Morning surprise: Giants pick up Shawn Andrews

The most talented free agent available at any position has found a surprising home.

The Giants announced they signed former Eagles guard Shawn Andrews on Friday morning, while waiving offensive lineman Cliff Louis in the process.  We’re going to assume Andrews wasn’t picked up to solve the Giants’ quarterback shortage.

Andrews has serious physical and mental health questions — he’s played two games in the last two years because of back problems and has suffered from depression — but it’s not like there are many 27-year-old two time Pro Bowlers just sitting out there on the market.    He’s a relatively low-risk and high reward pickup.

Andrews seems unlikely to start right away, but his presence will shake up what had been an extremely stable offensive line the last few years. 

That was already set to change. New York used William Beatty at tackle with David Diehl moving inside to guard on Monday night; Andrews gives them more options.

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  1. Is this a joke? Shawn Andrews was 50/50 to make his UFL team, and now the Giants sign him? And Andrews doesn’t give them “more options,” when he’s sitting on the bench. The name is recognizable, the skills are not.

  2. As an Eagle fan, I’ve been disappointed but sympathetic to Shawn’s chronic physical and mental health problems. The Bird’s went above and beyond in supporting this guy but finally cut ties with him when he seemed unable or unwilling to devote himself to playing football.
    If he should get his act together and play well for the Gnats he’s be well advised to add a couple armed guards to his entourage when NY visits Philly.

  3. Something up with Seubert’s arm or something? Unless they just want Andrews as a backup kinda weird pickup depending on the price they paid.

  4. If they can find the right kind of happy pills to put Andrews on, this could be one of the best moves any team made between February and the start of the season.

  5. Wolfpig…hence the statement “low-risk high reward”
    I’m sure they signed him to a near vet minimum deal (if not the minimum). I’m sure there’s a negligible signing bonus (if any).
    So the team can cut him just as fast as they signed him.
    But, if Andrews gets his ISH together, and gets back to his Pro-Bowl form, the Giants just made out like bandits.
    Would have been happy to see the Redskins pick him up in the same manner. I’m not as sold on Dockery and Hicks as some Skins fans are.

  6. It definitely helps the Giants O-line for sure especially if Suebert’s injury keeps occurring. Good pick up G-Men

  7. On the upside, if there’s a pill that will make this guy happy, we have it in NYC and we have the doctors that will happy to prescribe it. NYC – the best doctors in the world, and if they don’t work, we have an endless supply of Dr. Nick Rivieras waiting with their prescription pads at their sides.

  8. i remember how GREAT a player he was at one time,he he is able to get a fraction of that back the giants may have something but time will tell….if nothing else this will be interesting

  9. I’d be interested to know if he spoke to the Eagles before signing with the Giants. He definitely owes that much to the organization for standing by him and supporting him through his struggles over the past few years. If he turns things around and realizes his potential, as a Giant, I’m going to be very ill.

  10. The Giants tried this with Jerome McDougal. That worked out great for them.
    Say what you will about the current Eagles FO–and there’s plenty to say about the “gold standard”–when they cut a known player, he’s usually done.
    these guys spring to mind as examples of players the Eagles dropped, and either failed utterly on their new teams, or could not find a new team at all:
    Hugh Douglass
    Jerome McDougal
    Lito Sheppard
    Corey Simon
    LJ Smith
    Jevon Kearse
    Kevin Curtis
    Freddie Mitchell
    Todd Pinkston
    notable exceptions–every once in a while, an Eagles castoff shines (or at least makes a team) elsewhere:
    TO (can’t really call him a failure since his release, but it’s hard to call him a success either)
    Michael Lewis (doing just fine in SF)
    Raheem Brock (never actually signed with the Eagles as a rookie: the gold standard blew their wad on other players and had no money to sign him. The Colts were happy to scoop him up, and his production on the field almost makes up for the collossal failure that Corey Simon turned out to be for them.)
    Derrick Burgess
    Brian Dawkins (worst Eagles FO decision ever. should have kept him for football reasons AND for the fans….further evidence that Lurie/Banner don’t give a shit about winning, or the fans…it’s about the benjamins.)
    Mark Simoneau (made a few plays for NO)
    Dhani Jones (turned into a solid LB for Cincy)
    Brian Westrbook (Gets the benefit of the doubt for now)
    Correll Buckhalter (injured again, poor guy)
    On balance, the big names turn out to be truly done while the smaller names sometimes work out for another team.
    I doubt Andrews, with chronic BACK problems, not to mention mental problems, will buck the trend.

  11. I think it is a good pick up, I mean the line needs to have alittle security and why not a 2X pro bowler. I dont expect to see him out of the gate but he would be a nice sub come mid november for the line!!!
    Go Big Blue!!

  12. SeantheFinfan: You’re kidding me, right? Andrews was once a good player. He’s not anymore. He basically just stole millions of dollars from the Eagles over the past two years.

  13. Get real. He probably won’t make it. But it’s a ‘nothing to lose’ move. And if by some miracle he works out then it like finding money in the street.

  14. @Diomedes:
    Good post, one nitpicky point:
    It wasn’t that the Eagles couldn’t afford to sign Brock. I know this is what Brock’s Wikipedia page says, but it’s wrong.
    The real reason is even more exasperating, if you’re an Eagles fan (which I am not). The Eagles offered Brock a $26,000 signing bonus as a 7th round pick. Brock’s agent demanded $29,000 and the Eagles relinquished his rights over the $3,000.
    (Source: Enquirer interview with Brock 1/24/10)
    Brock, who grew up in Philly and went to Dobbins and Temple, still lives in Germantown. Would have been a nice guy to have for an extra 3k, no?

  15. Shawn Andrews better not have a career revival. Here’s hoping he continues to get his Michael Phelps on.

  16. It’s not like they signed him to a big deal. They probably gave him a minimum prove it deal where they can cut him like an undrafted rookie if he has mental or physical problems. He is 27 and was once a top 5 guard in the NFL i hate to say it but it was a great signing by the Giants.

  17. Odds are he will never play a down for the Giants but might push someone else to perform better on the 0-line in the short term. Super talented guy with some serious issues. But most of all, even if he does somehow get on the field he will get hurt.

  18. One of those “Boom or Bust” deals for the G-Men. The FO is very aware of the baggage Andrews carries with him. Certainly had a good long talk before signing him. We’ll just have to wait and see how he pans out.
    Time as it always does will tell.

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