After 16 years, Jason Whitlock leaves the Kansas City Star for FOX

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  This isn’t a football story, per se.  But Jason Whitlock has developed into one of the most influential voices in all of the American sports media, and he spent 16 years covering the Chiefs for the Kansas City Star.

There won’t be a 17th, and a source close to Whitlock tells us that he’ll be taking a full-time position with  Given FOX’s recent push toward online video, look for Whitlock to be doing a lot more than writing columns.

And here’s where it gets good.  Whitlock has arranged for three hours of radio time, via our pal Nick Wright’s weekday show at KCSP, to talk about the situation.  (The show also will be broadcast on local television.)  Dubbed “The Explanation” in a nod to the LeBron fiasco, the first hour will be a monologue from Whitlock, the second hour will feature an interview of Whitlock by Wright, and the final hour will be opened up for calls.

Three hours.  Three.  To explain Whitlock’s departure from the Star.  Given that Whitlock can create a major buzz in less than three minutes, we’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a damn compelling three hours.  And it all begins tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. ET, 3:00 p.m. CT.

56 responses to “After 16 years, Jason Whitlock leaves the Kansas City Star for FOX

  1. Sorry to say, Whitlock is a rascist, or attempts to find racial overtones in almost every story he covers. In fact, FOX does not even allow comments on his posts – which they do allow for every other columnist. When they have allowed comments, a large number of readers are offended by his racial slant on every story. He is FOX’s token homeboy. He recently commented that if Farve was black, he would never be allowed to create the distraction of his delayed decision. Oh no? I guess Whitlock slept through ‘The Decision’ wherein LeBron skewered the city of Cleveland on live television.

  2. Whitlock can create a major buzz because he can say what ever he wants to say about blacks and it’s ok because he’s black.

  3. When he isn’t race baiting/whining he writes a good column. Always wondered why he was working for a KC paper, surprised he wasn’t picked up nationally sooner other than the part time stuff at Fox.

  4. Whitlock is going to start losing relevance if he keeps making every story about race, especially when the story isn’t even remotely about race. He has a story listed on the MSN home page to talk about if Favre is getting treated well because he is white.
    I didn’t even bother to read the article because the premise is so absurd. I don’t know what rock he’s been living under, but Favre takes a lot of criticism in the press. Heck, the way to make a story on a slow day for a writer or commentator is to bash Brett. Fox writers in particular seem to dislike Brett, so it just makes it even more nonsensical to suggest he gets preferential treatment in the press. NFL Network even has a video of Rod Woodson saying he doesn’t respect the way Brett is handling himself.

  5. For the pool for when Jason Whitlock throws out something about racism that has nothing to do with racism, put me down for 3 minutes in. And I think I may be over by about 3 minutes…

  6. Whitlock is awesome! Always insightful, edgy, and thought provoking. One of the few writers online I go out of my way to read. It’s Whitlock and Gregg Doyle. Damn the rest!

  7. This ought to be good. Love him or hate him, Whitlock is clearly one of the best sports columnists in the country. I can’t believe the KC Star actually had two of the best (Whitlock & Joe Posnanski) and now they have none. The thing I will miss most is his grading of the Chiefs after the season. He brought out some truly hilarious sayings for that every year …. like ‘custom-fit clown suit’

  8. I think it’s football news… I like Jason’s stories… sometimes he kind of starts shit for no reason but I still think he’s a good writer… I’ve been seeing him more and more on video too, so your probably right… good for Jason

  9. I love Big N!! He needs to write a column every day. Hes the only person out there who speaks the truth. Florio you arent worthy of wiping his huge ass!!!

  10. great writer. covered the chiefs in a unique, biting, real way. and is a good social commentator. he was too good/big for KC. i am surprised it took himthis long. he is a talent, and he deserves this. plus, he got me into “The Wire”.

  11. He have a way with word….But I personally DETEST him.
    but um, he IS right about Brett Farve getting special treatment in the NFL because he generate ratings.
    Don’t worry, He’ll throw another INTERCEPTION to end his career again….can’t wait to laugh at him – again.

  12. I am so full of not caring about this. So full. I just felt like sharing that with everyone. Thank you for your time.

  13. He’s occasionally funny, but even Jesse Jackson told him to tone down the race baiting a little.

  14. It takes Whitlock 2.5 hours to eat dinner and 30 minutes to explain why he left the dying paper for new media! Really what a suprise

  15. stiller43 says:
    August 19, 2010 11:19 PM
    Who the hell is Jason Whitlock?
    Google “Fat Albert” and there you go. LOL
    If it’s possible for someone to be both an Uncle Tom and a racist, then Whitlock fits the description.

  16. He’s going to announce that the Buffalo Bills have come to terms with Jeff George to be their starting quarterback this year.

  17. I’m a white guy and Whitlock got on my nerves at first, but I realized he usually makes a lot of sense.
    Oh, and anyone thinking Farve wouldn’t get treated different if he weren’t white is a moron. He gets some flak from the media, but it’s all jokey “HEY FAVRE IS FAVRE HURR DURR” type stuff. Can you imagine if Donovan McNabb pulled this crap? Hell, “serious” sportswriters are debating about whether TO should be in the hall of fame for the primadonna antics that Favre has been pulling every year.
    People who complain about Whitlock writing on race are the type that bury their heads in the sand to avoid having to examine some of their own prejudices.

