Maybe Antonio Cromartie should tattoo his kids' names on his arm

I’ve yet to see the second episode of this year’s Hard Knocks, and I’m hoping that before too long the FedEx truck will come rolling up with the DVD from NFL Films.  (Hopefully I won’t run through any glass doors when I hear the bells.)

But there’s a clip that has gotten some play on the Internet in the wake of Wednesday night’s premiere.  As pointed out to us by Robert Littal of, Episode 2 contains a segment in which Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie tries to rattle off the names and ages of his various children.

We don’t know whether he succeeded, but Cromartie’s effort didn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence as he struggled and stammered his way through reciting a list that should come as naturally to him as breathing.

68 responses to “Maybe Antonio Cromartie should tattoo his kids' names on his arm

  1. real class organization they got there in NJ. All the landfills in Jersey should sign these guys up for sponsorship deals.

  2. Cool Florio, writing posts, showing judgement on others when you haven’t even seen what you are commenting about…
    Reminds me of Father Dungy…

  3. Nobody hired this guy to say something smart. He’ll be exactly the kind of guy who finishes his career w/ little money and goes broke before 40.
    Hey Antonio…., you know what the best defense is against babies? A condom.

  4. Yeah… That was horrible. -_- Come on, the dude has like six kids and he is away from home constantly due to his job. He did fine with the names and ages. He was even telling you where the children were all born and what month their birthdays were in. Now people are going to comment on this without even watching the video and Cromartie gets another bad rap from you media types; unfairly. I’m no Jets or Cromartie fan in particular – but this is just stupid.

  5. Honestly, how dumb can one person be?
    Good luck to those kids when daddy’s career is over and he’s nowhere to be found.

  6. Florio, will you just get HBO already. This is a bit ridiculous. You’re not an 85 year old woman on fixed income.

  7. scummy guy goes to a scummy team and plays for a scummy coach in front of scummy fans…..Y-E-T-S

  8. I got home from making it rain at the scrip club at 3am with a buzz and luckily Hard Knocks was on replay.. I saw that clip and couldn’t stop laughing, it looked like an uncomfortable 10th grader giving his first presentation in Speech Class – I was literally waiting for his voice to crack from anxiety. I bet he hasn’t even seen all his kids and probably has another one or two out there.
    Based on this post, it was apparently as funny as I thought it was and I wasn’t just a drunk mess.. That was can’t miss TV..

  9. Sad.
    2007 was a helluva year. He has four three year olds and a two year old according to this list.

  10. Cromartie showed last night what a sorry excuse he is as a father.
    How embarrassing he couldn’t remember the names of his kids. Makes you wonder, he is obviously not one of the brightest bulbs on the tree, how many plays during a game is he going to forget.
    Better yet, with his single digit wonderlic score can he remember anything from the playbook?
    And Mevis Island is still closed.

  11. I dunno what all the fuss is about — who doesn’t have a 3 year old, a three year old, a three year old, a three year old, a three year old, a two year old and an infant?

  12. C’mon….ease up a bit…he doesn’t even stumble on this….it’s just a LOOOONG list.
    Maybe he needs to work more on rememberin’ his f**k number so he can “pull out the troops before the deadline”.

  13. ampats blows dudes…seriously…koamisi and somefans were blogging about it in the comment section of a jets article

  14. Why is there a need to ridicule, insult, gossip about, make fun of people? What ever happened to talking about the game and the player’s ability. Mike you didn’t even see the interview.
    Making sport of people’s choices comes from the lowest order of human deprevity.
    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
    Eleanor Roosevelt

  15. Love how you reference “Robert Littal of” Its always great when some ass kissing Uncle Tom makes your life easier.
    Well done. Hey, next time you reference, perhaps you can use an item that DOESNT reinforce negative stereotypes.
    See, that way your whole “objectivity” thing seems, you know sincere.

  16. That’s sad. Look at that crazy Duggard family with 19 kids, 6 kids is nothing. They are just messed up as well though.

  17. No joke, the guy had 3 or 4 kids (maybe more) that will be 3 years old, which means he slept with 3 or 4 or 5 different women and got each of them pregnant the same year, just different months, wow! I mean, at some point you have to be smarter than that, if not child support, what about AIDS?

