Marcus McNeill, A.J. Smith meet

NFL_mcneill_250.jpgWith linebacker Shawne Merriman recently signing his restricted free agent tender, the next guy in the door could be left tackle Marcus McNeill.

Or maybe not.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports that McNeill met Wednesday with G.M. A.J. Smith.

Per Acee, the session produced “nothing tangible,” and no movement toward a long-term deal.  McNeill reportedly requested the meeting so that he could communicate to Smith that the player and his agent are in “lockstep.”  Late last month, signs of dysfunction emerged regarding the role of agent Alvin Keels, with agent Jason Fletcher getting involved and Keels awkwardly contradicting himself as to whether Fletcher was authorized to be involved.

It appears that McNeill readily would accept the one-year, $3.168 million tender offer that was on the table until June 15, when the team exercised its right under the labor deal to reduce the tender to 110 percent of McNeill’s 2009 base salary, which equates to $630,000.  The Chargers are now unwilling to increase the offer from $630,000.

Recently, the Chargers sent a letter advising McNeill that, if he doesn’t report to the team by August 20, he’ll be placed on the roster-exempt list, which as a practical matter compels McNeill to report by Week 7, not by Week 10, in order to secure a year of credit and become eligible for unrestricted free agency in 2011, if the new rules permit unrestricted free agency upon the accrual of five or more years of service.

29 responses to “Marcus McNeill, A.J. Smith meet

  1. A.J. Smith does NOT cave. Just ask every great player he’s run out of town for the sake of principle.

  2. Apparently McNeill has been home in Atlanta during this whole mess and flew out just for this meeting. Seems a bit funny for him to fly out just for a “what’s up with you.”

  3. Lol way to try the “I didn’t really mean it” card Marcus! Guess you got tired of hearing ur woman yell at you for giving up 3.2 mil lol

  4. Yup. McNeill and Jackson have derailed their own careers for no good reason. I’d bet you the Chargers don’t WANT them back, at any price; if MM signed, they’d just trade him.

  5. If McNeill is truely willing to accept the tender offer originally offered, the Chargers would be wise to consider it. Sending a message is one thing, getting your QB killed would be far too costly.

  6. A.J. Smith continues to run the program into the ground. A banged up quarterback for $630,000.00. Smith is a genius.

  7. Mike you may want to re-read the CBA. If a player does not play during the final year of the current (final) CBA year the team retains the rights to the player regardless of tenure in the league. Accrued service while important gets trumpt by not reporting this year for those seeking UFA status.

  8. Im sure Marcus wants a bazzillion but AJSmith does seem to be putting the poop to the Chargers.

  9. Can’t imagine AJ would hold him to the 630,000 on principle alone. Other players will take notice.

  10. Yeah, what does AJ expect to accomplish here? They simply can’t sign him for $630,000. He’s their starting left tackle and they feel that Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback in this league. He’s a pro-bowl player and you need to pay him so he doesn’t let Rivers get blindsided and injured like LT did to Theismann. If I thought I was worth more than you originally offered to pay me and you end up offering me 19% of that original figure, I’d slack off in key situations to the franchise’s goals simply to send the “f*ck you” message across loud and clear.

  11. COLTS! Offer the Chargers a 2011 first rounder for McNeill! You’re just going to draft an OL anyways…get him a year sooner!

  12. I pray AJ puts his ego aside and signs MM. I love that dude and he is one of the best LTs in the league. If he doesn’t sign him and Rivers gets hurt from a blind-side hit I will scream for AJ’s head.

  13. Just sign for $ 630,000 Marcus and then become a free agent next year. Of course you need to be careful not to get injured playing for $ 630,000, so when a DE comes at you just step aside and let him have a free run at Rivers.

  14. If he wants the one-year, $3.268 million tender offer that was on the table until June 15, he should have signed it when he had the chance.

  15. The Chargers are going to be just fine. You guys are morons. Jamal Brown got hurt for the Saints, they plugged in freaking Jerron Bushrod at LT and won a Super Bowl. The Colts have rotated a hodge podge of dudes at the LT position and remain one of the few teams that can realistically win a Super Bowl. It all rests at the feet of the QB. Top notch QBs get rid of the ball and make average WRs look like Pro Bowlers.
    Only Manning, Brady, Brees, Rapistberger, Favre, Rivers, Rodgers, Romo, Eli, Schaub, Ryan, Flacco have a chance to win a SuperBowl this year…and Sanchez just because his defense and OL/running game are very good….everybody else, I’m sorry but your season is over before it even started.

  16. Honestly, McNeill is a decent LT but not all that great. He’s a better pass blocker than run blocker, and for his size he should be a super freakazoid out there. I’ve always like McNeill’s demeanor, but the guy is injured a lot and seems to expect great money for essentially have one great season (rookie).

  17. What the hell is Marcus’ agent doing? Why isn’t Keel there? Maybe he’s afraid of AJ’s bite? MMc agent has done his client wrong and should be fired.

  18. If Mac would have just signed tha damd tender in the first place he wouldn’t be in this mess. AJ does not cater to players, sorry. And to the original commentor, who has AJ “ran out of town”, LT? Donnie Edwards? Has beens. LT should have been released when he and Michael Turner were at a crossroads with the team. Another poster said, “were gonna get our qb killed”. Must have missed Brandyn Dombrowski neutralize julius peppers in the pre season opener. Yeah, it was pre season, but that was still Peppers getting shut down by a Charger left tackle not named McNeill. He will not get a sniff of that 3.92 mil this year, and he will come in by week 7 and gets his 630k. That’s how AJ has always rolled.

  19. According the Kevin Acee from SD U-T, McNeill reiterated at the meeting that he would not play for the original tender of $3.2 million.

  20. You’re SO full of it Foolio. There is absolutely zero evidence to suggest that the Chargers wouldn’t take McNeill back for his original tender, nor is there any evidence that McNeill would accept it. If he was willing to sign for that amount he would have signed months ago.
    Typical sensationalist BS from MF, and the peanut gallery eats it up as ammo against AJ Smith.
    Who has he run out of town for the sake of principle, poo flinger?

  21. The players have gotta stop listening to their agents so much, giving them bigger egos than they already have. I still think the chargers are good enough to reach SB without these guys. Both Vee-Jay-Jay and M&M should’ve taken their millions when they had the chance, especially with a lockout looming next year. Which is exactly why AJ Smith doesn’t want to sign them long term this year. Merriman came to his senses, these 2 may not.

  22. bad sign when you dontwant to sign your all pro left tackleby the way l.t looks good in a jet uniform

  23. The way I see it AJ Smith’s ego is going to desimate one of the
    greatest teams ever.Smith fires a coach who goes 14-2 & then keeps
    a guy who goes 8-8 and makes one of the worst coaching calls in
    playoff history with an onside kick against the jets who for the most part of the game couldn’t even get a first down.Spanos needs a new
    GM that is about the team and not themselves.

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