Rex Ryan clears the air in "man-to-man" talk with Tony Dungy

Tony Dungy was not happy with the profanity Rex Ryan used on Hard Knocks. Ryan was not happy with Dungy judging him.

Now Dungy and Ryan are happy enough with each other that they spoke on the phone and agreed to get together again in person.

“I did talk to Tony Dungy,” Ryan said today. “I wanted him to know how I felt. We talked man-to-man. He told me his position; I definitely told him my position. So it was good.”

Ryan said he invited Dungy to see the Jets practice, and that Dungy, who spent 13 years as head coach of the Buccaneers and Colts, accepted the invitation.

“He hasn’t set the date yet, but he’s excited to come out and see us and things like that,” Ryan said. “We’re excited to have him.”

The only question now is whether Ryan will watch his language on the day Dungy visits.

52 responses to “Rex Ryan clears the air in "man-to-man" talk with Tony Dungy

  1. Hell No , Hey guys lets all watch are mouth ‘s cause the Pope …I mean T. F’N Dungy is here for us to bask in his presense….

  2. Why is this on ongoing story?
    Tony Dungy doesn’t like his language, so what?
    Am I the only one who doesn’t get why Rex is so hurt by this that he’s getting all upset that someone could judge him and just HAS to invite him to practice to show that person otherwise?
    Who cares?!

  3. Its awesome how the self righteous stop being so judgemental about someone when you actually confront them about what came out of their hypocritical mouths. Its like confronting a punk kid about something he said and he goes ‘I didn’t say dat yo!’.

  4. Giant= High class- pillars of society
    jets= low class- crud of society
    Any questions?
    F-Bombs don’t help sell PSL’s…
    Tonny Has a ring… T-Wrecks will not.

  5. rex: we talked “man to prude”
    tony: we talked “saint to sinner”
    i tend to believe one has to consider one’s audience when either cursing or going devout.
    most players have heard a lot of curse words before. it’s a rough environment.
    i am sure they have heard prayers too… before games/halves and when someone gets hurt very badly.
    but when people are dogging it, that isnt time to have a prayer break.

  6. Rex don’t put on airs for nobody.Swear if you must. I swear all the time and my eyes havent fell out yet. I do listen to music and watch movies
    and boy do they swear.

  7. Ryan is the only guy that comes close to Brett Favre in the personal drama category. I’m no Dungy fan but Dungy never “judged” him. He said he didn’t think the profanity in public was necessary and that he wouldn’t hire a guy like that. He said he hears f-bombs all the time, and that isn’t what he was referring to. He’s referring to the face of the franchise getting on national TV, perhaps with kids watching, and making the organization appear to be completely debased. I have to agree with Dungy on this one. Ryan manipulated it to make it look like he was “a victim,” stating “I’m not a bad guy,” and is milking it for all it is worth to counter-balance the perception that he is a self centered egotistical moron that ASKS for trouble. Dungy never said he was a “bad guy” either, but this is being overlooked in favor of “the grievance” angle. Sorry, but I don’t buy the victim routine and it does nothing to deflect the ASININE behavior of this CLOWN.
    If I were a Jets fan I would be unhappy about this, BUT, these people are STARVED for some kind of success. If it comes wrapped in brown eye, they’ll take it.
    On a side note, seeing Golic and Schlereth on NFL live fall for Ryan’s “poor me, I’m a victim” routine was pathetic. Neither of these guys has the nards to call this what it is. They are simply playing to the punk crowd, and the anti-Saint Dungy sentiment that is out there. I see former players do this all the time, so it’s not like they are unique. Golic is a just a goof ball, and Schlereth lost his fastball a couple of seasons ago when he decided to spend his time catering to angles instead of speaking truth.

  8. It’s funny, Dan Patrick basically called you guys out without saying it all the way this morning on his show. Assumptions and Speculations to get internet hits and subsequent ad dollars, you’re hacks, and this has become entertainment journalism, not that I don’t enjoy it most of the time. Warren Sapp called in a few times to clear some things up as well, saying, among other things, that when he was playing for the bucs and they lost to the lions 31-3 in the first year of the Dungy years, that they were on the plane ride back, and guys were cussing and getting drunk, partying etc…. He said when they got back to practice the next day, that Tony simply said, “You know, I couldn’t tell if we had won or lost the game on the ride back, and that better never happen again.” and that was apparently all he said about that.
    Assumptions and speculations to get internet hits and subsequent ad dollars. You all must wear those “Integrity” bracelets with such pride.

  9. Hopefully they settled their differences like men – with Rex punching Dungy in his sanctimonious mouth.

  10. eFans says:
    August 19, 2010 1:21 PM
    Giant= High class- pillars of society
    jets= low class- crud of society
    Any questions?
    F-Bombs don’t help sell PSL’s…
    Tonny Has a ring… T-Wrecks will
    Who’s Tonny….