  18. Yeah, he DOES struggle with it. Not sure what video the people who are defending him watched.
    The bigger thing is – how many accidental pregnancies does someone have to have before they get the hint?
    Even if he IS trying to prevent them, doesn’t he know there are plenty of skanks out there looking to cash in who will say they are on Birth Control or find other ways to be Baby Momma to a rich dude?
    10 years from now there may be 8 kids or more with a daddy who isn’t making the big payday so hopefully the Baby Mommas will save what they get now for the future.

  19. # Dayton Dolfan says:
    real class organization they got there in NJ. All the landfills in Jersey should sign these guys up for sponsorship deals.
    class organization like the Dolphins….whose players beat up pregnant women?
    At the top of the page is something called Turd Watch….count how many dirtbag dolphins are on there and then you can begin to fathom what classlessness really is.
    I guess in Florida, 6’4 300 lb men beating a pregnant chick is considered high society.

  20. If I can count (and I like to think that I can) he has EIGHT kids!
    It was a real awkward, uncomfortable moment.
    He kept going um, um, um and would then say the kid’s name!

  21. First of all, if I had 8 kids I’d probably struggle too. Honestly that’s the least of the criticisms you can level on this guy by watching this clip.
    The fact that he has 8 kids in 5 different states is a complete travesty.
    I wish the NFL would start putting some emphasis on sexual responsibility… rather than throwing these guys in jail or suspending them for a dime bag of weed.

  22. And people are still against forced sterilization, eh? Some people, honestly, need to be neutered.

  23. Guess I’ll be a small mind today…Was one of the kids named MyJourney? and one named MyDaughter? Watch the clip. If her name is not MyDaughter then he forgot one.

  24. The Jets need to send him in for a little snip, snip!
    Hard to take care of your Kids when you don’t know “how many” you have? Unbelievable!

  25. # superb owl says: August 19, 2010 9:45 AM
    alright wait a minnit…
    how would travis henry answer the question?

    I got like……9 kidz or sumethin. I has seen maybe two of them.

  26. At least Cro acknowledges his children….unlike a QB up in N.E
    How much time has father of the year Tomboy spent with little J.E.T Moynahan?

  27. Tiger beat me to it. But it wasn’t the number so much for me, its that every kid seems like they are either 2 or 3 years old. Yet only 1 was with his wife. I get having 2 kids with the same person who you’re not married to or something like that. Somehow though I think there is more then 1 other baby momma out there.
    I was like “No one is thinking this is a problem?”. I had the same thought later when Ryan basically setup a fight for Gholston. Contact in OTA’s is a no no, but arranging a fight is supposed to be fine?

  28. Wow. From reading the posts on the Dungy/Rexy war of words, that means that at least two of the eight will be committing suicide pretty soon. Because, even though Dungy was an absentee father, I’ll bet he could name all his kids and their ages.

  29. Instead of busting Florio’s ass, ask yourself why did the producers, directors, editors, etc put it on the show?
    The apologists are pathetic. I grew up with friends that had 9 kids in the family and the parents and kids knew all of the names. I have two families of cousins with 7 kids in each family and two other cousins. I know all 16 of their names.

  30. njghost91 says:
    August 19, 2010 9:12 AM
    ampats blows dudes…seriously… koamisi and somefans were blogging about it in the comment section of a jets article
    Uh, isn’t that what a blog is for? Commenting? The jests don’t OWN these articles. The WORLD WIDE WEB does. And if this is where we choose to get our comedy fix, so be it.

  31. Three guys are sitting in a bar, the first one says, “I got four boys, one more and I can have my own basketball team!”
    The second one says, “I got 8 boys, it I have one more, I can have my on baseball team!!”
    Then Cromartie says, “I got 17 girls, one more and I can have my own golf course!!”

  32. Never ceases to amaze when people here bash the articles rather than the people they are about.
    There is no excuse for having 7 different children with 5 different women & 3 of them are the same age with 3 different women. This type of behavior is completely animal like.
    Why is this so common with certain types of athletes? Is there honor or respect in some circles for fathering as many children as humanly possible with as many different women as you can? If so, those are circles better to distance yourself from & learn responsibility.
    When the NFL career is over those kids are still going to need child support, hard to afford that many checks going in so many different directions on a regular salary.

