Redskins' Trent Williams faces reckless driving charge

Redskins offensive tackle Trent Williams, the fourth overall pick in this year’s draft, is facing a reckless driving charge in connection with a June incident that escaped attention at the time.

Williams was pulled over in Fairfax County at 1:10 a.m. on Sunday, June 6 and ticketed for going 90 miles an hour in a 55 zone, the Washington Post reports.

Williams’ lawyer, Mark R. Dycio, said Williams “looks forward to his day in court.”

Williams’ day in court will take place next week. If convicted Williams would likely have his license suspended for six months.

45 responses to “Redskins' Trent Williams faces reckless driving charge

  1. Virginia traffic cops suck. They are super strict because of the super strict traffic laws in Virginia.
    That being said, there really isn’t any excuse for going 90 in a 55 unless there is some kind of emergency, and that does not appear to be the case here.
    THAT being said, I do not think this can be filed under the category of “character issue,” “me first mentality,” or anything else other than boneheaded driving.
    I hope that the rookie and new Virginia resident has learned his lesson not to push the limits with speed, especially in Virginia. I know I sure did when I got a reckless driving ticket in 2008 for doing 85 in a 55.

  2. I know its nothing to him but if you get a ticket for doing 10+ miles over the speed limit in VA its an automatic $3,500 fine…

  3. chiefs2010, seriously? F this dude for speeding. I guess you have never been pulled over before. God forbid you were out past 1 am. Some people on this site. sheeesh.

  4. I love va cops baby, always keep you on your toes when driving anywhere.
    Danrooney you are the lesser of the two Dans. Hail

  5. Yeah like this is a big issue, he is a rookie. It’s not a DWI-VA has harsh traffic laws. If it was MD, he would have been caught by the BS speeding cameras…

  6. The_Mond is right. I’m an eagles fan so I wouldnt boycott the nfl if they suspended him, but he’s far from the only guy doing 90 on the toll road. And there’s plenty of blind spots for the cops to hide behind – free money for the county. Rookie (to northern VA) mistake.

  7. was fat albert in the passenger seat? wendys closes at 1:30 so trent had to get fat albert’s order in before closing….LMFAO. joke of an org….bunch of criminals on this team…..

  8. He was on the Dulles Toll Road, a highway built for speed. 80 – 90 in a 55 on there is normal. Who cares what time of night it was.

  9. Nothing good happens after should be home in bed…..
    The only things you’re doing out that late are the things you shouldn’t be doing…
    Probably racing Haynesworth to the all-nite Krispy Kreme shop!!!!!!!

  10. boysroll, or more like fail
    He was speeding to the hospital with half your offensive line to drop them off…

  11. CHIEFS 2010, would you rather him be driving like that at 3 or 5 p.m. when school and work get out?? It seems to me like 1 in the morning is a PERFECT time for that kind of driving.

  12. DanSnyder says:
    August 18, 2010 7:26 PM
    I love va cops baby, always keep you on your toes when driving anywhere.
    Danrooney you are the lesser of the two Dans. Hail

  13. It’s not Virginia traffic cops. It is specifically Virginia Highway Patrol and Fairfax County Police are Traffic Nazis and pull over and ticket as many as they possibly can and have a working agreement to bust as many speeders as they possibly can. Fairfax is VA’s richest city and them giving out more tickets than any other county by far might have a little something to do with it.

  14. Hell…….what’s the sense in buying a high priced performance car, if you can’t drive it for the reason it was built. Yeah, i know it doesn’t mention the type of vechile, but i doubt it was a Prius…

  15. I’m a VA native and lifetime Skins fan. 90 in a 55 is ridiculous wherever you live. Anyone that is ok with this careless driving shouldn’t be driving either. It isn’t the states fault he got caught. It’s not the cops fault they have to monitor the carelessness of todays generation on the highway. The nerve of you guys blaming the law after he put peoples life at risk. What if it was your Mom or wife or even daughter on the road with this kid. Are you willing to risk there life for his ignorance? That is part of what is wrong with this country is people have no regard for the law or since of responsibility. I love the Skins and always will but, he should spend a weekend in jail, go to a safe drivers course, and then pay the maximum fine due to his salary. Thank God for the officer that pulled him over before someone was killed or mamed.

