to keep his nose clean.
    The party shooting? MV didn’t have anything to do with it? Tony was right out there giving the press sound bites about Vick not being involved.
    Tony needs to man up with Vick and quit telling others how to run their lives.
    Torturing, abusing and killing dogs (in the most horrific ways that I’ve ever heard of) is a million times worse than saying F**k.

  70. Did you seriously just make a parallel between the multiple sexual assault accusations against Big Ben and the multiple uses of profanity by Rex?

  71. There was nothing right about Dungy’s remarks. What you heard is what you hear in every camp in football. Maybe it’s the head coach, maybe it’s a position sure as hell comes from the players all the time. You can’t have it both ways. If you want Hard Knocks to show what really takes place then you take the good with the bad. If you don’t then let Hollywood make another movie and call it Hark Knocks.

  72. Rex Ryan does not have the the resume Dungy does so you have to respect Dungy’s opinion, at the same time if I was a professional football player I would rather play for Rex Ryan than Tony Dungy.

  73. I would generally agree with Dungy about the use of profanity. But not in the environment of Football. I have heard people describe the the difference between children and adults is often the use of profanity. A 25 year old child often feels maturity for them is the ability to use as much profanity as possible to offend as many people as possible because they can. While an adults idea of maturity is simply not to offend other people.
    Football is not an adult environment. It is played by children and is the last vestige of stone age tough guy behavior. While I love what football players do for the most part football players are simpletons. The use of profanity to express oneself is lazy, simple juvenile behavior that avoids the thought involved to express oneself better. It fits in perfect with the football environment.

  74. Uh..pretty sure the NFL had a problem with Ben assaulting women, not his drinking. You f*ckin moron!

  75. it’s not rex’s or any of the NFL players jobs to teach your kids how to be respectful adults so stop acting like it is. i grew up watching movies with curse words and sex and drugs but when i cussed or got caught with a girl in my room or with a joint i got my ass beat and i learned my lesson and i didn’t do it again(at least not where my parents could find out) maybe you should stop letting people on TV raise your kids and be parents

  76. Every individual has a right to choose their own set of morals.
    One does not have to be a “Bible thumper” to disagree with Ryan’s continuous potty mouth.
    So Hard Knocks is easy to respond to-it called a clicker.

  77. I highly recommend the following:
    The F-Bomb: A Documentary
    It also might be known as
    (F**k: A Documentary). It was done in 2006.
    It’s hilarious.

  78. You idiots do realize that Ryan was the D Line Coach when the Ravens won the SB right? You do realize that he does have a ring, right?

  79. Dungy and Ryan both have a right to speak as they choose. The issue is the appropriateness of Ryan’s language on the job. As steelermikey said, it’s one thing to curse like a drunken sailor among drunken sailors and another to do it in a corporate meeting or on camera. Most of us are expected to apply some restraint to our language at work. Why should Ryan be any different?

  80. I have not bothered to go through all
    the comments and apologies in advance if it’s already been mentioned (I have better things to do like reading awesome PFT columns…)
    Just felt like pointing out that due to being a minority coach, Dungy pretty much had to do it his way (full of class, respect and sportsmanship) on his way to be a succesfully and employed minority NFL head coach.
    I’m thinking probably Tomlin might be the most potty-mouth minority NFL head coach out there, and likely uses 1/10th the profanity that Rex Ryan exhibited – and does so much more effectively and at opportune times eg. Ben’s stall dates vs eg.Ryan’s once every 5 words.

  81. ps – you have on the one hand, Dungy, leading to inspire countless others outside the NFL to follow him in doing things the right way.
    I have no children at the moment, but I would not have a second of doubt in telling my children to look to Dungy as a person of inspiration.
    And without a doubt, Rex Ryan for any WWE entertainment!!


  83. I’ve been in the Army for over 14 years and heard my share of curse words from commanders, first sergeants, drill sergeants and Soldiers themselves. Used a few myself, but I’ve never used them in Command & Staff or during any professional setting. On the side with the fellas all bets were off. But I couldn’t imagine having the camera on me while conducting training with my troops and dropping f bombs all over the place. Call it self censoring. It really doesn’t have much to do with religion moreso than the image you want to project to those on the outside looking in.
    I also played for Coach Kehres at Mount Union. Another coach is has great success without having to scream, yell, rant and rave. I really can’t remember him cussing much at all. I think his record speaks for itself.
    As for Dungy being overrated. How many SBs has Peyton won without Dungy? Wasn’t that Peyton throwing that pick six that sealed deal in the last SB? Interesting….

  84. Dungy’s an ideologue. He’s right, others are wrong. He’s got the right religion, others are wrong. He does everything honorably, others don’t. Must be tough being so perfect. He even monitors and analyzes what cuss word comes out of another person’s mouth. Wow. If I was his son, I might just kill myself.

  85. East Bay Ray says: August 17, 2010 12:05 PM
    Are you really comparing two rape charges with using language that some prudes and religious zealots find offensive?
    Who has two rape charges?

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