  33. Damn, someone already beat me to the Shawn Kemp jokes. Sooo… 4 three year olds? This guy must have had a very good year that year? I guess the joke is on all those women who purposely allowed him to impregnate themselves. He is a douche of a father.

  34. # cunninglinguist says: August 19, 2010 10:03 AM
    At least Cro acknowledges his children….unlike a QB up in N.E
    How much time has father of the year Tomboy spent with little J.E.T Moynahan?
    Are you freaking brain dead? Where were you all summer? Everyone bitched about Brady being in LA with Jack, saying that he doesn’t care about football etc. It is in his custody agreement that he must spend time with Jack on the west coast. Even Giselle commented on how much she loves the little boy and loves spending time with him. Tom brought him to practice at UCLA all the time with Welker and David Beckham. There’s plenty of pictures to prove it. He spends as much time as possible with him. You have no idea what you are talking about. People shouldn’t comment on things that they know nothing about. God, I hope you never reproduce.

  35. I did chuckle when he named his kids ages and he has 3 children that are 3 years old. How many baby mama’s ya think are involved?

  36. WOW, theKING thought it was a good year when I lost 10 pounds and dated Asian twins (on sep. occasions). Cro just called me a fegg!!!
    “And the Travis Henry Master Jizzer Award goes to Cro”.
    Sexy Rexy should teach “condom coverage” to his dbacks.

  37. Answer to your question Cunningjetsfan,
    The WHOLE off season.
    Jets fans would rather have people talk about their team in Brett Favre posts so they dont have to face the embarrassment of what a total moron Cromartie looked like.
    Everyone who saw it knew he didnt know his kids names unless one is called mydaughter.

  38. cunninglinguist says:
    At least Cro acknowledges his children….unlike a QB up in N.E
    How much time has father of the year Tomboy spent with little J.E.T Moynahan?
    You’re an idiot.

  39. How does he have 19 kids who are all three years old? That doesn’t even make any damn sense.

  40. Why is no one mentioning the fact that three of his kids were consummated/born when he had his pro-bowl season? Notice how after he bacame an average player, no chicks wanted him? You jests fans better hope he isn’t any good this season, or the population of Noo Joisey will increase immensely.

  41. Anyone who thinks he was actually struggling to name his children must also believe that
    1) Paris Hilton really didn’t know what Wal Mart was.
    2) That everyting that happens on Jersey Shore happens with no outside influence from producers
    3) All those writing credits given out for reality TV shows are just ways for Mel Gibson to slip money to his goon squads.

  42. Anyone who thinks he wasnt actually struggling to name his children must also believe that
    1) Obama has a clue what he is doing.
    2) Obama cares about this country.
    3) Obama is qualified to be a citizen here or president.

  43. Nice job fellow Pats fans eviscerating that ignorant JESTS tool who ran his mouth with no facts behind it. You know…kind of like the players on his team.
    For the most part dumb people have more children than smart people. When smart people have lots of kids they do it on purpose and they actually support and raise them. I have heard of a doctor who 45 years ago said birth control will lead to a population of fools. He was right because only somewhat intelligent people use it.

  44. Amen bengal4life07!
    I am a white woman with 6 kids & I’m far from stupid! But sometimes I stutter when telling people their names and ages! I often call them by the wrong name too! Any parent with more than one child have… myarents and my grandmother still do it with my sister and I and we’re 15 years apart! Does this make us all stupid and uneducated? I think not
    Grow up and stop judging others. That’s Gods job ONLY!!

  45. You know the guy can not cover anything Victor Cruz provided that on Monday
    If he cant cover a rook how is he going to cover his woody johnson

  46. Bigbluefan..the game you watched had Antonio Cromartie covering Victor Cruz?
    Are you even trying?

  47. Notice how big mouth Dungy doesn’t have anything to say about this NY JET, with 8 kids he can’t name and by how many different mothers?
    Dog torture, illegitimate kids, drug abuse..this is all OK with slimeball Dungy, just don’t be white or say a four letter word while doing it.

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