The 49ers won't promise Brian Westbrook a backup job

The 49ers have promised Brian Westbrook a roster spot by guaranteeing his $1.25 million base salary, but they won’t hand him the backup running back job.

“It’s not an open-and-closed deal,” offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye said Wednesday. “I think Anthony Dixon is
very much in the running for vying for time at that position as the guy
who goes in and replaces Gore.”

Dixon provides the power, while Westbrook can play on passing downs.  The 49ers should have a nice little running back committee should Gore get hurt.  The question is whether the 49ers will use Westbrook much if Gore stays healthy. 

While The Inconvenient Truth is a large man, he’s a terrific pass catcher.   Considering Westbrook’s history, the former Eagle may best be used as a high price insurance policy that the 49ers only use if they absolutely have to.

26 responses to “The 49ers won't promise Brian Westbrook a backup job

  1. 49er fans were praising Westbrook for holding out for the 9ers rather than the Rams or Skins – where he might actually play. Instead, it seems Westbrook took the 9ers job with full knowledge that he will barely play at all. There some great motivation.

  2. 1.24 is cheap insurance for a backup player as skilled and versatile as westbrook is in both the running and passing games.

  3. 1. Westbrook knew this coming in
    2. Did you NOT see Dixon run last wknd?
    Stop trying to stir up crap. Get a real job cuz apparently you have too much time on your hands

  4. Dixon looked great against 2nd and 3rd stringers, just like Nate Davis did.
    Let’s not anoint anyone yet! If Dixon pans out and can play like he did against 1st stringers then we’ll have a small party though.

  5. “v# Sactown49er says: August 18, 2010 8:55 PM
    1. Westbrook knew this coming in
    2. Did you NOT see Dixon run last wknd?
    Stop trying to stir up crap. Get a real job cuz apparently you have too much time on your hands”
    HAHa.. I agree with you..

  6. This is just pure, pure spin.
    Raye is just emulating the same mentality Singletary uses — perform or get out of line.
    Of course Westbrook is going to be the #2. I’m sure Raye has already banged out some packages that will put Gore and Westy on the field at once. Westbrook will see a lot of 3rd downs and be a safety valve for Smith.
    Bringing in Westbrook allows the coaching staff to keep Dixon coming along without risk or urgency.
    Dixon will be the #3 as he learns blitz pick ups and pass protections. He will be used situationally if he keeps performing in the preseason.
    In the end, there is zero chance Westbrook isn’t utilized, regardless of his “official” roster spot.
    Nice try, PFT.

  7. Hey Sactown49er
    “Stop trying to stir up crap. Get a real job cuz apparently you have too much time on your hands”
    This is his real job and this is what he does for his job. Apparently u have too much time on your hands getting worked up over westbrook or coffee or dixon, who cares they should all retire.

  8. Stay classy, 9er fans. I once liked the 9ers for their fans and their city, but the new generation of trashtalkers forget they haven’t won anything in a long time. Right now it’s just a lot of hot air. It’s the 9er fans trying to stir up chit, but until they win something, they are just a big yawn.

  9. Jack Acid couldn’t agree more with your 2nd paragraph.
    Bigbluefla obviously your one of those clowns that can’t kick knowledge so you try n run your mouth. Make a football point or shut up cuz ur the same guy that would say tha same thing I did if they were talking about one of your garbage teams, who you were too cowardly to represent.
    Kick rocks son…

  10. The general consensus appears to suggest there will be no injuries during the regular season. That remains to be seen. Having Brian Westbrook on your offense is a gift. The fact he may be used sparingly means that the 49ers accept that he is a fragile commodity.
    He can still be used in a couple of series late in the game changing the outcome. I wish Brian good luck and good health this year.

  11. PirateFreedom says:
    August 18, 2010 8:43 PM
    1.24 is cheap insurance for a backup player as skilled and versatile as westbrook is in both the running and passing games.
    Acers says: Pirate, the key word is “WAS”.
    Westbrook WAS skilled and versatile…..he just doesn’t have it anymore…..he and LT go hand in hand this year…….out of the league by next year.

  12. You gotta love fans of other teams who come onto Niner posts yet call us trash talkers. If you dont like what we say….get off our post.

  13. @dhb-butterfingers: Well it kind of depends on which way you hold him up. He’s barely 5’9 but he’s probably close too 220 pounds..

  14. Im excited to see what Westbrook is capable of doing. Sure he’s injury proned but Ill take a proven backup to Frankie G and day.

  15. From an avid fan to all you 49’ers fans. You got a probowl rb on the cheap. Congrats! B West is first class all the way.

  16. watching Westbrook play his whole career in Philly i can tell you he is a great coming out of the backfield or split out as a receiver.He is on of the best RB’S i have ever seen at picking up the blitz on passing plays. i still wish the birds would have kept him as a back up, he can still pl;ay just watch and see…i will be rooting for him

  17. he can play but hes injury prone 3RD down situations are ideal for him at this juncture of his career…….westbrook should see that

  18. Does anyone besides me see the potential this brings 2 the team? Brian Westbrook, I have admired his style since the Washington days and his toughness. Since when did we down talk players 4 givin it 110% and then gettin hurt because of it. Not every player is made of steel. No one writin on this page has played in the NFL so why trash someone who made it? Niners will confuse Ds every game, mixin Moran 2 block for Gore and Dixon, while using BWest as a 3rd DB(duh), then running wit BWest wit either Gore or Dixon in Split backs wit 2 TE set for possible runs up the gut or quick outs! The adding of West wasn’t 2 provide solid, hard running as much as it is 2 provide a person who understands the game and can catch then turn up field. Every yard counts. Plus imagine what Ds would do knowin they wanna cover CTree while runnin downfield, Davis over the middle, JMorg running slants, BWest on the flat, oh or is Gore gunna run it up the middle! Walker is even good in an offense like this! Teddy can fill for JMorg if need 2 spread the D deeper. Dixon is strong enough 2 pound it up the middle when u take the receiver corp they have that takes the DBs and Safeties out deep! Ur playin 8 on 6. Unstoppable and I will forever keep the faith! This Niners team is bein build like a game of chess. Moves are solid, thought out, and strategic. A couple more moves and Checkmate! Live from Kyle, Tx I know what I’m talkin about.

  19. I agree… There’s way too many offensive weapons for Alex, Nate, Carr… AnyQB in the League, CFL, UFL or XFL could take advantage lol it’s going to be like taking candy from a baby that is opposing defenses.
    …and we have our D to get the ball back in a hurry to score more points

  20. have been a 49er fan since 1986 have been thru lot of ups and downs but wouldnt be a true fan if i gave up players come and go just gonna take it one game at a time. still a number one team but with salary caps and free agency hard to keep good teams together for to long. they will be back looking good for this year so far

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