Chad Ochocinco gets blown up, again

Several years ago, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco took a wicked hit from former Browns safety Brian Russell, leaving Chad dazed and confused in the locker room.

Tonight, Ochocinco was hit simultaneously from behind and from the front by Eagles linebacker Stewart Bradley and cornerback Dimitri Patterson on a pass that was intercepted by Quintin Mikell.

Ochocinco seemed a bit disoriented as he got up, but he resisted any assistance from the coaching staff. 

The Bengals lead the Eagles at halftime, 7-6.

31 responses to “Chad Ochocinco gets blown up, again

  1. In other news, Ocho Cinco was back in on the very next offense play…now back to you, drama queen…

  2. 0-3gles still can’t punch it in the red zone.
    3 should stand for their scoring streak of fg’s.

  3. Palmer throws 2 picks, has a Qb rating of 50, and is getting his WR’s killed.
    Yup, this year’s Bengals implosion will be the biggest yet! Palmer is God-awful!

  4. Ocho is getting up there in years, he can’t afford to be taking shots like that in the preseason anymore.

  5. I guess that explains why his last tweet was written in wingdings. I always wondered why those were there.

  6. Was Ocho Cinco hit by Asante Samuel?
    Wait, what am I saying, Asante doesn’t hit anybody!

  7. Couldnt happen to a better guy. I wish awful things upon him and his equally washed-up teammate Terrible Owen!!

  8. its looking like the running game (B.Scott & Ced Benson) and defense is the only way this team surfaces … Marvin Lewis can begin the job countdown…Bengals have no excuses this year….

  9. yeah, and yet Chad came back onto the field, while Maclin gets popped on the shoulder and gets pulled immediately. Eagles had nothing tonight.

  10. Florioisanidiot1 says:
    August 20, 2010 9:45 PM
    you forgot the part where the refs forgot to throw a flag for helmet-to-helmet.
    Its only helmet to helmet on a defenseless receiver he wasnt defensless he already was planted firmly on the ground and had the ability to protect himself.
    Just because the guy was hit hard doesnt mean its a penalty. Every single play there is helmet to helmet contact. Learn the rules before you whine about them.

  11. Eagles: no touchdowns despite starters in for the full 1st half, even playing against Bengals backups. Vick: 1 for 5 passing, 6 yards, 2 interceptions, against Bengals backups.
    I think this is going to be a much longer year than Eagles fans are expecting.

  12. The eagles O line looked porous last night , they are going to get Kolb killed. Hopefully they’ll get things ironed out before the games start counting. Maclin got a shoulder contusion thankfully it wasn’t more serious. I’m not worried about the offensive production it’s still preseason , they just have to stop with the stupid penalties. go Eagles!!

  13. Where is the story about Jeremy Maclin getting “blown up”?
    You’re lucky nobody at NBC reads this site.

  14. Route36West, you’d be right, but you’re wrong. Every analyst doing the game said the flag should of been thrown and the officials even conferred after the play to talk about how they missed it.
    My bad for paying attention!

  15. Ochostinko appeared disoriented? Well, that’s nothing new. Frankly, I’m not sure how you could even tell if he was disoriented from a hit because he seems disoriented all the time. Of course, I could be confusing “stupid” with “disoriented”. My bad.

  16. If he is crying about getting hit now wait till the regular season and when T.O. gets more passes thrown hos way. No more Batman and Robin, it will be Batman and Alfred!

  17. HUCKLE, because Maclin took it to the DB!! And he went off under his own power. And BIGBEAR said 0-3gles cant punch it in the endzone. LOL. How many TD’s did the cowboys score vs the Raiders??!!

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