Colts-Bills one-liners

The Colts lost Thursday night’s preseason game 34-21 to the Bills.

Rookie Brody Eldridge was the Colts’ surprise starting tight end in Thursday night’s game.

Colts RB Devin Moore impressed in the return game.

QB Peyton Manning did lead touchdown drives on two of Indianapolis’ first four possessions.

The Colts added S Ashton Hall to their 80-man roster prior to the exhibition contest.

The Bills started the preseason contest in a three-receiver set, with rookie C.J. Spiller as the first-string tailback.
Looks like the Bills have a keeper in Spiller.
The Bills’ pass protection was better than expected.
Bills QB Trent Edwards took a rare shot downfield, and it worked.

8 responses to “Colts-Bills one-liners

  1. As a Colts fan, the other guy who really impressed me was CB Terrail Lambert. The Colts need proven depth at corner, and he did a shut down job.

  2. Bills won’t be a juggernaut this season, but they are far from first pick material. They also have a coach with a pulse this season! And, maybe the best RB corps around.

  3. ejtowne says:
    August 20, 2010 2:17 PM
    The Bills have the best Defensive backfield in the NFL today. Corners and safties. Hands down.
    The Redksins scored 42 points with three passing TD’s. That’s hardly “shut down”. The Bills secondary is up and coming, but they are far from the best backfield in the league.

  4. ur reading too much into it…. according to you then logic would tell you that the redskins have the best passing in offense….
    fact is look at last years stats and the bills had one of the best secondaries in the league……
    they are generally considered a top 5 secondary….. no no really its the truth

  5. …BTW; the lousy turnout was helped by that being a Thursday nite game. People from WNY; the Southern Tier; and the Niagara Peninsula aren’t gonna upset their grace of living for a mid-week exhibition ! 20K was actually not bad for those conditions.

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