  11. Rex Ryan is so fat he was standing on a street corner and two cops came over and told him to break it up.

  12. SomeFans-
    By high class pillars of society you happen to mean degenerate rapists like Lawrence Taylor? Or maybe wife beaters like Michael Stwayhan? You sound like one of those self-loathing dolphin fans. Whicj in that case, how bout Ricky Williams, another pillar of society and role model for you pathetic dolphags. Cuz its healthy to take a 2 year weed binge. Just look at Ricky.
    The reality is the fins wont do horribly this year they arent an awful team. They’re just in a rebuilding stage(around chad henne isnt that a joke) and would probably suck for the next decade…something like this past decade. Hey maybe we’ll all get lucky and get another exciting 1-15 season out of you guys again

  13. SomeFans says: August 19, 2010 1:21 PM
    Giant= High class- pillars of society
    Yeah their alumni is really helping them shine.

  14. somefans= trailor park trash
    dungy is a subliminal attention whore. if i were rex id have each jet player go up to dungy and curse him out while rex didnt curse the whole day. that would be classic. get it come camera for hard knocks too

  15. I thought Ryan had gastric bypass surgery. Why is still so frickin fat? He is just like his daddy…fat bastard with a big mouth.

  16. Tonywalking into training camp is a Jets fans worst nightmare. He looks just like Herm Edwards.

  17. Dungy knows how to pick his battles. He blasts Ryan for cursing, yet is the mentor for Mike Vick the Dog Murderer. Go figure. Is he trying to become the new Al Sharpton?

  18. The Jets suck and I’m sick of hearing about them. Why don’t yall wait until they actually DO something to write all the stories, make shows about them, etc. Rex Ryan and his Jets are the EPITOME of the phrase “All bark, no bite.” Win some games, and THEN start talking. Typical New Yawkas. All talk, no action.

  19. Tony Dungy – 2 Super Bowl rings. One as a player, one as a coach.
    Rex Ryan – Onion rings.
    Seriously. Ryan should take notes if he can get his fat fingers around a pen.

  20. You’re (oh wait YOUR) hilarious BurgerKingJestFan. You have Sancheezy on your (or is it you’re) team and you have the nuts to talk about Henne? Look behind you. Is Ryan there?

  21. I am a lifelong Giants fan and the consensus is we don’t want SomeFans anymore. “The pillars…” comment even had me laughing.

  22. @jetfan31 whatever- “Who’s Tonny”…. typo- meant to say Tony. Funny you didn’t understand it.
    @gaggreen guido- wipe the drool off your shirt. We all know “your type”

  23. I can’t stand Rex, think he is a boorish oaf, but he is the coach and gets results from his players. Dungy should mind his own business. Who gives a sh*& what he thinks! I’d like to see Rex bite his head off. Remember Tampa Tony? No Peyton, no Super Bowl!

  24. They are going to have lunch. Rex will be ordering his usual, 1 side of beef and Tony will be ordering his almost heaven veggie platter.

  25. I like Tony Dungy…but I’m pretty much tired of him being considered the moral sheriff for the NFL…

  26. This is PURELY media contrivance. Who cares? Rex curses and Dungy doesn’t like to hear it. Each is entitled to his stance and it doesn’t make either less of a man or human being.

  27. … meanwhile the Pats and Dolphins focus on football.
    What a joke these Jets are….so distracted by lights, camera,action.

  28. Maybe Tony should pay closer attention to his pet project Mike Vick. What a big fat phony Dungy is. He claims he’s going to help Mike and mentor him and the second Mike got his $$$ Dungy was gone.
    That guy just loves telling people how they should live. Which by the way I just love when religious people do that. I always thought there was only ONE that could judge….

  29. What’s next, a chat over beer between the two coaches and president at the White House?
    This is absolutely ridiculous.

  30. Tony: Now Rex, for our first lesson in civility, try to address me without using that awful “f-word”.
    Rex: No problem, Cocksucker!

  31. Fat Ryan can suck the #$%@ out of my a$$. That is the closest he’ll get to greatness. HAHAHA

  32. Just when Ryan and Dungy finished “clearing the air”, Rex let out a great belch followed by a big wet fart.

  33. What does Dungy having SB rings have to do with it? Lawrence Taylor has 2 rings, does that qualify him to be the NFL’s moral authority? Just because Peyton Manning won a ring for Dungy doesn’t mean the league has to turn to him for moral guidance.

  34. Wow!!!! the ignorance of this forum never ceases to surprise me!!!! Idiots who probabaly never heard the interview between Dan Patrick and Tony Dungy are weighing in on this as they are experts on the issue. People go to, download the interveiw with Tony Dungy and listern for yourselves and see if Dungy called out Ryan or just answered a question from Dan Patrick.
    A person tries to live to a standard which most people wont even consider because of their own selfish ways, and the REAL HYPOCRITES come out of the woodwork to tear someone down,
    Stay classy people!!


  36. Why does Rex even care? Dungy will support a convicted felon for reinstatement into the NFL but has a problem with bad language. This idiot needs to get a reality check.

  37. Who cares if these guys get along? More importantly, who cares what Tony Dungy thinks or says about anything?

  38. We don’t need Rex Ryan swearing profusely and we don’t need Tony Dungy as the morality police!
    As we head toward the start of the 2010 NFL regular season, I figured I’d offer up 10 changes I’d like to see the league make. Many of them are things we all grumble about while watching the games with our buddies, but they don’t necessarily get talked or written about much.

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