Matt Hasselbeck talks up "very hungry" Mike Williams

Considering that Mike Williams’ failure to put down the fork turned him into an overweight draft bust for the Detroit Lions, it might sound like a bad thing to describe him as “very hungry.”

But those are the words that Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck used to describe Williams, who’s now one of his receivers in Seattle. And Hasselbeck meant it in a good way.

He’s very hungry,” Hasselbeck said of Williams, per Clark Judge of, “and he’s been awesome.”

Williams showed off his improved conditioning in the preseason opener, taking a short pass and racing 51 yards for a touchdown. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says Williams looks much like he did in 2003, when Carroll was USC’s coach and Williams was an All-American for the Trojans.

“He looks great,” Carroll said. “He’s not looked like this since maybe his sophomore year of college.”

Williams may finally be ready to play the way he was expected to play when the Lions took him with the 10th pick in the 2005 draft. As long as his hunger remains on the field and not in the kitchen.

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  1. Mike Williams is going to surprise a lot of folks this season ; I’ve seen him in training camp and at the preseason game against the Titans and he’s definitely back to form . A tall target with good hands , he’s catching pretty much every ball thrown to him – he looks great .
    Looking forward to seeing him work some magic in the red-zone this year . He’ll be hard to defend on a slant or post route to the back of the end zone .

  2. When you think about it. Mike Williams is still only 26 years old. He could still have a long career. Pete Carroll must know how to get the best out of him. Tall WRs like that are hard to come by and can nightmares to defend.
    I hope to see him making plays for the Seahawks for a good long while.

  3. The money ran out last October and since then it’s been food banks and soup kitchens for Mike. They never give you enough in those places.

  4. “Brothaman says:
    August 20, 2010 4:08 PM
    Bring back Charles Rogers, the NFL needs more villians.”
    The villain role was filled by a 40 year old diva QB now with the Vikings.

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