Victor Cruz doesn't plan to be one-game wonder

Years from now, we’ll remember two things about the first pro football game played at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  Eli Manning’s bloody forehead and Giants wideout Victor Cruz.

(We were a little disappointed though that both the Daily News and Post went with “First Blood” as their Eli headline.)

Cruz’s sensational 156-yard, three touchdown effort was weeks in the making

“Justice has been served,” said Tom Coughlin after the game.
“Young man Victor Cruz really has had an outstanding camp. He works his
tail off every day. He’s made a lot of plays this past week.”

An undrafted player out of UMass last year, Cruz has a legitimate chance to make the Giants roster and challenge the players above him for snaps.  He could push Sinorice Moss off the roster, and there have been some suggestions he could have a Domenik Hixon-like role as a returner and No. 4 wideout.

“Growing up, watching the Giants, seeing the blue all my life, I feel like I’m dreaming right now,” Cruz said.

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  1. I don’t care for either team, but it’s good to see him own the Jets secondary after all the smack talk.

  2. Good for him. He really had some sensational plays last night, and if he can do it against starters in the next 3 games, he deserves a roster spot over Sinorice Moss, no question.

  3. It was a nice story until reporters discovered the Dominican immigrant was in fact 34 years old and loaded with performance enhancing drugs.

  4. “And justice prevails”- Quote of Johnny Most, former and deceased Celtics play by play man and the biggest homer in Boston sports media history.

  5. He burned the Rex Ryan d so much firemen fred had to put out the fire.
    If this kid can do it again next week he should knock Moss off not that getting ahead of Moss is that big a deal.
    I wish you luck victor would be great to see another Jersey Guy do well.
    And how about them Jets wow AFC look out Rex is comming
    Now that the game is over will the JETS justs STFU you suck and you always will just like your coach owner and fans
    Jets fans make egals fans look good
    gag green KMA

  6. cool to hear stories about that, I wish him luck, as long as he isnt playing the team I root for…

  7. I’m glad you posted this because before you did I was assuming that he had in fact planned on being a one game wonder, and that seemed kind of strange to me.
    Now that I realize, thanks to this article, that he actually is trying to make the team, the whole thing makes much more sense.

  8. Not that hard when you’re going up against players that won’t even be on the roster in a few weeks.

  9. The Jets have a big brother complex? LoL
    If NY is a Giants town….then NY is definitely up for grabs.
    Giants looked like crap last night, 6 yards and 1 first down in the 1 st quarter LOL….real power house you guys have there.
    The Jets were by far the better team….at least as far as starters were concerned….the Giants only looked good against backups and future grocery baggers.
    Sorgi looked pretty good….against scrubs. How many times did he throw the ball into the ground because he was running for his life?
    Giants fans are in denial if they think for one second they will be able to compete in the division let alone get to the playoffs.
    Cowboys 12-4
    Giggles 10-6
    Skins 9-7
    Gints 4-12
    NY may have been a Giants town once, but the Jets are the new Kings of New York football

  10. Hey Wrathchild- you are clueless. Cruz made the one hand TD and the next catch with Dwight Lowery on him. Lowery played every game the last two years for Jets and started over half of them. The second TD was over Marquice Coleman, who also plays a lot for the Jets. The third one, over Cole was a legit second stringer. The fact is all 3 were on the Jets roster last year and I am strongly certain that all 3 will be on their roster again this year.
    I doubt you could make those catches with your mom covering you in your backyard. Keep hating, Hater, because everyone knows Haters suck.

  11. Beware Da Ware,
    The Cowboys aren’t going 12-4 if they play the way they are now. 0-7 in the red zone through 2 games? At least the Giants have you beat in that category already.

  12. Picking the cowgirls to win anything is so lame. How many times are you allowed to be wrong before you might get it right anyway?
    Last SB title in the NFC East belongs to the G-Men.

  13. @Coach
    Curious you left out the blatant facemask grab Cruz applied to Lowery with that one hand catch, and if not facemask AT LEAST pass interference on the offense.

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