Tom Brady advised Brian Hoyer to wear a knee brace

Though Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t willing to share his ideas with opposing quarterbacks, one of his ideas has squirted out into the public domain.

Knee braces.  Wear knee braces.

New England backup quarterback Brian Hoyer is wearing a brace on the knee of his plant leg.  But Hoyer isn’t injured.  According to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, Hoyer is wearing the brace as a precaution, at the suggestion of Tom Brady.

Nearly two years ago, Brady learned the hard way the consequences of exposing a bare knee to a low hit from a blitzing safety.  A torn ACL and MCL later, the team’s hopes for the 2008 season significantly had been diminished.

So while other quarterbacks may not get anything out of Brady, Hoyer has given them all a freebie.

Given that there simply don’t seem to be enough healthy quarterbacks to go around, the NFL likely is hoping that more quarterbacks will mimic Brady in this regard.

18 responses to “Tom Brady advised Brian Hoyer to wear a knee brace

  1. If it doesn’t affect your mobility or throwing motion, and could prevent a career-threatening injury…why not?

  2. Here’s hoping that some of the Pat’s opposing quarterback’s this year will be wearing a Ron Brace on game day.

  3. Brady also told him to tie his shoelaces together while he played to prevent excessive stretching of the groin area. Hoyer hasn’t threatened Tom’s number one spot so far in camp.

  4. “I told him to wear the brace because he’s not gonna get the same protection from the refs like I do.” – Tom Brady

  5. Brothaman
    That might have just been the worst comparison of all time .
    3 rings > 1
    Bright career ahead of them > Drug addict bust

  6. “..there simply don’t seem to be enough healthy quarterbacks to go around..”
    huh? There’s about 100 of them in the NFL right now but whatever.

  7. Nacho says:
    August 20, 2010 12:59 PM
    Just don’t advise him on haircuts or wearing microphones under your shoulder pads.
    Or user names, “Nacho”

  8. ‘Knee braces. And videotape. Get videotape of the other teams’ signals. Very important.’

  9. I’m talking about individual QB talent bluntswithbrady. Rings are won by teams.
    Tom Brady: 97-30, 63.3 completion
    Playoffs 14-4
    Records: 15 NFL Records, including most TD’s in a season, Highest completion % in a game (92%), biggest TD to INT ratio +42
    Drew Brees: 68-53 64 completion
    Playoffs 4-2
    Records: 5 (one of them Tied with Tom)
    Most completions in a season the only impressive one.
    Doesn’t even look close to me. The only guy in the NFL statistically equal in the regular season is Manning, and Tom blows him out of the water when it counts, the post season.

  10. Actually, Brady beats Brees in more statistical categories than not. He also has much more hardware and accolades. His 97-30 career record blows Brees’ 68-53 away. Yet Brees has entered the elite group of QBs. The guy who might surpass them all is Aaron Rogers. His first two seasons playing have been statistically phenomenal.
    It’s a good idea to wear a brace if you can’t run anyway.

  11. haha. thank you for the stats solomongrundy.
    Can’t argue with the numbers
    I would of loved to see the dumb, stupid, puzzled look on that moron Brothaman’s face as he looked at those and realized what an idiot he is. We won’t hear from him again. Most likely has run to the next post with his tiny lil tail between his legs and hopes nobody will call him out on the next crap he throws against the wall…..

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