  18. Three hours ???
    Let’s see, “I’ve decided to move to”.
    There, I saved everybody 2 hours, 59 minutes and 57 seconds !
    Seriously, why would anyone waste more than 3 actual seconds of their time listening to this race baitor ???
    Let’s guess how many topics it’ll take before ole’ Jason brings up racism in sports ??? I vote for the first one ! And the second, and the third, and the … !

  19. Whitlock is ok. The truth is difficult to handle for some, so it fits right along with “Fair and Balanced”, right?

  20. I dislike Jason Whitlock but wow are some of you retarded,Who think he’s actually this self centered or or say who cares…
    He’s making fun of Lebron James you Idiots so it’s actually pretty funny.

  21. Damn, I seem to have accidentally visted I was looking for football.

  22. Whitlock is no different than Stephen A. Smith.
    Both are substandard columnists who use the race card at any and every chance because they know it’s controversial and will get them more publicity.
    Jesse Jackson wannabes promoting themselves in the paper, airwaves, and television . Hope nobody hits on his online stories. I for one am glad that Stephen A. Smith dissappeared and has been replaced by Zach and whoever it is in the mornings.

  23. Whitlock has made a career of burning his bridges, except for the Star. He moved from one sports talk radio station to another to ESPN’s Sunday morning show and departed each with acrimony.
    He can be humorous but his tendency to pettiness overshadows that. He has takes on racial matters that are illuminating to those of us who have not been through them. He has something of a national following but perhaps the capstone took place when Rosie O’Donnell gushed that she would marry him. Of course some would think that would be tantamount to torture and thus appropriate for him.
    Now he has left the Star, his home base. Perhaps he will stay at Fox forever or until the Second Coming, whichever might happen first. However, his track record tilts toward a briefer stay.

  24. Jason is a drama queen. He puts race into every situation even if it means that he has to throw in something completely irrelevant to the rest of the article. In fact, he often destroys his own articles reaching for a race card.
    He also has to inject something about himself in everything he writes. Who cares about his personal battles with other people.
    If he just wrote about sports without purposely injecting race or personal ego-boosting, irrelevant junk, I might enjoy reading his articles some times.

  25. Much like Florio, Whitlock is an overrated, untalented hack. He’s unreadable (if, in fact, he writes his own columns — check out Deadspin on that).
    He’s all schtick, and the schtick isn’t very impressive. Here’s hoping he’s finally exposed for what he is: an oversized fraud.
    And if Florio likes buddying around and being praised by an oversized fraud, well, you can safely assume what this makes Florio,

  26. The guy is one of the best sports writers in America and gets it right every time. Congrats on the promotion!

  27. Buttkiss,
    If you don’t consistantly like how Florio writes, why do you read HIS blog? Exercise your American right and TURN IT OFF!

  28. I also love Whitlock’s columns. I don’t always agree with him, but he thought provoking and honest. A lot of his columns are not about race, but about social attitudes that may be most prevalent in some sections of society (often dominated by minorities). He is comfortable talking about things that make other people uncomfortable, and it is easier for those people to dismiss him than to reconsider their own attitudes and opinions.
    If you don’t like to think and are not self-critical (because ultimately his commentary challenges the reader to re-evaluate himself/herself), Whitlock is not for you.

  29. Agree with the posters about him playing the race card at EVERY and ANY chance he gets. I get sick of his perspectives because he makes everything a racial issue. He could make something like a team’s lunch selection at training camp a racial issue.
    He is a good writer and has talent to bring up important subjects…but his crutch is always race and it got old about 10 years ago. I remember reading an excellent column, and then he ruined it by tying in racism. I wrote him some feedback and indicated he was doing himself a disservice by playing that tired argument and that he should stick to covering the story without making up items between the lines.

  30. This guy makes Florio look good. At least Florio doesn’t interject a racial conflict into every story he can.

  31. He says if Favre was Black, he wouldn’t get treated the same. What he forgot to mention was, if Favre was Black, Whitlock would blame all of his actions on the hip hop culture that’s ruining basketball coming over to football

  32. If Favre was black? He’s not so no one shouldn’t even go there. Hell, if he was black he may not have been a QB.
    Anything new Revis?

  33. I may not always agree with Whitlock’s point of view but he definitely is insightful and I enjoy reading his articles. BTW why don’t some of you guys actually read his writing before commenting. For instance he DISAGREED with the premise that if Favre was black he would be treated differently. He said that Favre is the “white Charles Barkley”.

  34. Good for Whitlock…..the KC Star is nothing more than the equivalent of a High School pep rally leaflet when it come to the Chiefs.
    A minor league town with two minor league teams and a minor league newspaper.

  35. Whitlock does talk about race sometimes, but I think he does it in an intelligent and even handed way. I think his column about Favre was right on. It’s interesting to me how many people play the, “he’s just playing the race card,” card anytime someone black says anything at all about race. In fact Jason Whitlock has written articles saying he doesn’t think something was about race, when other people were claiming it was a race issue. For instance the Favre article. The KC star will be worse without him. Whitlock is not racist, but he is an excellant writer who isn’t afraid to write about race in a modern and profound way. Besides mostly he just writes sports columns that are very good and have nothing to do with race.

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