  16. Yeah Bake that’s what he was doing, what a stupid remark same with boysblow. You wished that 1st round pick was for a 0-lineman rather than a risky WR…

  17. Boys roll why do you always say what a joke of an organization, get a life champ stop hatin on the Skins all ur life. Ur team goes goes from once being americas team to finally winning one playoff game in 15 yrs, ur coach is a bum and ur qb sucks, your fans are bandwagon jumpers I kno cus there use to be a lot of Dallas fans in DC but they all left to be on the Nations team the”Real Americas Team”. The Skins babi or the Ravens.

  18. way to butcher the language rustafa…3rd grade stuff, but at least you didnt say “wut” or “dem”

  19. if I ask most of you ” what is the most common cause of car accidents/fatal car accidents?” I would bet my mortgage that most of you, Florio included, would say drunk driving!
    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number 1 cause of accidents is DISTRACTED DRIVERS (cell phones, texting, music, kids in the back, bitching girlfriend etc). The number 2 cause of accidents is DRIVER FATIGUE. The number 3 cause of accidents is SPEEDING.
    I hope that the smart of you will get the point. Where is drunk driving, you may ask. Drunk driving is only at the number 6 spot.
    Now, ask yourself, why DUI is a crime and not driving and texting? OR speeding? or lack of sleep? After all, they send you to jail because drinking and driving is very dangerous to society!!! Why then, they don’t send to jail speeders or texting drivers?
    Because you are all suckers of a corrupt justice system that tries to find easy scapegoats.

  20. Nothing good happens at 1am.
    Kudos to him for being sober.
    55mph is freeway speed in some areas, doubt it was a commercial or residential area. If he broke 100 he’d be in deep doodoo.
    25mph+ equals reckless charge, likely will be plead out to community service and a fine, or just a fine and traffic school.

  21. Sorry FinFan, I hope you feel better about yourself by missing the context of my post and grading it. God Bless!

  22. I completely get your point…but the political garbage should be saved for a political blog. He was stupid to drive that fast and it may possibly get him into trouble with the league, anything beyond that, is just an attempt to impose your values on others. I agree with most of what you wrote. Yours was not nearly as jaded as what aaav6 wrote 🙂

  23. So did anyone bother to read the linked story?
    “Officers may write tickets for reckless driving, rather than speeding, for anyone driving 20 or more miles per hour over the speed limit. In Fairfax, prosecutors will request a day of jail time for every mile over 90 miles per hour, so Williams will not face that. But, if convicted, he probably will have his driver’s license suspended for up to six months.”

  24. boysroll–Is that the best you got? A team full of criminals? Who? A guy who got a speeding ticket? The Moss/doctor thing? Let me remind you of a few names you’ve obviously forgotten:
    Michael Irvin –coke and whores in the hotel room.
    Nate Newton–he needed all that weed for his glaucoma, right?
    Peppi Zellner–crack cocaine with intent to distribute.
    Dwayne Goodrich–2 counts of manslaughter after Hit-and-Run accident.
    PacMan Jones–well you know
    Terry Glenn–(2001)assaulting mother of his child.(2005)public intoxication.(2009)wandering naked through a hotel, drunk and stoned.(2010)auto theft.
    And most recently Deon Anderson–arrested 2/2/10 on traffic warrants discovered by police,who were called to a disturbance between Anderson and a restaurant staff.
    Yeah, but our guy gets a speeding ticket and you call him a criminal.
    You’re a phucking tool. I can’t wait to see what you post after game 1. Start thinking of some good excuses why you lost. D.O.U.C.H.E.B.A.G!

