Wes Welker, in uniform, leads Patriots onto the field

It’s not official just yet, but Patriots wideout Wes Welker appears to have made it all the way back from surgery on his torn ACL and MCL..

According to multiple reporters on the scene, Welker led the Patriots on to the field Thursday night in uniform.  He’s been catching punts and appears on track to play.  Earlier in the night, Welker was seen warming up, running routes, and catching passes for backup quarterback Brian Hoyer.  He did not appear to have his brace on, according to the Boston Globe.

We’ll update this post when we know if Welker is officially active for the game.  (Which will probably happen just after we hit publish.)

UPDATE: Welker came in on the second play of the game, promptly caught two passes for 20 yards, then was decked on the following play.  It’s safe to say they won’t ease him into action.

26 responses to “Wes Welker, in uniform, leads Patriots onto the field

  1. not a Pats fan, but Welker is a gamer.
    Here’s to hoping our newer improved (hopefully) version of Welker/ Houshmanzadeh can stay with the stats even tho he’s a Rook.
    Jordan Shipley #11
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Write it down

  2. Awwweee,
    Now how cute is that!
    Lil Wes leading his team of Jerry’s kids onto the field to participate in the Patriots special Olympics.
    But knowing Belicheat, he will “misinterpet” the rules and CHEAT against the other team.
    Now how sad is that? Belicheat cheating in a special olympics contest. You and I both know he would do it

  3. I don’t care how tough he is. If he comes anywhere near my tots…. I’m gonna f*ck him up!

  4. YourJustJealous-
    I know half the people here (including the editors and reporters maintaining the site) have the grammar/spelling of a four year old half retarded chimp, and it’s stupid-ish to rip on people for that… but it’s about your name, bro.
    Your = possessive pronoun.
    You’re = You are
    Unless you’re (

  5. Did belicheat videotape the joint practice earlier in the week so he could use it against them tonight?

  6. The offense is firing on all cylinders – Randy is in a contract year and wants more straight cash homie, Edelman is Wes Jr., Wes is a beast, and Hernandez will blow up this year. The defense is young, but if the new gators pick up quickly, the ceiling is extremely high. Hate all you want about the spygate bs, we’re heading back to greatness while driving the Jets back to mediocrity. Go Pats!

  7. Falcons CB Christopher Owens gave Wesley a bitch sandwich. Taste the karma.

  8. Boohoo…Belicheat, Spygate, cant win without cameras, brady sucks…Why dont some of you grow a set? Grown men (allegedly) whining. A little obsession that you hate the Patriot that much, yet you come on every single Patriots thread and say the same crap every time? Worry about your (thats YOUR team NOT YOU’RE…see the difference) teams

  9. way to f up my post! as i was saying, unless you’re (you are) talking about me owning a brand new JustJealous; you, sir, are an assbag.

  10. The pats need moss to live up to the contract year hype because the defense has more holes in it than the average masshole’s mouf

  11. “We’ll update this post when we know if Welker is officially active for the game. (Which will probably happen just after we hit publish.)”
    Gregg: This is a preseason game. There is no official “inactive” list, like there is for a regular season game. Sometimes the head coach will declare players who will not play, but it’s not reported to the league.

  12. @WhoDeyman
    stupid-ish = WTF ?????
    bro = again WTF _is that short for brother?(which I am not yours)
    But anyway, thank you for your constructive criticism professor. I welcome the feedback in hopes that some day, with enough prayer and hard work, I may become half as intelligent as you.
    I am so impressed with your grammer and spelling knowledge. Please tell me, how many blows did you have to give your priest for all those “special” tutoring sessions?
    BTW, please refrain from spewing YOUR lust for another man(Welker) on the site. Nobody wants to hear how he studs you. The don’t ask, don’t tell policy is not in effect here IsUaMan

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