PFT Season Preview ranks every coach's hot seat potential

Over the past few weeks, our friends at gradually have been posting bits and pieces of the first-ever PFT Season Preview magazine, which remains available on newsstands and, more easily, online.

From the interview with Commissioner Roger Goodell to the interview with Eric Mangini to the debate regarding the consideration of off-field behavior when deciding who does and doesn’t get into the Hall of Fame, we’ve been giving away enough of a taste in the hopes of getting you to buy the whole pie.

Most recently, has posted the 32-man analysis of the extent to which each coach is or isn’t in danger of getting fired.  Every coach appears on the list, which starts with the guy in most danger of being asked to move on and move out, and ends with the guy who wouldn’t get fired even if he opened the emergency door on the team plane and took a ride on the Super Fun Happy Slide.

12 responses to “PFT Season Preview ranks every coach's hot seat potential

  1. Florio,
    You listed Tom Cable #2, which shows you really don’t have a clue with regard to the Raiders, Davis and coaching.
    Davis will ALWAYS give his HC enough rope to hang himself, but by doing so also allows the coach to shine through if his ideas work. The worked fine for Madden, Flores, Gruden, etc., but not so well for Shell II, Bugel, Kiffin, etc.
    Coach Cable is more in the John Madden mold of being able to get his players to play-like-hell when asked, and as the team gets better players it becomes more obvious. So listing Cable #2 is like listing Madden #2; plain foolishness on your part. Oh, and no, I’m not saying that Cable is as good as Madden, just that he is taking a very similar course to the top. Madden was a LB’s coach that prematurely elevated and made the best of it, Cable is an OL coach that was prematurely elevated to HC and is currently making the best of it. He is on the RISE not the DECLINE. Funny thing is, I think in the end you’ll find Cable’s job much more secure than someone like Josh McDaniels. Then again, you’re trying to blend in with the mediots, so you must feel compelled to list Cable so high because you’ve been trained to dislike Davis for not talking to the media except on his terms.

  2. I was looking at your list of definite HOF players upon retirement. I have to disagree with Troy Polamalou. Not that I am saying that because I hate the Steelers (though i do). He is one of the best if not the best at his position. However I believe he needs two more productive seasons before he is a lock like Manning, Brady, Favre, Reed, etc.
    I believe he will get in (He has plenty left in teh tank and is too good to drop off) however if he retired now I am not so sure.

  3. The coach of the Raiders is always on the hot seat. That’s the genius of Al Davis and John Herrera.

  4. In three years in San Diego Norv Turner has won twice as many games as he’s lost and won three consecutive division titles. Besides that, what has he done?

  5. humbolt says:
    August 20, 2010 10:05 AM
    In three years in San Diego Norv Turner has won twice as many games as he’s lost and won three consecutive division titles. Besides that, what has he done?
    Didn’t they fire Marty after a 14-2 season?

  6. I think FALCONS 2009 is shorthand for SEAHAWKS 2009. The guy you’re referring to coached both teams but last I checked, Mike Smith was still with the Falcons (as he was in 2008 and 2009).

  7. Marvin’s not going anywhere… the Hard Knocks stuff showed that Mike Brown is comfortable enough with him that there’s no need for immediate change. Plus Marv’s the ‘dean’ of the AFC North coaches now… man does that sound wrong.

  8. Good article; thought Sparano was listed too high though. I think he’d be below the likes of Childress and Gailey at the very least.

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