  25. Jaded? That’s a very complex word. Hard to really interpret. If you mean “fatigued due to excess effort”, that, I will give you 🙂

  26. boysroll says:
    LMFAO. joke of an org….bunch of criminals on this team…..
    Just so I have this straight…you’re a Dallas fan busting about ‘criminals on this team’. I’m sure the irony is lost on someone of your intelligence.

  27. (Guilty 4-6 weeks.)
    umm, i do believe that he wont be spending jail time, likely a hefty fine and a dont do it again type of deal.
    (“Yet another reason why the skins were ruh-tarded to pass Russell Okung up…”)
    yeah, if the Redskins drafted Okung, he wouldn’t have fit in the offense and would’ve been a bust. Williams fits the offense perfectly, it’s only a reckless driving charge, not a DWI or anything that will get him 5-6 years.

  28. @boysroll
    Dude, ur a joke. U make stupid coments all the time! The Cowboys have NEVER had any problems as an org. I can’t and won’t name all the losers the Cowboys have signed throughout the years. Go away Little Boy

  29. Aaav6:
    You start off by saying the most common reason for car accidents is fatigue and not paying attention. All the while downplaying the risk of DUIs.
    DUIs aren’t as common as the other things, but you would be stupid to not think its less dangerous.

  30. # buddha says: August 18, 2010 7:52 PM
    CHIEFS 2010, would you rather him be driving like that at 3 or 5 p.m. when school and work get out?? It seems to me like 1 in the morning is a PERFECT time for that kind of driving.
    You’re def not from the area, good luck getting over 15mph from 3-5pm.

  31. COming from a resident of VA and frequent 495, 95 traveler….
    Ok first of all, he should have not been doing 90- at 1am in the the morning.
    BTW… Virginia Highway Patrol??? LOL its the state police that mans the roads in VA, same goes for Maryland too. The Maryland and Virginia State Police Depts are prolly the most strict when it comes to speed. The cops will let speed slide when there is 3 wide and all traffic is moving. But, don’t ever drive over 70 or drive reckless on 495, 95, 395 etc. You will pay.
    Also, 3,500 for a speeding ticket? Ummm no… that’s automatic for people going 100 mph and over.. Get your fact straight before you go on here and fly off the handle.

  32. Terp…you forgot the most egregious offense by a Cowboy…
    Erik Williams…keeping a 14 year old girl hostage in his house as a sex slave…and the cops noticed her as they were driving away from his house as she was trying to get their attention from an attic window.
    Only on the Cowboys.
    America’s “Most-Wanted” Team.

  33. I’ve lived in Fairfax County almost all of my life. Does Silverback deserve a slap on the wrist for doing 35 over the speed limit? Yes. I don’t fault the Fairfax County Police officers for that.
    But, I will say this.
    The State of Virginia divies up the budget for roads equally amongst every county. Fairfax County gets the same money as bumf_ck counties in southern VA. So, Fairfax County makes up for the short-comings by making the cops write as many tickets as they can. Hence a million and one different speed traps in Fairfax County.
    My favorite: A cop with radar gun in hand, standing 50 feet behind a speed limit sign that drops the limit by 10mph. Route 123 going from Tysons into Vienna is the perfect example (#1 Cash Cow of all the speed traps in Fairfax County).
    But, I have a solution. Become a volunteer fire-fighter. Put in 20 hours a month (for a good deed), and get out of EVERY ticket by handing the officer your fire-fighter ID.

  34. LOL it’s only a speeding ticket.. I Think it’s pretty funny to see the hate out there for the Redskins in general. Anything at all is mentioned about a Redskins player even a speeding ticket and it’s bad news.
    Russell Okung is not NEARLY as athletic as Trent Williams he wouldn’t fit the scheme and he’s not as good as Williams. 4-6 weeks? Did he rape anyone while speeding? Maybe he was speeding because he had his posse shoot a dude outside of a club??
    Boystool- You are the biggest loser out there. Your annoying even on a football blog I know you are hated and have no friends and no life, maybe you should atleast change your favorite team if you want to talk about criminals, your a damn moron.

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