Mike Furrey says he's out for the year

Mike Furrey’s winding pro football career may have quietly come to an end on Thursday.

Chris Russell of ESPN 980 in Washington reports that the Redskins wide receiver was seen leaving the team’s facility on Thursday with his personal belongings.  Furrey told Russell that he was “done for the year, at least.”

Furrey is considering retirement after missing most of camp with concussion problems.

If this is it for Furrey, he’s had one of the more unique careers in recent history. He started on the Colts practice squad, spent years in the XFL and Arena League, then joined the Rams as a slot receiver.  He wound up making a surprisingly smooth mid-career switch to free safety in St. Louis.

Furrey moved back to wideout in Detroit, and gained over 1,000 yards in Mike Martz’s offense.  Furrey played both ways for the Lions and Browns, a truly rare breed in today’s NFL.

A finalist of the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award in 2009, Furrey also was a candidate for the prestigious PFT Pat Tillman award in 2010.

We wish Furrey all the best if he chooses to move on from football; he said he won’t decide his future until this winter.

27 responses to “Mike Furrey says he's out for the year

  1. Mike Furry was an athlete and a classy guy—lot’s of charitable stuff off the field. Sure-handed and wasn’t afraid to go over the middle of the field either. There’s a lot of good recievers who could’ve been great if they had the work ethic and approach to the game that Mike has had.

  2. Earlier this morning I went to the doctor’s office, I have just been feeling very odd lately very shaky and uneven. They ran a blood test on me and finally the doctor entered the room with the results of the test. (Lately I Have been very worried I might have head injurie or cuncussion and that would be a serious problem because I have a rather week immune system ) I asked the doctor what my problem was and he responded, ” You don’t have the head injurie or cuncussion or any kind of sickness, The reason you feel this way is because you have been doing nothing for the past week other than taking large doses of cocaine, and you have a very serious addiction and i recommend you get help immediately. ” I responded “Thank god thats a relief.” Than I went home and did some more cocaine.

  3. Good to see that commenters can always take a decent article about a class guy in the NFL potentially not being able to play anymore, and turn it into bashing one team within the first ohhh one comment. Makes me miss the days before PFT was on NBC and at least some commenters had meaningful things to say instead of soley bashing the writer/team/site/whatever they can find (which will include this comment shortly).

  4. How could you forget to mention Furrey’s time in the XFL? Furrey’s got to be one of the last remaining NFL players from that league.

  5. He was a great player for the Lions, and I still don’t know why they let him go.
    This really sucks, he was a classy guy, played hard for us, and deserved better.

  6. It’s so cute how Rosenthal writes a blurb, half the comments are on what he wrote, and then he re-writes it and half the comments disappear..Wtf, why not read what you wrote before posting it…Kudos to Chapnasty’s first comment, it’s the only one that made it thru…

  7. Good player – exciting. Too bad for him, he has had an interesting career. Hope he writes a book about it someday.

  8. @ oa316ts
    Sorry to hurt your feelings….
    Mike Furrey was one of my favorite players as a younger athlete. His guts, hard work and dedication were above and beyond what any of these clowns do today. It is sad that he has to go out like this but he showed more heart than many players on the field.
    There you go you silly nanny!

  9. @Chapnasty
    Much better, I like it. And seriously, I like the shot at the end… that’s much more like what I want to see… at least a good comment, THEN the shot at someone!
    Now I can go back to reading articles and comments and overall really just shirking work responsibilities.

  10. Furrey played for the AFL and the AFL2 he also spent a half season with a non-paying minor league semi-pro team in Lancaster, OH.
    In a league filled with guys earning a living, Furrey was a guy that loved to play ball.

  11. @Chapnasty.
    Wow! U r sooo clever. How long did it take ur simple mind to come up with those awesome remarks. Just shut up and never comment again, Slingblade!

  12. Yea they have a ton of receivers….. but they are all older than dirt or are jsut plain bad. Ok not Moss he is solid, but old!!!!!!

  13. @Big Blue
    Ok, They do have 3 receivers that have some age. I really don’t think that they r counting on Galloway or Bobby Wade to do that much, no matter where they have them on the depth chart right now. Im assuming u r a Cowboys fan. If u r, tell me about how great their receivers r. Miles Austin has had one good year, Dez Bryant has not played a game and don’t even mention Patrick Crayton or Roy Williams.

  14. I always admire people who know their limitations, play to them and still give it everything they have. Mike Furrey had a good career and that is down to his hard working and selfless attitude. Good luck for the future.

  15. Furrey was a throwback to the old days, loved the game for the game. Always a class act, too.
    Via Con Dios, Mike.

  16. Chapnasty. says:
    August 19, 2010 2:50 PM
    “The Redskins have a ton of wideouts in camp”
    “And not one of them worth a damn”
    lmao that was funny

  17. @Chapnasty.
    Ur simple mind would think that is funny. Here is an idea… Come up with something worth saying. R u embarrassed to be u????? I would be. U r a huge tool. I mean HUGE!!!!!

  18. And the Foreskins still suck as they always will. The Cowboys will rule this division this year and will spank some foreskin tail in the opener. Does anyone honestly think by adding a loser like Donovan Mcduck to their team make them a winner? All I have ever heard is how Romo and the Cowboys havent won anything, so please tell me what has Donovan ever won? the Philly Buzzards were the Buffalo Bills of the NFC. Hail to the Cowboys!

  19. @johnberry1961
    Donovan has been to a SB. But i forgot, Romo will be at the SB this year when he gets to stand on the star and hand the MVP trophy to a QB who actually got to play in it. One thing i know for sure…. The Cowboys will not make the SB.

  20. Smooty did you really take a shot at me twice? For the record, I was being 100% serious about Mike Furrey you fool. The guy was a beast. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.
    And yes, I have been called a human jackhammer before so I suppose you are right. I am a tool.

  21. @Chapnasty.
    Hahahahaha. Im taking another shot at u Slingblade. I just think it is funny to read how ignorant u r.

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