Jets still hope to trade Kellen Clemens

With Mark Sanchez locked in as the starting quarterback and Mark Brunell secure as the No. 2, the New York Jets don’t have much use for Kellen Clemens.

So Rich Cimini of reports that when the Jets gave Clemens ample playing time in the preseason opener, it wasn’t about getting him reps with the Jets’ receivers. It was about showcasing him for a trade.

The Jets tried to trade Clemens before the draft and couldn’t find a team that wanted him, and they’re still trying. Clemens understands that all he can be as long as he’s with the Jets is a third-stringer.

“As far as I know, the No. 1 and 2 spots are pretty locked up,” Clemens said.

And the trade talk is the latest sign that the No. 3 spot may go to Kevin O’Connell, and that the Jets’ 2006 second-round pick is on the way out.

32 responses to “Jets still hope to trade Kellen Clemens

  1. I expect that either the Bengals pony up or they will one of the first to call after the Jets let him go. I just can’t see them going into the season with their backups unless they can’t get him.

  2. Remember Merrill Hodge said Clemons was better then Aaron Rodgers coming out of college.
    Then again Merrill Hodge knows zip.

  3. would rather have him than brunell as the #2, but their screwed if sanchez gets hurt regardless. O’Connel looked godawful against g-men scrubs

  4. No depth on this rag tag jets team. I see injuries coming their way and leading to 6-10.
    More in line with their history.

  5. Moronic, they should keep Clemens. Brunell looked like crap. Clemens could probably do just a good a job as El Nacho… GO JETS

  6. Could start in Buffalo, San Fran, Cleveland, Denver, Carolina and Arizona.
    Better backup than what either Mannings have right now.

  7. FireJerryJones,
    He would not start in San Fran and would be a downgrade from David Carr as the backup. Also no chance he starts over Clemens in Denver because Orton is a solid underrated QB. He would be an upgrade over Brady Quinn though. I also disagree with Carolina. Matt Moore is alot better than Clemens. Arizona could use him as well as the Bills, Bengals, Colts, Patriots, Redskins, Packers, Bears, Rams, and Saints.

  8. Well almost every other veteran QB has turned down the Bears so maybe he will turn them down too.

  9. clemens would make a good backup for most teams in the league…can’t see him starting anywhere. he couldn’t start for carolina, that’s stupid. he’d have to fight to even be a number 3 in carolina

  10. I think the Colts would be a great option for him as a #2. The Colts won’t trade for him, but I think it would really help Kellen’s career to have Manning as his mentor.

  11. Clemens is not a good QB. No way he is a starter and back-up is a stretch for most teams. I doubt the Jets will get hardly anything for him.

  12. “Buffalo would seem likely. For a 6th perhaps? Why not?”
    Why not wait until they cut him and it would cost nothing.

  13. Bengals could stand a solid backup behind Palmer, but Mikey very seldom makes player for player trades.. Wait till he screws up and gets busted for something first so Mikey can rehab him of all his sins. LOL

  14. At this point I hope the Jaguars take a flyer on either Clemmons, or Quinn. They’re better than what we have.

  15. Houston would be a good place for him. Matt Schaub has no legit back-up, and has had an injury history in the past. Plus, Gary Kubiak might be able to get more out of him as a former QB. Just a thought.

  16. Make a move Mikey, JT and Jordan are not the answer for clipboard carriers. Pipe dream, but what the hell, bring him in

  17. This doesn’t make sense. Brunell is a dinosaur and is one hit away from retirement himself. Clemens is a younger guy familiar with the team, system, players…. Why would you trade him away? He’s not much of a cap hit either, and you generally need 3 QBs…

  18. I just heard Snyder offered the Jets a 1st round pick and are offering Clemens $45 mil over 5 years…….

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